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Old 2005-12-22, 02:37   Link #41
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Join Date: Dec 2005
Gosh i know i forgot something: Futakoi Alternative, it was a very good combination of action, drama and comedy.
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Old 2005-12-22, 03:04   Link #42
Owaranai Destiny
Nick of Time~
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1.) Shakugan no Shana
2.) Bleach
3.) Full Metal Panic TSR
5.) Mai Otome
6.) Rozen Maiden Traumend
7.) Black Cat
8.) Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (terribly slow pace, but very good story)
9.) Karin (Not a favorite...yet.)
10.) Jigoku Shoujo
11.) To Heart 2
12.) Lamune
13.) Suzuka (though I'm not a fan of the series entirely, but i have to admit it was not too bad...Last on my list, anyway.)
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Old 2005-12-22, 07:29   Link #43
Join Date: Dec 2005
Hmm, my picks for 2005 would be.........

1. Honey and Clover (the most touching anime I have ever seen)
2. FMP The Second Raid (if I didn't see H & C, this would be first)
3. Shakugan no Shana
4. Bleach
5. Mai Otome
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Old 2005-12-22, 11:00   Link #44
Join Date: Dec 2005
1. Poni Poni Dash (Becky rocks !!)
2. Bleach (Ichigo! Ichigo!)
3. Mushishi (very detail)
4. Softy Rei (Softy is kawaii)
5. Emma (nicely done story line)
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Old 2005-12-22, 11:32   Link #45
Join Date: Jan 2004
Age: 32
Best anime of the year goes to:
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Old 2005-12-22, 12:29   Link #46
addictive stuff
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Denmark
Age: 29
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Top 5 for 2005

1. Full Metal Panic : The Second Raid 9.5/10
2. Mai-Otome 9/10
3. Bleach 9/10
4. Suzuka 8.5/10
5. Karin 7.5/10

Others worth mentioning.

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Old 2005-12-22, 12:45   Link #47
(。☉౪ ⊙。)
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: In Maya world, where all is 3D and everything crashes
Age: 29
Fullmetal Panis 2nd raid
Tsubasa Chronicle
Black Cat
Air TV
Mai Otome
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Old 2005-12-22, 14:41   Link #48
Silent Finn
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Finland
Age: 30
1. School Rumble

Became one of my all-time favourites, definitely funniest anime I have seen (along with Azumanga Daioh).

2. Shuffle

Started as generic ecchi-comedy, but developed into pretty good drama.

3. Suzuka

First episodes made me hooked into this, keeps being interesting.

4. Full Metal Panic ! TSR

Well, I´m fan of FMP-series so I love this too...and I want more !

5. Black Cat

Great combination of action and comedy, it will be interesting to see how this will develop.

6. Mahoraba

Cuteness overload, pretty funny too

Honourable mentions to Canvas 2, Pani Poni Dash, Ichigo Masmiharo, Ichigo 100%, Tsubasa Chronicle and all those I forgot to mention
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Old 2005-12-22, 23:04   Link #49
Rewrite of the Life
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(pick anime that has aired in 2005 ppl)

1.AIR TV: Best drama and animation

2.Honey Clover: great drama and comedy

3.Black Cat: Great characters, plot and music
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Old 2005-12-22, 23:23   Link #50
~ ~
Join Date: Dec 2005
I am just getting into downloading fansubs after spending the last couple of months using Netflix. This has opened up a whole new world for me, and I have seen some amazing and wonderful shows. I never even realized how good some of these shows were until I was sitting there grinning or laughing or holding back tears as the stories unfolded. Here are a few of the shows that inspired me the most:

Honey & Clover - I couldn't even begin to describe how good I think this show is. The music alone is worth it. It's funny but almost 90% of the shows I have ever seen feature women singing. This is the first time that I have seen a show where it is predominantly men singing (and I really never listened to Japanese music at all, let alone men's Japanese music), so I thought it was a great change of pace. The ending theme of the first 10 or so episodes before it was changed was great. This show is just a beautifully drawn and written show featuring people who seem so real they come alive on the screen. This is easily one of the best shows I have ever seen.

Shuffle! - I didn't know what to think at first, but each episode was like a kick in the heart and I couldn't (and can't!) wait to see the next. The whole story arc with Asa has been eating me alive. She is just the cutest thing. I love her voice and that green hair and that cute smile and her amazing personality. Watching these last few episodes has been like taking 10 rounds in a boxing ring. Ep22 had me grinning like a fool before it was wiped off only to be replaced with an "oh no..." Emotionally, I have the most invested in this show along with...

Canvas 2 - To me, more than anything else, this show is about damaged people. Honey & Clover and Suzuka both feature people with problems, but nothing near the psychological issues at work here. I think this show is wonderfully written with characters we, as watchers, truly care about. These are people hurting on the inside, and as the season progresses, watching their stories unfold has been a real pleasure, even when it's the most heart-breaking. The interplay between Kiri and Hiroki is what keeps me glued to the "recent torrents" section of this site!

Suzuka - I think this show is wonderful. I have probably sat and analyzed the characters and their actions and their motives in this show more than any other show. Watching the characters grow and overcome and mature has been so much fun. The music is just beautiful, as well. This is one of the shows I most look forward to every week.

Air - This show is mood, with beautifully written music and sad sunsets. Artistically, this is probably the most stunning show I have ever seen. The story is rich and the characters fleshed out. This is truly a touching show.

Lamune - This show is just sweet. Just thinking about this show makes me happy. The way to two leads interract with one another is simply amazing. They are so comfortable with each other and the love they feel, even if they do not realize it, for each other is what makes this show so special. This is a quiet show that is full of heart featuring one of the strongest male protagonists there has ever been.

Here are some other shows I really enjoy, as well:
To Heart 2

"If love can kill then surely hatred can save."
-Altena; Noir
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Old 2005-12-23, 14:06   Link #51
Lord Chairman God King
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Karin wins at life. Along with Pani Poni Dash!
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Old 2005-12-23, 14:18   Link #52
Join Date: Jul 2004
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Age: 38
Bleach, FMP Second Raid, school Rumble.

Also Shuffle and Karrin got to me!
"when you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." -
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Old 2005-12-23, 17:54   Link #53
Waiting for more taiyuki!
Join Date: Jan 2004
My 2005 fav....

1. Air TV
2. Mushishi
3. Noein
4. Aria the Animation
5. Pani Poni Dash
6. Black Cat
7. Ichigo Marshimaro
8. Rozen Maiden Traumend
9. Banner of the Stars III
10. Bleach
11. Zettai Shonen
12. Law of Ueki
13. MS Gundam Igloo
14. Shakugan no Shana
15. Angel Heart
16. Paradise Kiss
17. Blood+
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Old 2005-12-23, 21:39   Link #54
Join Date: Aug 2004
Age: 31
Hehe, I made one of these last year.. ^^;
Let's hope they turn this one into a poll as well..

Well, I didn't watch that much anime this year, but here are my faves..

Top 5
2.Pani Poni Dash!
3.Honey and Clover
4.Eureka 7
5.My Otome

Bottom 5 (in no particular order..)
Ichigo Mashimaro
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Old 2005-12-23, 22:15   Link #55
Join Date: Dec 2005
1. Mahou Sensei Negima
2. My:Hime
3. Rozen Maiden (I consider both seasons as one continuous series)
4. Keroro Gunso
5. Full Metal Panic: Second Raid

Since the year is not over yet, I might revise the list by New Year.
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Old 2005-12-23, 23:17   Link #56
Knowledge is the solution
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: St. Louis, MO
Age: 32
Hehe, with the risk of mintyfresh hating me...

Top 5:

1. Zettai Shonen
2. Air
3. Aria the animation
(The following in no particular order)
PetoPeto san

Why do most series that are being mentioned are from the late 2005 anyway, have everybody already forgotten the Spring ones?
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Old 2005-12-24, 07:11   Link #57
Join Date: Dec 2005
Top 5

1) Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid - Easily the best
2) School Rumble - Simply hilarious
3) Beyond the Clouds - Beautiful
4) Suzuka - Nice Romance
5) Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Must see for all FF7 fans
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Old 2005-12-24, 08:00   Link #58
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  1. Air
  2. Shakugan no Shana
  3. Suzuka
  4. Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu
  5. Tsubasa
  6. Pani Poni Dash
Those are the 6 that really jumped out at me this year. Honorable mention also goes to Speed Grapher for a plot that seemed to come way out of left field.
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Old 2005-12-24, 09:21   Link #59
Beautiful fighter.
Join Date: Dec 2005
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Age: 31
Pani Poni Dash is the brilliant of the year. ^^
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Old 2005-12-26, 03:29   Link #60
Resident devil
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Location: Philippines
1. Mushishi
2. Victorian Romance Emma
3. Air TV
4. Full Metal Panic 2nd Raid
5. Shuffle!
6. Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's
7. Rozen Maiden Traumend

I like all other animes not mentioned as well. I like anime. I like animation. I like cartoons. Live action sucks.
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