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Old 2006-10-30, 14:17   Link #41
The Commissar Vanishes
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Well, I finally managed to take the time and watch episodes 3, 4, 5 and 6 in one sitting. And let me tell you - this series is f---ing amazing!

Episode 4-6 are simply one huge non-stop battle of everyone against everyone. I honestly could not keep track of who's fighting whom anymore. But it was quite awe-inspiring.

Great animation, as was obvious from the first two episodes and it only gets better in the end.


Well, what else can I say? This anime is seriously underappreciated, because it simply has everything: vivid, multifaceted characters, exotic locales, great mecha fights, inventive, original technology and an interesting plot. Well, it's just too bad... I guess people might see more of it when the DVDs finally come out in America.
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Old 2007-05-26, 11:05   Link #42
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Okay sorry to revive this old topic, but since the first DVD is comming out in the US on 12 June it's not that bad.

So I tried to look online for trailers, info or thoughts and I found... close to nothing. I saw a crappy 12 second or so TV commercial on the official japanese website and I heard some of the thoughts in this post, so what the hell is it up with that anime? Is it that crappy?
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Old 2007-08-11, 09:56   Link #43
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So now it's my turn to have finally watched 4-6 in a row (in fact I just watched 1-6 together since it's been a long time since I've watched 1-3)

Jesus Christ, that must have been the most goddamn confusing anime I have ever watched. I didn't know why the hell whatever was happening half the time.

I really don't know what to think of this anime because half the time a lot of things look like they came out of nowhere and I have no idea why I am supposed to feel anything for the story or the characters, and the other half I'm wondering whether I actually got anything at all. Okay, so I got the basic story, but still... everything was passing in such a blur that I had to simply assume about 30-40% of the story in my head.

Okay, and also
Spoiler for ep 6:

Yeah, so anyway, is the emoticon to describe it.

One thing though, the music and the background art was really nice. I liked how many of the characters looked very different too, and some of the other designs... I think the animation could have been a little bit better in the middle episodes, but it wasn't horrible in any way. Still, I wish I knew what the hell went on. Especially with all the hotblooded screaming.
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Old 2007-08-14, 11:20   Link #44
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Just as in Tominos earlier works the allegiances of characters changes easily but this is the first time Iīve been so freakinī confused. As many others I completely lost track of who was fighting who, one could say he managed to portray the chaos of a battlefield excellent. But Iīm not so sure that was his intent.

Overall a very spontanious anime, since the episodes were so few everything just kept happening without any build-up at all. Which strongly contributed to the confused me.

Personally Iīm a sucker for the "he gets her"-type of ending so the ending isnīt to my liking although it made me laugh.

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Old 2007-08-20, 18:45   Link #45
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Ending is so typical

Beautifully made anime. One thing though. Why do Japanese people nearly always have to end on a miserable f'n note. ITS SO INFURIATING. When Tomino takes her away from him using the wings of rean just because she doesn't belong on the surface is absolutely ridiculous. Thats why I cut the whole end of the anime off and finished it after the cut scene with Suzuki asking to drop a punch on to his dad. NOW THATS MY KIND OF STORY.

You know what I mean.

Boy meets girl.
Boy gets girl (the kissing scene lol).
Boy keeps girl.

Then you put in the anime action, drama, and madness and you have yourself a top rate anime!!!!
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Old 2007-10-08, 12:53   Link #46
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i m lost, i mean i just watched the ending.. and what was the point in building the story around aesap.. seriously.. he didnt really play a huge part in saving japan.. lyukus's father.. arghghjd! wasnt aesop chosen to use the boots? i mean.. i m sure he was? the boots could bring you around through the well and the surface and back but the aura engines could only bring you there and not back? but how did they get back?! is nuclear explosion the key to travel through the well and back? what is aura power? and why did lyukus... okay her father which is dead comes back and smiles.. and kidnaps her with cherry blossom petals.. and she enjoyed it? was her life with aesap that bad? >_>
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Old 2007-11-03, 17:27   Link #47
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You know what really confused me (besides the anime it self), trying to figure out when this suppose to take place compared to Dunbine. Obviously its after the first series but none of the humans seems to know Byston Well and
Spoiler for Dunbine:

Anyway I wasn't really surprised by the romance, they were so physically attached to each other all time and the ending it self was sad and a bit cruel on Tomino's part.

Did anyone read the manga/novel if so... can you explain Wings of Rean?
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Old 2007-11-21, 00:50   Link #48
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Well. I just finished the series, and I think I am sharing the opinions of some of the previous posters. A beautiful looking anime with some great actions scenes, with a story that was much too rushed and confusing, underdeveloped characters, and a totally unsatisfying "WTF!?" ending.

Sorry, all in all it's just not a particularly good anime.
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Old 2011-04-15, 11:06   Link #49
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The Wings of Rean are based on a story Tomino (the Gundam guy) wrote some decades ago. That story was adapted with several alterations into the cult series Aura Battler Dunbine and remains even today as one of his best works. I have absolutely no idea why he chose to create a spin-off after all these years, especially such a rushed and poorly written one, but here it is and it sucks big time.

Dunbine and Rean share a lot of common elements, such as a magical world interacting with our own and people being transported from one to another and taking part in power struggles amongst powerful noble factions that cause great calamities in both areas. The thing is, Dunbine was 41 episodes long and had twice as much time as it needed to tell its story. Rean on the other hand is only 6 and seems to be more complicated as it adds many more elements to the pot. The result is a plain mess of vaguely explained terminologies, rushed pacing, opaque character motives, and lots of ass-pulls just to end each situation as fast as possible.

Even I who has watched Dunbine and had most of the weird names and terminologies in this show already explained, I still didn’t get half of what was going on. Why, who, where, and when kept flashing through my mind and I was mostly confused than entertained. Not only that, but I also had no motivation to look further for explanations, as the story itself is very generic and on top of it, badly written.

The story begins with a terrorist attack in Japan. Terrorist??? Are they trying to pass some sort of political messages here? I have no idea; this whole sub-plot is there just for the lulz and heads nowhere. The lead character is a blond teenager who is mocked by his parents for not being a cool obedient soldier. Hm, something like that was used in Dunbine. Then a huge unearthly ship appears and a beautiful girl’s ass is all over his face. WTH, they turned this into an ecchi ??? Well, the girl immediately gives him these magic boots that sprout wings and for the rest of the show she is mostly glued on him. Literally. This part is supposed to be a blooming romance but again it happens in such a rushed way that I couldn’t even understand why these two fell in love in the first place.

Using the deus ex machina boots, he teleports everyone to the magic world and for the next few episodes we get to see lots of weird environments, which could make fine story arcs if they were not thrown aside after half an hour of rushed exposition. As always, those two are still hugging each other like they share the same lung. They also get this fairy loli ally which tells them stuff and teleports them to other areas when the plot feels like it. Ah man, I liked it more in Dunbine where the fairies were tiny pixies. And this one is not even charming.

Then we get a few episodes which are supposed to flesh out the cast and explain the plot but again everything happens in a completely rushed and vague way that you are again left with nothing but confusion. Finally, blondy uses his red heels to clap everybody back to our world once again, where an atomic bomb devastates Japan. And it’s the one from Hiroshima too. I have no idea what this is supposed to symbolize; I was too confused at that point. All I got then were these paper dolls that somehow made the villain grow old and turned him to good, so he used his butterfly wings to save the world. And then the main couple was free to be together… and then they weren’t. Hey, what the hell happened in the finale? What is going on here? What was the point of all that in the first place?

In general, this is an anime that makes you hate it for being done rashly and vaguely. It has an interesting setting that you hardly get to enjoy, a cast that you hardly get to know, and a plot that you just are not allowed to understand. Pity the great production values it has; the visual effects, the machines, and the fairy world are all great to stare at. The ending song is also very sad and catchy and it would add a lot to the feeling of the story if it weren’t so damn badly presented.

I got Fractale vibes out of this anime. It is THAT badly done. Tomino should have found someone to handle screenplay and he should remain as nothing but a writer. Other than that, just watch Dumbine or Turn-A instead of this; it is very disappointing.
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