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Old 2005-12-24, 21:56   Link #1
Lazy Guitarist
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Brooklyn
Age: 32
*~ Second Contest Winners announced ~*

The contestant's entries are graded in 3 distintive categories. Creativity, Composition and Technique. With these categories in mind we judged the entries the best we can, and we came up with these results.

The winner is: Slayerx
Slayerx's winning entry
Slayerx provided an entry that we both felt met the categories really well and we were satisfied with what it had to offer.
I must say though, Slayerx won this one only by a hair, And I would say it's thanks to his previous experience with the last one. You did well on this one Slayerx Congratulations again for winning the 2nd Animesuki art contest.

The honorable mentions in no particular order:
Sai(aka Muuko): Sai drew a really cute piece, Hamster and I decided it was great but it was missing something, yet so close to becoming the winning piece. Good going sai!
Sai's Entry
Sarrah: I really liked this piece, perhaps the weakest thing in here was the coloring, Hamster and I felt that is what's keeping you from the grand prize.
Sarrah's Entry
Xephonia: This is a really cute piece, something I have came to expect from you Xephonia, Hamster specifically liked the attention you spent drawing the snow.
Xephonia's Entry
Sumgai: Hey we both loved the creativity, the action was good, but perhaps the biggest downfall to this drawing was the rushed coloring, so close Sumgai!
Sumgai's Entry

Entries for the contestants that didn't win are to be seen below. Good try guys, perhaps better luck next time guys.
Airista's Entry

Chibi Nuku's Entry

RevolterDS's entry

Enseisong's Entry

Wolcik's Entry

Sakuya's Entry
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Old 2005-12-24, 22:33   Link #2
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: sydney
Age: 30
WAH! Finally the winner is announced *0* Congrats to the Slayerx! You totally deserve to win :3 The background is beautiful and so nicely drawn ><~ I can really feel the winter atmosphere hehe

Everyone did a really good job too :3~~ congrats to us all XD
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Old 2005-12-24, 22:39   Link #3
Clous Dolch
Join Date: Dec 2005
WOW I love the picture! The background seems really hard to draw! Congrats Slayerx!!

And man, I love yours too Muuko! The picture is cute~~ =D
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Old 2005-12-24, 23:49   Link #4
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: United States
Age: 28
Congratulations to the winner! Wow, everybody had great entries. It's so beautiful. Hope everyone has a Merry Xmas.
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Old 2005-12-24, 23:56   Link #5
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005

Oh man, wow... i really wasn't especting to win this time around, especially when considering how close the last contest was (1 point difference between 1st, 2nd and 3rd)... i mean honorable mention maybe, but 1st place no...
oh wow... i don't know what to say... thanks all ^^

oh and Merry Christmas All ^^
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Old 2005-12-24, 23:58   Link #6
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Under the starry night sky
Hurray. It was fun to enter in. ^^;; Everyone art turned out really good. Congrats to Slayerx for winning ! I really like all the effects that you placed into it. Its a lovely sence. ^^ Just very cute. XD Makes me want to take up my blades again ^^

I liked Sai too for the cute factor too. Kittens are fave of my ^^;;;; XD (already commented on Sai's DA entry hehe XD)

Sarrah yours is really happy. I like how you worked all the characters in there. Kept with the theme of hoildays and what not. ^^; I kinda like the coloring myself ^^;;;

Xephonia you gave us something to be all wrapped up in. Cause of the robbin on the boots which is so cute XD ! hehe sorry for the small joke there. ^^ I like the your style and ya very good detail in the snow effect ^^;

Sumgai hehe reminds me of battle times in the mall and shops of dealing with all the people. ^^;; Poor stata Clause thou ^^ still neat picture!

Chibi Nuku I really like seeing all the phase in your drawing. She is cute with winter/hoilday theme I think ^^; I loved the coloring in your hair so very nice.

RevolterDS XD hehe My brother really liked yours. I like it as well cause of misletoe idea, I was suprise not more people didn't try using it. ^^; Her is very awesome. I think it would give Santa a nosebleed thou hehe XD ^^

Enseisong Whoa ^^; It is such a lovely picture. I think I know you were trying to give it a snow effect I think. They are a lovely couple sitting there. ^^; Overall shading is really nice !

Wolcik Hehe frosty love ! I really like the express you gave to that camper in the tent. ^^ Yetti is really cute as well. ^^;

Sakuya Winter time in the city. ^_^ I really like these two girls you drew cause it reminds me of myself and friend when we at mall shopping on those winter nights. ^^ I really thought detail in the hair was extra lovely ^-^

Well it turned out very awesome ^_^ and congrats again to all that enter in. ^^; it was fun ^^
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Old 2005-12-25, 00:00   Link #7
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Poland
Age: 30
Send a message via MSN to Wolcik
men, I suck... I had a real problem durring peroid of contest but after it got postponed I could do something better...
here's two other pices I had scanned

I still don't know how to color, but I could try this one, as I think it's better

I just didn't have enough courage to give this one as I had 4 version scanned at the last day... it's just looks like I didn't wanted to put much effort to it (I lacked pensils I know I could do something about it, but I'm too lazy even now)

and this one I made just today...

but I can see that u all did a great job me and ur mom are very proud
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Old 2005-12-25, 00:19   Link #8
Lazy Guitarist
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Brooklyn
Age: 32
It was a very interesting contest, I am pleased with the over all entries, plus I am happy that almost everyone have submitted their entries, unlike my last one.

Due to the success of this contest I think I will have a third one somewhere around January.
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Old 2005-12-25, 01:03   Link #9
Half human/ Half anime
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Singapore
Age: 28
It was fun actually, im glad i participate in this contest. Everyone did great in this contest . And also, congrats to Slayerx for winning the grand price! It is a great piece. I especially like the background, the trees and the reflection are so detailed!! Hai...i wish i could draw background like that....
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Old 2005-12-25, 06:14   Link #10
Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: MAO
It was rather difficult for me to explain everything in words, therefore I did a few sample piece to deminstrate what I was trying to say in my replies

note: I notice I call christmas tree palm tree somewhere for I don't know what reason. But I was refering to fir tree when I wrote that.
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Old 2005-12-25, 06:26   Link #11
Join Date: Dec 2005
Congratulations SlayerX. I know this is an un-original comment but ill say it anyway: great background.

I'll be looking forward to the next contest and hopefully I'll not wait untill last minute.
I'm glad you thought it was creative, I just thought it was idiotic.
"You don't even know."
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Old 2005-12-25, 07:38   Link #12
Join Date: Dec 2005
well out of sportsmanship and a fellow artist i have to give my congrats to SLAYERX

ur piece in my opinion is good, but i aint gona lie i dont like aspects of it...sorry but id rather be straight than fake....^^;

i gotta say ur biggest strength was the background, but ur biggest weaknesses were the characters


1) the body proportions do not fit the "PHI" idea that most great artist throughout history have employed into their pieces.... not saying its necesary to adopt, but it makes the bodies look more real in terms of dimensions...ur art doesnt seem to fit the body proportions in their angles

2)the folds on the clothes, are not great, being more specific i mean the folds look too stiff, unrealistic, in comparison to the background u created which resembled some level of realism....

also the cloths show pontiness -0 if that makes sense,,, i didnt knwo clothes were sharp? (referr to girls cloths)

3) the coluring of tha characters although is attempted, but in my opinion fails to fit the scene, theyr not shaded as well, and they are harsher tones than the background, although i understand the subtlety of making the forgoround having to stad out the sahding done reflects an almost stuck on effect, not merging effect.

4)the colouring reflecting body shape, makes the sections looks blocky (arms, and breast of the girl)

5)the limbs themselves do not show any weight of gravity upon them, which i dislike the most

6)In specifics the breasts of the girl...the not fall like gravity would put them...they look stiff and even blocky, and the arms the creases made in turn do not look like creases but muscular shae of the arm, which makes them look musclebound in some areas, and fragile in others...not a good balance....

7)I find it clever how slayer coloured the boys cloths in dark colours...either reflecting societies view of masculinity, or the possibility that the dark colours can hide flaws and mistakes (just an idea), well despite this clever tric i see that the shin of the leg being rested upon is longer than the one lifted, also the flod of the jacket of the "porbably" thigh of the boy is definately out of place, and does not fit with the frame and angle the body is.....

I HOPE u wont take these comments as gesture of hostility because they are NOT, they are comments from an artist to another, and myself i would love for people to find fault in my piece to help me improve...thats why people if u want critique away on my piece!

but well done slayerx

personal note:
damn....was i that close?....just by colouring it by hand... all cuz i didnt have photoshop.... *sob* cant say im not upset cuz i am (cus it was such a small reason!)

also if it were up to me i would have chosen muko, but i understand why not...because ither wasn't much of a background......

anyways well done everyone!

aSUKI!!!! will the runners up get the pieces of art u promised??? from u?? id love to have em
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Old 2005-12-25, 07:54   Link #13
Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: MAO
It was not the medium you choose, but the way you handle it. In terms of hard medium since you will most likely see the stroke it becomes important to have it flow the way the object is formed. Refer to the sample that I did above to what I mean about the color.

That being said I give you and slayerX the same grade. Anio perfer slayerx picture, but I did take points off for his trees.
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Old 2005-12-25, 09:03   Link #14
Join Date: Dec 2005
well i think it was based on the pieces on a whole regardless of the medium, because its literally impossible to use a colouring pencil medium to compete with the likes of smooth photoshop,

i dont mean to come across arrogant, but my colouring skills through the medium i used was not bad, if i had photoshop then i could compete on an equal level my opinion anyways... next time i hope some1 would coment that i would have a better chance if i used photoshop....

lol but yeh...u were the judge so...meh.....

i disagree with being able to see strokes to see how object is fomed
technique i used--->
Watercolour technique
this technique illiminate the appearance of lines..... which is what i adopted....

Material: small round brush, water, a rag. Sketch out the drawing. Apply the colours, then brush over the dry marks with a moist or wet brush according to the effects you want to achieve. Clean the brush in water each time you change colour. Other methods: dip the pencil tip in the water, or wet the paper and draw into it with the pencil. Do not press too hard. Apply touches of colour on a scrap of paper, then lift off the colour with a wet brush.

meh im just being a sore loser on terms of colouring...i dont mind losing..i just dont like the reason.....nevermind!!!!!
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Old 2005-12-25, 09:36   Link #15
Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: MAO
You don't need to have stroke, but your piece did have strokes that work against you. One of the most obvious part would be the Jeans and most part of the red cloth, how the strait line naturally flatten the object. Which is why I spend my time drawing the 2 circles. If you have ways to smooth out all your strokes, great. But now that the strokes are still clearly visiable you need to put them into consideration. If you cannot accept that you did left obvious stroke marks that go against the flow of the object then I have nothing to say.

Last edited by 123Hamster; 2005-12-25 at 10:03.
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Old 2005-12-25, 11:04   Link #16
Join Date: Dec 2005
i accept i accept!
taking closer look at work!
lol...sorry if i was being a bit adefensive habbit! thanks definately take into consideration!
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Old 2005-12-25, 11:18   Link #17
Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: Sheffield
Age: 31
ps:i personally more like "Sai's entry"~~ nevermind~~~
Congratulations~~to winner
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Old 2005-12-25, 11:44   Link #18
Lazy Guitarist
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Brooklyn
Age: 32
Sarrah>> I will cover on why your colouring was the weakest, it's not method or medium you use. It's how you coloured that was weak, compare the piece of other people's drawing between yours. Most of your coloring on the character's looked like you only filled them in, there was no DEPTH in colour there was hardly shading of colour, especially in the the background. The characters seem really flat, as compared with the varied lineweights that you applied to them while inking. They really controdicted each other.

Sai>> Yes, We both personally loved sai's entry, but I realize that something missing from sai's entry was EMOTION, Sai's character is just lying there smiling, perhaps thats what's keeping her from the top.

Despite the flaws of what Slayerx has, He included what I expected to see, his characters may not be perfect but they had emotion. His colouring may not be expert but they had depth, and his background might not be pro, but his effort to draw it showed. That is why he was choosen to be the winner.

I hope that answers some of the questions.

P.S. Oh yes, the honorable mentions will be recieving their giftart pieces soon enough >_>;;

Last edited by AsukiAnio; 2005-12-25 at 11:54.
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Old 2005-12-25, 12:42   Link #19
Join Date: Dec 2005
i see depth and dimensions huh? and also emotion? * notes for future references*
im happy now!
Reason for not adding shiding--- leaves white marks in the bakround, stuck to block colouring in an attemot to do so...failed...oh well
oh yay! giftart!!!
oh we having a januaray fan art contest???
yay im in!!!
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Old 2005-12-25, 19:43   Link #20
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
That's for all the comments... i'm glad everyone likes the background... backgrounds tend to be my weakness, i was happy how this one came out

And as for the critique Sarrah, no hostility taken; i enjoy a good critque, after all they tend to help ^^... one of the more detailed critiques i've gotten on my characters yet

Though i'm actually not familiar with the term "PHI" idea... but i do agree somewhat with the folds... the skirt especially felt like the folds were tacked on... Though i as for the "pointiness" of the clothing, that's actually a bit more on purpose... pointiness in clothing is somewhat of a style trait that i picked up and just kinda like, its somewhat common in my drawings

and when it comes to the coloring differences between the characters and the background, thats due to different styles used... the charatcers were done in the Cg style that i'm more familiar with, but the background was done in a more painted style... probably due to the fact that i actually planned out the characters where as the background i kinda just made it up as i went (no sketch nothing)...

though i'm not to sure where your going with showing weight on the limbs... i mean, i know what you mean by having weight on the limbs, just not to sure about showing the weight... though i am noticing now that the shadows i did got a tad lost, they were stronger before; guess i fadded them out when i applied that extra layer of color... though i do see where your going when you mentioned the muscles

as for color choices for the clothing, honestly nothing really clever there, i just go with what i think looks good... for males i have a tendency to mostly go with darker or earthly colors or shades of white and gray, and females i tend to go with most anything... grant it, thats only what i tend to do, not constantly do

y'know, i thought that leg might have been a bit too long, i knew it was a bit off, wasn't really too sure
.... grant it, i think the only probablems you missed was also that i think the right arm is a little long aswell, and i could have put a bit more effort in the pattern in the guy's coat...

but ya thanks for the critique

i really should post my comments on what i like about the other entries once i'm done with family holiday business
i should also be more active... on the art forums i mean

but for now, i must watch old christmas specials! ^^
cause the new ones suck and lack heart and soul >.<
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