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Old 2006-01-08, 14:45   Link #1
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File types and VirtualDub

So I've just downloaded VirtualDub 1.6.11 for to make me some GIFs, but of all the different anime on my hard drive I can only view one, which is in .avi format. Is there a newer version of VirtualDub I could use? Or any codec which would allow me to use VirtualDub with more filetypes? (I'm currently using the CCCP). Is this a problem everybody has, and I just have to grin and bear it? If so, is there another program out there that would allow me to capture all frames between two points like VirtualDub does?

Thanks for your time.

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Old 2006-01-08, 16:26   Link #2
Rozen Detective
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Take a look at this thread. Even though it is specifically about opening H.264 files in VirtualDub, the problem is the same.
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Old 2006-01-08, 16:35   Link #3
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Wells
Age: 27
Thanks very much.
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Old 2006-01-09, 00:38   Link #4
King of Hosers
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I will re-iterate the simplest way for opening in VDub any file that you can play in a DirectShow player.

Get the latest stable version of AviSynth. Create an AVS script. The one line in the script will be

DirectShowSource("path to filename",audio=false)

Then load the .avs script into VDub. This will allow you to load the video of any file you can play. You may need to set the FPS value of the video using ',fps=#' depending on the quirky'ness of the format you want to open. For you I am guessing it is simply an MP4/MKV/OGM or somesuch though which should have no problems, you could use VirtualDubMod for MKV or OGM but I would advise against it, it is not always a guaranteed way to open those types of files.

Since you are only making GIFs this will work perfectly for you, using AviSynth that is. However to all of you lurking transcoders out there this method significantly ignores certain aspects of the container, most notably VFR. Depending on whether you wish to keep the VFR or not there are many things to do, of which I will not go into.
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