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Old 2006-01-08, 21:58   Link #21
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they said that this episode was happened in episode 11?? Ive just heard this on the other forums

Natsuki: How fragile a single piece is, when multiple Otome suffered to gain this power.
Shizuru: You have me, Natsuki. No matter what happens.


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Old 2006-01-09, 04:29   Link #22
wisest of generals
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In episode 6 when Shiho hugs Mai and then Mikoto walks in and proclaims "Those belong to me."
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Old 2006-01-09, 05:58   Link #23
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Oh c'mon...who can forget the (in)famous panty-raiding Orphan ep? ^______^

The entire Takeda/Natsuki/Mai scene in the lobby.

Gust of wind here....gust of wind there...
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Old 2006-01-09, 21:49   Link #24
Its spelled nookyouler XD
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"Wow, bouncy like Ers-chan's chest!" Irina, Episode 13, Mai Otome
Druids of the Coast! Druids of the coast!
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Old 2006-01-10, 00:21   Link #25
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Originally Posted by guest
Shizuru: do you hate me that much?

That was so sad... the look on her face... the tone of her voice....
Oh, yeah, and that tone when she says "kiyohime."
Aw those are great parts I also loved.

Here's mine.

Mai HiME:

Episode1 where Mai goes "I'm just saying like I think it is." Or something like that, and how she moves her bosy. Quite a speed.

And the Shiho parts. *Tate about to CPR Mikoto* *push* "NO! Your face looks indecent!" From what Shiho yelled. That was funny.

Episode2, if Haruka said this in english the way I think "Sure sure, go drink some tea or something." It would be funny.

Episode23 how Natsuki failed to say Duran the 2nd time when it wasn't summoned. That sounded crazy, like"Duran! Come out now! Dhuran-n!!?!?!"

Episode20 where Mai had anger problems at Mikoto"RAWR!!"

Also do you think Mai in episode24 where Tate can't hear her anymore is where she says"I love you." but he wasn't able to hear her?

And Shizuru with a quiet sound, the tone"Kiyohime... *Closes eyes*"

Or in Japanese where she says"But, I love you. *Talks to Natsuki in episode25* I will make you mine." Was quite touching for Natsuki.

Or Mai's gasp when Tate almost kissed Mai at the end "Gah! *Pushes head*"

Shiho: Ooooniiii-Chaaaannn!!

Those we're funny.
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Old 2006-01-10, 17:51   Link #26
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Nagi: I am Nagi Dai Artai, and for your sake...I'll die.

Mashiro: *blushes* In that case...*evil grin*Why don't you just drop dead for me, Nagi?!

Nagi:*on hands and knees happily blushing*

Mashiro:*kicking Nagi into submission*

Nagi: Ahhhh haaa More!

Ep 12
It just goes to show......

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Old 2006-03-12, 10:55   Link #27
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ep19 :
Nao :
"You think that's enough for them to stop?"
"Your pose should be sexier." (I really like they way it sounds in japonese)
Natsuki :
*blushes* "Why would i do something that embareassing?"
Nao :
*ShizNat grin* *pulls out fanservice secret element*
Natsuki :
*materializes in fanservise mode*

ep20 :
Midori :
"Aswad is a cursed group of people who never forgive."
"That stance has protected us."

Another one I like is the way the one-eyed guy say's "roger" in japonese ... really cool ... need more of that
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Old 2006-03-12, 13:44   Link #28
mind the gap
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Nagi to Sergey in ep. 17: "This isn't like you, being all serious."
The tone he says it in is soo..
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