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Old 2006-01-11, 17:33   Link #1
The Lone Gamer
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I may have a possible Hardware or possibly a program errorI need some advice

Well belive it or not I am back with another problem with my PC everytime I fix something something else seems to go wrong. Oh woe is me !

Anyway my new problem is one I cannot say weather it is a hardware or a software problem. Just about 3 days ago when I was burning a DVD about 37% into burning the disc I realized that my PC has stopped and was frozen well at that time I did not think about it to much but last night I left the PC on overnight and when the monitor automatically switched off and a about 2 hours later the PC froze again it always seems to do this when it is unmaned so it makes it really hard to get a download to actually finish download.

I downloaded EVEREST to check the temperature inside the PC but I found notthing unusual the CPU was at 31 - 35 degrees C at all times and the chipset temperature was about 32 degrees celcius (preety average right ?) SO what do you all think is the problem ? becuase I cannot really think of anyright now and at the time of writing this I doing a virus scan to see if i picked up anything that would make this happen.

EDIT: << I just found this little bastard on my PC and I destroyed it think this will solve my probs ?
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Old 2006-01-11, 17:54   Link #2
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Things to try:
-Checking to make sure all drive cables are plugged in correctly, maybe replace old ones (they're cheap anyway)
-Use a multimeter to keep track of your voltages. Never trust software for this.
-Hard drive diagnostics
-Less aggressive memory settings in the BIOS
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Old 2006-01-14, 12:17   Link #3
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To be doubly sure, I suggest you san your system with adware and spyware removers (eg Microsoft AntiSpyware, Adaware...).

Just an antivirus scan won't help much. Update your definitions before scanning
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Old 2006-01-14, 14:52   Link #4
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If you're running XP/2K, have you looked in the event viewer?

Right click on My Computer -> Manage, and look in the System category.

Look for anything with a ! or X icon, especially stuff related to cdrom, disk, or ftdisk that has a timestamp around when you burned the disc. Post what you find.
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Old 2006-01-14, 15:50   Link #5
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Originally Posted by mxg
EDIT: << I just found this little bastard on my PC and I destroyed it think this will solve my probs ?
No, that does absolutely nothing and will appear on almost everyones system because it is found in the default Java install.

What are your power saving settings?
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