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Location: perth western australia
Age: 23
NY Komachi (New York Beautiful Woman) Yamato Waki D Vol 6: Two american males disguised as female japanese women P

Nyanyakusi T A boy is turned into a woman by another boy and then has sex.

Ochiko T A boy has to take a sex change pill to become a girl.

Oedo Wa Nemuranai! (Edo won't sleep!) Honda Keiko D Set in Japan at the turn of century. There is a tomboy who is a very famous Oiran (Geishas for the nobles only), her master and a Gaijin who looks awfully like a woman (and is put on a dress in the first appearance scene) all involved in a weird conspiracy.

Ogattsu! Hirai Mari D At least two crossdressing scenes, one as a schoolgirl, another dressing in a yukata (female kimono), probably more.

Ogenki Clinic Inui Haruka D Hentai. Manga Case 16: Tranvestite want to return to be a man. Case 18: Male is disguised as a woman. Case 38: Male is disguised as a woman. Case 41: Shemale goes to the clinic. Case 43: Crossdresser and wife goes to the clinic. Case 64: Teruo, brother of Ruko Tatase, change his appareance to appear as a woman (shemale). Case 73: Teruo again. Case 76: Male is disguised as a woman. Case 104: Teruo again Case 108: the couple of case 43 return. Case 121: Teruo find Shiheta, an old friend from school, and they date. Case 125 Teruo and Shiheta, now a couple, meet the mother of Teruo and Ruko. Anime Vol 1 Case 1 Male is disguised as awoman, Vol 1 Case 3: Doctor Ogekuri in a nurse uniform. Vol 1 Case 4: Male is disguised as a woman. Vol 2 Case 2: Doctor Ogekuri in a ballet costume. Vol 2 Case 3: Teruo, brother of Ruko Tatase, change his appareance to appear as a woman (shemale). P
T Hentai. Manga Case 29: Doctor Ogekuri and Nurse Ruko Tatasse swith bodies after sex. Case 92: Introducing Kaoriko is a hermaphodite (shemale). Case 95: Kaoriko again. Case 117: Kaoriko again. Anime Vol 2 Case 4: Doctor Ogekuri and Nurse Ruko Tatasse swith bodies after sex.

O-Guts! D Hatori Ejima has a weakness: an allergy to girls. To cure him, his sister, Saiko makes him join her idol fans club. Saiko is the leader of Miya Fans Club of the famous duo, RUSH. Hatori, who can't stand being near more than 2 girls, must now face 200 fan girls at once!. P

Oh! La La! T Warior and Princess switch genders.

Oh! My T A man wakes up in a woman's body after an airplane crash.

Oh! My Maid Itsuki kaname D BL. Koto is a male maid wearing a female maid uniform (after an agreement with master for an increase of five percent in salary)

Oh! Parallel world T A highschool boy discovers a way to a parallel world where everything is exactly the same exept all the male are females including himself.

Ohoutei T A boy and a girl swap bodies.

Ojyo SF T A boy and a girl swap bodies in order to make the girl more popular.

Ojyoma T A girl is possesed by a ghost.

Okama Hakusho (Okama Report) Yamamoto Hideo D Shinya Okama, who fell in love with himself in the mirror after disguise as a woman, is the protagonist of this love/comedy filled with tears and laughter. It takes place at the gay bar where he work under the name of "Catherine". P

Oki Ni Mesu Mama (As You Like It) Akina Matsuri D There is a female impersonator in a theatrical company for the female roles, also one the male actor disguise as a woman in at least two times to do female roles. P

Okitsune-sama de Chu Sumino Yuji T Shimeta Moji, is a worthless boy who is infactuated with a girl in his class, Ishikawa Yuuko. He prays to god to allow Yuuko-chan to fall in love with him and Ugano Mitamanokami Osaki, the messenger of the gods, come and says that he'll help grant Moji-kun's wish if Moji-kun helps him in return. It seems that evil animal spirits have escaped from heaven and have possessed people. Moji-kun and Osaki must combine and transform to defeat the evil spirits. Unfortunately, when Osaki and Moji-kun combined, Moji-kun was thinking about a female body, thus they transformed into Youko-chan, to defeat the evil animal spirits that have possessed people, starting with the cow spirit that has possessed Yuuko-chan and caused her breasts to swell enormously.

Omake No Kobayashi Kun Morio Masami D This is the story of four high school students whose family name happens to be Kobayashi that end up in the same class. Vol 2: Yamato kobayashi is dressed in various scenes, in sailor fuku, as a little girl, as a girl in a theater... Vol 3: In the school there is a "Miss & Mister Himawari Contest" and Yamato is voted for the other Kobayashis to compete as the Miss. P

Omishi Magical Theatre T A male shinigami, Risky, and a female angel, Safety, share the same body.

Omizu No Hanamichi D Mr. Lady, a transvestite that work in a Neighbor club called Pretty Pink, appear in Vol 2, 9, 13

Once a man T A boy has to become a woman in order to win a female wrestling contest.

One Piece Oda Eiichiro D Cast: Mr.2 or Bon Clay: His devil fruit ability gives him the ability of complete phyiscal transformation which he uses to transform into various different characters including nami several times through out the series, not to mention he's a okama normally anyways. Chapter 113: One of the bodyguards for princess Vivi dresses as pricess Vivi to lure away Baroque Works.

One Thousand And One Nights Han Seung Hee Jeon JinSuk D The Queen has been unfaithful to the Sultan Shahryar, and since then, Shahryar has only taken virgins who he kills the next morning. Sehara, who is a young male scholar who translates books from Greece, India, and China, wanted to save his sister Dunya from the mad Sultan by disguising himself as a woman when the Sultan's soldiers had come for her. He is going to become the Shahrazad of the tales in the Arabian Nights. P

Onech T A witch swap bodies with a boy in order to have sex.

Oneechan No Onegai (A Wish Of My Sister) Itosugi Masahiro D Taisuke is a cute and shy boy. One day He was caught by his sister, in the act of wearing her underwear. To give him a little punishment she has him wear a girlish clothes and go street with her. Next day Taisuke find he had been photographed by his classmate Mihara. So he had to follow her orders too. Of course, crossdressing.

Oneopa T A boy is tranformed into a girl by magic.

Onii-chan To Issho Tokeino Hari D Half Brother Masashi, his hobby is to dress up like a girl

Onikiri Jyuzo Segawa Masaki T There's a body swap/snatching as part of the beginning of the story (Chap 1). In Chap 2-4 there is a flashback sequence of when his body is taken over. As far as Vol 3 Cha 17 he is still stuck in the female body.

Onna No Hanamichi Sonoda Tsukushi D Young office lady looks up to senior office lady and take her as a role model. But one night she finds that she is really a guy. P

Onnanoko Club T Boys turn into girls after kissing a girl and can get back by kissing her again.

Ookami T Boy takes over the body of a girl in order to make a competition.

Operation 103 T A boy wakes up as a woman thank to magic.

Operation Liberate Men Lee Mi Ra D Su Ha was lured to another word where role of men and women are opposite.

Order M T A man is transformed into a girl by magic.

Order Time T A ghost posses a female body.

Ore Wa Teppei Chiba Tetsuya D Vol 8: Boys are in a party house dringking and playing cards and ask for girls to the boss of the party house, and some transvestites are quicky send, boys at first want to part but one convince the rest to follow with the party.

Orrisroot no Gen no Koeda (Silver Twigs of Orrisroot) T A young prince is periodically "blessed" by the soul of a dead noblewoman, and changes sex when under her influence. He goes undercover as a girl on several ocassions -- once in a girl's school and another time as a lady-in-waiting for a noblewoman. P

Oshiete Nanoka Ikeno Koi D Tsutsumi Nanoka is a 13-year-old first-year middle school student who lives with her three older brothers. one of them is Shishimaru, otherwise known as "Rai-chan" who is 20 years old and works as a club hostess, he is a transsexual. Vol 2: Eleven years old Rye disguises himself as a female.
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Age: 23
Osoire T A girl had to share her body with a ghost.

Otogizoushi D Episode 5: To enter a pirate village the men dress as women.

Otoko-Onna, Onna-Otoko Abe Shuji D Twin siblings, weak brother and strong sister, decide to exchange clothes and start going to school as each other.

Otome Wa Boku Ni Koishiteru D The main character Mizuho is a nice guy who was born in a good family, smart, and moral. But one day, he has to transfer to a girl’s high school by his grandfather’s last will. Then, he has to disguise like a girl to go to the school…

Otomez T Two bandits are transformed into woman as punishment after trying to rob a sorceress.

Otona Ni Nuts (Instant Teen) Fukushima Haruka T Vol 2 Extra: The lead female character(Natsumi) and the lead male charater (Asuma) switch bodies after eating two nuts that came from a heart shape shell. In the begining it's a shock, but Asuma enjoys Natsumi's body especially after it gets older. Natsumi however does not enjoy being a boy. P

Ouka Ryou Wars Tohjoh Asami D Manga. Hikaru, and his twin sister, Kodama exchange clothes to fool people. P

Ouran High School Host Club Bisco Hatori D Manga Vol 4: Introducing Harushi's father that is a crossdresser. Anime episode 09: All the club members disguise as girls to convince Harushi to not leaving Ouran. Anime episode 10: Introducing Harushi's father that is a crossdresser. P

Outlaw Star Hongo Mitsuru D Anime episode 18: Gene Starwind dressed up as a woman to enter the "strongest women in the universe competition". P
Pako Pako Time T Boy got his mind transfered into different female bodies.

Pandara T No more data.

Panic Princess Mugendai T A wizard is transformed into a woman.

Papa T Father and Daughter swap bodies.

Papa To Kiss In The Dark D BL. Episode 1: Mira imagine himself in female clothing in various scenes. Very brief P

Papa Told Me Haruno Nanae D Vol 10 Episode 44: Boy is disguised as a girl. P

Papa Wa Okamasan Igarashi Yumiko D Manga. Main cast is a crossdresser working in a gay bar. P

Paper 1 D A boy disguise himself into a hot woman.

Parada T A boy is transformed into a woman by magic.

Parade Parade Akifuji Satoshi D Anime. Cast Kaori, a lovely young singer with a darkest, largest secret! P

Paradise Kiss Yazawa Ai D Cast Daisuke "Isabella" Yamamoto: A very tall, mysterious, transgendered Yazagaku student, who has been a good friend of George's since childhood. Isabella prefers to be thought of as a woman, and is mortified when referred to as her birth name '"Daisuke". P

Paradox T A young student meets a girl that actally is his father who's died many years ago and has been reincarneted as a girl.

Parfait Tic D Vol 8: boys disguises as girls to attend a school festival as waitress. P

Patalliro! (Boku Patalliro!) Maya Mineo D Episode 5: Maraich, a hitman, disguises as a female to try to kill Bancoran. P

Pchaim T A man is traped in a girl's body after reading a book.

Peacemaker Kurogane D Manga Vol 1, Anime Episode 3 & 20: One of the characters is a spy who often dresses as a woman. P

Peach Girl D Vol 4: kiley (kairi) disguise as a nurse. P

Pegimi T A man posses a girl body.

Peke T No more data.

Penguin Kakumei (Penguin Revolution) Tsukuba Sakura D Yukari Fujimaru is a high school girl with the ability to see star-potential auras in the shape of bird's wings. Yukari see small wings on the back of Katsuragi Ryoko, the vice president of the student body. But Ryoko is actually a boy, a talent of the showbiz company, Peacock. P

Pet Shop of Horrors Akino Matsuri D Cast Count D, the crossdressing owner of the shop. Vol 4 Cha 1 "Digital" Leon is investigating the killing of Jody McDowell's, trying to find his girlfriend, Mellow, to interrogate her, but in the end Leon find that the girlfriend was the same man, that was also a transvestite, and was killed for a man that found her to be a man. P

Petit C T A boy is transformed into a girl and becomes a boy again after sex.

Phantom Hunter Miko T Vol 2:There is a bodyswap between a youn man and a young woman.

Pheromomania Syndrome Ichiha D Hotori, the protagonist, is a tall high school girl with masculine features and build. She also has a powerful libido, something that embarrasses her. Since their childhood, she has been the friend and protector of Keishi, the main male character, who only comes up to her shoulder and looks, and acts, somewhat feminine. Hotori is in love with Keishi, and frequently imagines him in seductive poses (often in female costume)

Physic force T No more data

Pia Kyaro T Boy and girl swap bodies after runing into each other .

Piano No Mori Isshiki Makoto D Vol 4: As part of a dream (nighmare) kai find himself dressing as a little princess to play in a concert P

Pictures Return T A boy remeber from a previous life when he was female.
Pikupi T A mad scientist uses a machine to transforms himself into a girl and has sex with another girl.

Pineapple Feeling Manda Ringo D Light love comedy about a boy who's always been raised as a girl (and thought that he was one) until his father (mother actually...) decides to have him enter an all boys' high school. There he meets the same senpai with whom he had a crush when he was still a girl. But then he discovers that the senpai has got an identical twin brother so now he's all confused and doesn't know with which guy he has fallen in love.
Ping Pong Club D The basic story takes place in the Inachu high school's male ping pong club. There are only 3 people in the club who really cares about ping pong. The other 3 are trouble makers. While the club Captian Takeda struggles to keep the club alive (and actually practices ping pong), Maeno (the ring leader of the trouble makers) constantly causes trouble by crossdressing and engaging in SM activities with fellow club members. P

Piron T A boy is transformed into a girl after eating a strange strawberry and kissing his roommate in the end both end up as women.

Pita ten D Vol 2: Kotarou's best friend, Takashi, sprains his ankle right before the elementary school's new play is set to debut! And now Kotarou must take on the lead role as the Moon Princess Kaguya! .

Please! Figure-chan T A boy turned into a girl by a fairy as revenge for the treatment of his girfriend.

Po No Ichizoku Hagio Moto D Vol 3: Alain disguises as a woman in the short play of "As You Like It".

Pokemon (Pocket Monster) D James of the Team Rocket crossdress many times to capture the pokemons. As far as i know he disguises as Schoolgirl, Pageant Woman in Bikini, Hawaiian Woman, Princess, Dutch Woman, Policewoman, Magician Assistant and Ballerina. Ash also crossdress at least two times as a girl, the first as a girl to enter a site after being banned, the second in the episode "Love at First Flight" as a specific woman so that a guy who liked her could get used to talking to "her". P

Police T A young man dies and take over the bodies of sexy police officers.
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Policeman Inoue Masaharu D Vol 2: CODA agent must crossdress, as a beautiful woman, to have an interchange of information with a police man who is investigating a church P

Polno T A boy uses a magic bracelet to take over the body of a woman during her sleep.

Popcorn Romance D Ryouta and Zenta Yamazaki are close brothers, schoolmates, and members of the same rock band. Zenta is younger, zany, dress-wearing brother with dreams of stardom and fame.

Power Stone D Falcon dreams of becoming the champion "fighter" of the world. When the whiny old family retainer brings him a mysterious gem, Falcon plunges into a conflict involving such curious characters as Rouge the fortuneteller, Ryoma the samurai, a living mummy, a troupe of ninja spies disguised as circus acrobats (including a transvestite star), and Octo and Pus, the Team Rocket of the series.
Power! (aka Girl Got Game) Seino Shizuru D Vol 2: Itsuki Onda is a male high school student who is also a famous female model named Serika. Vol 4: Chiharu didn't want to dress up as a girl, but was hauled off by the main character and another guy to be dressed as a female student. P

Ppoi Yamazaki Takako D Amano Taira is a boy who often is confused for a girl. He is dressed as one a lot of times in the manga. There are also other boys who dress up. P

Present From Lemon Katsura Masakazu D Side A, Stage 8: Boy disguises as a girl, very brief P

President Dad Ju-Yeon Rhim T Cast Fahrenheit: A man hired by Ami's mother before she died to watch over and protect Ami. He can change his body to look like a highschool girl.

Pretty bomb T Boy and girl swap bodies after runing into each other and discover their respective girlfriend and boyfriend don't really mind.

Pretty Face Kano Yasuhiro D A judo champion school student is in bus crash, and burns much of his body. When he gets to the hospital, the doctor finds a picture in the boy's pocket of a girl he has a crush on, and assumes it's a picture of the boy himself! So the doctor reconstructs the boy's face to match that of the girl in the photo!. P

Prezon T A man is transformed into a shemale by magic.

Prince of Tennis T Episode 132: Inui and Oishi are husband and wife in this episode.

Princes Prince Taniguchi Tomoko D Mourning the death of his beloved wife, acting on a prophecy handed to him by an angel; the King of Gemstone decides to raise one of his twin sons as a girl. P

Princess Princess Tsuda Mikiyo D Tooru Kouno is a transfer student to distinguished boys school. Tooru has very beautiful face, so he is chosen as one of "school princess". Tooru wants to refuse such weird role but accepts it because school princess has a lot of great privilege. Tooru challenges princess role with a lot of efforts with other princess student, his dormitory roommate, Yuujirou Shihoudani and Mikoto Yutaka. They should accompany and cheer all competition by the sport club of the school as their formal role but shows their female costume to the people if the team survives until the national match. P
Princess Princess Plus Tsuda Mikiyo D The after story of "Princess Princess". Former main characters of "Princess Princess", Touru, Mikoto and Yuujiro, became 2nd grade, and with that, their 1 year term of princess had expired too. And new two characters appeared and became new princesses: Kiriya and Tomoe.

Prism T A boy's ghost take control of a girl's body several times to have some fun with it.

Private Eyes Nomura Akiko D This is about a guy named Tokio who comes to an all-girls school dressed as a girl for something very important. P

Promenade Of One Hundred Ghosts D Boy is growing up crossdressed like a girl to avoid ghosts

Psychic Academy T Aura Banshou shares his body with his sister, though they have separate minds.

Psychometrer Eiji Masashi Asaki / Yuuma Andou D Vol 15 & 17: Mitsuru Fukushima disguised in a female police uniform. Vol 17-18: A woman killer is revealed to be a male crossdresser. P

Pump Up! Ueda Rinko D Kayama Miharu enters her new middle school and immediately becomes friends with Mori Mizutama, a very cute guy she first takes to be a girl but is really a boy. However, though Miharu likes Mizutama, she cannot tell him, especially ever since the older Kawagoe (yes, a boy) seems to have taken Mizutama's interest instead. Miharu tries to be cute for Mizutama, but finds it practically impossible, as he is both more talented at home economics and more cute than herself. Then, Mizutama joins the Kawagoe's soccer club instead of the comedy-lovers' club the two of them had decided on earlier... Vol 01 Cha 02 Mizumata is elected to be the princess in a school festival. Vol 01 Cha 03 Mizumata is playing the cinderella role in a school play. P

Purehearted Boy (Tsuya Sugata Junjou Boy or Adesugata Junjow Boy) Fujisawa Toru D Jun, as part of the family's tradition, is training to succeed his father as an onnagata, a female impersonator in the traditioal theatrical art of kabuki. Since young, Jun has been brought up as a girl in preparation for his future career. At the beginning of the manga, his father had juast enroled him into a highschool as a girl, which ended up with him sharing a dorm room with his female classmate Yui. In school, Jun goes around wearing a pair of realistic falsies (imitation breast). Only his roommate Yui knows his true gender. In many occations where he was forced to undress, his falsies managed to convince others that he is indeed a girl, an a very beautiful one too. Other than Jun, there is also another character wo is also a female impersonator-in-training, belonging to a rival clan P

Putsun Make Love (Putnam Love) D Cast Yuji, a boy with a passion for crossdressing. One time he takes the place of a girl being forced into marriage, other he infiltrates a girls only school. P

Pyohyoro T Transformation:A girl body is possessed by a demon.

Pyua T Boy and girl swap bodies after a kiss.

Pyuapt T A man turns into a woman by magic.

Pyuaputi T A boy is turned into a girl by magic.

Queen's Ha Sung Hyun D Meet Pil-Hyun Jung, a self-proclaimed pretty boy hoping to inject a little more macho into his manhood. He is known as "Teddy Boy" by his classmates, and for good reason: he has a particular affection towards cuddly bears, and he's sweet and has good looks--not to mention a natural charm. But what Pil-Hyun really needs is to learn what it means to be one of the guys! And who would be up for a task to mentor our hero? Enter, Bok-Nam Park, Ah-Yung Sohn, and Hyun-Ja Lee--a colorful crew that's about to give Pil-Hyun a makeover!

Rabit State T A boy wakes up transformed into a girl by magic.

Rabu Angel T A woman swap bodies with the man who was trying to rape her in order to teach him a lesson.

Rachel D Hentai manga, the neighbors son is a crossdresser and is usually part of the action.

Rakute T A boy is transformed into a girl by magic.

Ramen High D Mrs. Okama-sensei is Arant's homeroom teacher. She dresses and acts like a graceful woman but her face looks like a man.

Ranma 1/2 Takahashi Rumiko D Tsubasa and Konatsu are both crossdressers. Shinnosuke crossdress sometimes. Ranma OVA 08 - An Akane to Remember 02: Ryoga, Ranma, Shinnosuke's grandfather and Shinnosuke all crossdressing when fighting the Orochi in the water of life springs
T Ranma becomes a beautiful girl after falling into one of Jusenkyou's springs. Hot water can transform him back to normal, but only until the next splash of cold water. Herb has the same curse than Ranma P

Rasenaru T A man is transformed into a woman by magic.

Regalia Nakamura Sachiko / Kawazoe Mariko D Vol 1 and 2: One young man disguises himself as a maid to infiltrate in a palace P

Rei Rei Yamamoto Yoshiko T Vol 1: Boy is transformed into woman by magic and makes love with his friend. Vol 2: Boy is transformed into a big boob woman as a punishment for embarassing a girl from his school.
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Reimik T A young woman is possessed by a demon who likes being there.

Reinou Tantei Miko (Phantom Hunter Miko) Juichi Logi T Hentai. Episode 2: Azuka, Kayano, Miko and Kanda decide they want some time away from their "master" so Azuka decide to use a pendant to transfer his body to a dog and puts him to sleep. Later, Azuka and Kayano decide to have some fun and put the pendants on Miko and Kanda and have some fun. Kanda, a guy transfers into Azuka girl's body, Azuka transfers into Kanda guy's body, and Kayano and Miko transfer into each others body. P

Renai Jikakushoujou Yamakami Riyu D Agatsuma is a gang leader, macho, tall, robust, beating people up left and right, but he has a secret. Being the leader of his school's biggest gang is only his day job, he moonlights as a bar hostess. P

Rental Body T A woman wants to have sex with a man that rejects her after falling of the stairs with him she gets what she wants but not the way she expected.
Return (Ritaan) Miura Noriko T A young boy dies in a moto accident and takes the body of a young girl. P

Reversible D A man need to hide, disguise as a woman and work as a office lady. P

Riddle T The hero is transformed into a woman by magic.

Ridiculous Game (Hatenkou Yuugi) Minari Endou D Vol 1: Brief scene with a photograph of a boy in maid uniform and the boy giving explications to his girlfriend. P

Rikugun T A man can turn into a woman.

Rising Higashizato Kiriko T Story "W Trouble": The older brother who is having a sex-change appear

Ritchan Yoshino Mari D The relationship between two coworkers in the nightclub hotesses world, one of them is in fact a man P

Rival Wa Cute Boy Tomidokoro Kazuko D A schoolgirl has a youngers sister who is the source of her troubles because is more lovely and popular, but in reality is a younger brother.

Robogi T A man's head is attached to a female body.

Robotech - The New Generation D Lance Belmont goes undercover as a popular female singing star, Yellow Dancer, a role he originally created to avoid capture by the Invid.

Romance Of The Three Kingdoms D Episode 06: One eunuch try to save himself from a palace slaughtering disguised as a woman but is discovered.

Rorakaizaa Kouga Yun T Sasame, who is ashamed of his ugly body, acquires the beautiful body of the suicided Nene.

Rtime T A boy soul's get detached from his body and posses different female bodies.

Rtype T A man wakes up as a woman thank to magic.

Rubbers Seven Sukune Inugami D Welcome to Rubbers 7, a small Japanese convenience store with a reputation for some odd owners. Rumors of mob connections and one rather eccentric boss with a passion for Ping-pong tend to keep business low. But when a young, quiet girl is framed for shoplifting and ends up working for the store, can her touch, with the help of her unusual coworkers, including a shy boy and a drag queen, turn the fortune of the store around? P
Rune Soldier Louie T Episode 18: Louie is transformed in a female version of himself thanks to an magical artifact they have been manipulating.

Rui-kun Ni Kanpai! (A toast for Louis!) Hara Naoko D Vol 4: Louis disguise as a woman to sneak into a party.

Rurouni Kenshin Watsuki Nobuhiro D Vol 13 - 15: Honjou Kamatari, a crossdresser, is so good at looking like a woman that he throws Makimachi Misao off completely when Kamatari reveals that he is biologically a man. He's gay and loves Makoto Shishio deeply, but knows that he will never be loved like Komagata Yumi nor will he ever become as talented as Seta Soujirou, who serves as Shishio's right hand man.

Ryurouden D Vol 8 Cha 30: The main character Shiro has the ability to freely control his muscles. When he wants to go to the market undercover he disguise himself as a woman. P

Ryoko's Case File D Vol 2: As part of an investigation Ryoko and her partner pay a visit to a transvestite prostitute. P

Saber Marionette D Saber Marionette J to X episodes 10 and 11: Mitsurugi Hanagata is forced to crossdress as Lorelei to cover for her being absent.
T Saber Marionette J episode 18: Ieyasu and Hikozaemon had their brainwave patterns transferred into the two guard robots, Tamasaburo and Baiko.
Sabine T Boy and girl fuse into a shemale after after kissing each other in a temple to turn back again they have to accomplish a good action.

Saint Dragon Girl T A ghost posses a girl's body.

Saint Luminous Mission High School D One of the students at an all-girls school is really a boy.

Sakaki T A man takes over a highschool girl's body.

Sakurakino T Man and woman swap bodies after being stuck by a lightning.

Sakura Taisen: New York NY. (OAV) Kimura Ryuichi D Anime. New York City, the late 1920s. The battle with Nobunaga is over, the city restored to peace...until the owner of Little Lip Theater informs Shinjiro... "This time, the leading lady will" Thus Shinjiro, disguised as the actress Petitmint, is forced into the role of "Cleopatra." The Star Division members set out to persuade a reluctant Shinjiro, beginning a chase across the five boroughs. Meanwhile, a dark-skinned youth and his servant have appeared unexpectedly in the midst of the flourishing city. His eyes, concealing a silent wrath, are fixed upon nothing less than the Statue of Liberty. Now Shinjiro and company must protect this city of hopes and dreams from a new menace while safely raising the curtain on a new show. P
Samurai 7 D Episode 10: the Samurais and the peasants who has recruit them, divide in three group to elude the bandits. One of the group, two samurais and one peasant, must disguise themselves as “entertaiment” women with the help of three circus women. P

Samurai Champloo D Episode 3: Jin dresses up as a female geisha. Episode 6: A geisha performer is really a man. P

Samurai Crusader: Sunrise Over Shanghai T Genbu-sensei, as it turns out, is an 800-year-old master who has reincarnated many times. His present form is that of a beautiful young woman.

Samurai Deeper Kyo D Yukimura Sanada disguises himself as a girl to fight in a competition beginning at the end of episode 6 (manga Vol 4). Akari appears in Volume 22 as a kind lass and tries to seduce Kyo. After 'her' true character reveals, everyone thinks Akari as a cruel lass. A few chapters later, Kei reveals about a crossdressing priest that tries to seduce men into the forest and rob them. Kyo reveals to everyone that Akari's real name is Mitarashi Tokociro because he's a man. In Volume 23, the guards tries to seduce Akari by pressing her “breasts”, only they realize that her “breasts” are “mantao” (a type of bun without anything inside). P

Samurai FX D Male character Disguise as a woman.

Samurai Pizza Cats D The main villain, The Big Cheese, crossdresses often.

T Episode 24 "Gender Bender Butterflies" where males change into female and vice versa.

Sanjyo (Other woman) T A mad sceintist put the brain of a pervert in the body of a highschool girl.

Santyo T Different characters swap bodies because of a magic miror.

Saraob T A man turns into a woman by magic.

Sasuga No Sarutobi D Two characters are spies who often disguise themselves into women to trap their ennemy

Sauros Knight Aki Katsu D Vol 1: boy is disguised as a female to enter in a city, later he is captured and sold as a female slave to the palace. P

Sayoboku T Boy and girl swap bodies after falling in the stairs.

Scarlet Wizard T In a secundary role we have gender-switching shapeshifter Ru.
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School Rumble S2 D Episode 2: In the middle of a survival game Asou and other guy corners Eri into Class 2-C but they are unable to find her until they see her in a window. Then they realized that it wasn't Eri but some guy dressed as her. Episode 3: The guy dressed as Eri is explaining to Asou and the other guy about how he hid on the outer wall of the school which they wanted to know why he's in that uniform. He says to them that he's just a butler to be passing by and has to kill them now. He immediately goes back Asou and was about to kill him when a sniper attacked him and was forced to run away. Later a couple of the guys asks Eri about the guy dressed as her which she doesn't know about it. In the end of the episode Eri confronts her bulter about being in the war game last night. He joined in because he was worried about Eri and had the training of a soldier which he remembers a flashback about a mission. The mission had him going into a burning building to save a child who shot him and shows him a locket with a picture of a maid in it. He rescued the child and now works as a maid, but the child was a guy.

Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (G-Force, Guardians of Space) Toriumi Hisayuki T
Cast Berg Katse: He was created by the alien Sosai X to lead the terrorist organisation Galactor in its attempts to conquer the galaxy. He is a gestalt entity created through the fusion of fraternal twins whist still in the womb. Because his component parts were male and female, Berg Katse was prone to switch sexes numerous times in his life, forcing him to hide his identity. This bizarre burden led to him to be easily recruited and manipulated by Sosai X when he contacted Katse and convinced him that he was a superior being. Eventually, Katse was able to control his sex shifts and became a master of disguise taking advantage of it. Notable appareances in episodes 29, 31, 32, 33, 46, 47, 70, 76, 86, 88, 102.
Scoop! D Is about a girl who's been sent to a high-class girls' boarding school by her parents, Riri, who's bored by the isolation and emphasis on acting like a lady. A guy from the neighbouring boys' school, Hijiri, is trying to get material for his school paper article on 'A Day in the Life of a Madonna' . Hijiri is dresssing as a girl, and pretends that he's Riri's older sister even though they're complete strangers, and Riri is drawn into the masquerade.

Scrap T Boy transform into a woman with a magic crystal.

Scrapg T Characters get out of their bodies.

Scrapped Princess D Episode 18: Fulle and Leo have to crossdress as women to escape from a city. P

Screw T A man turns into a woman by magic.

Secret Of Duos T A male body is possessed by an alien female entite that transforms the male body into a female version.

Secret Plot Deep D Mayumi comes across a young girl that seems familiar only to find out that it's in fact a guy, Yuri, disguising himself as his sister. P

Seen Cyber T A man turns into a woman using a potion.

Seikionigo T A djin can be either female or male.

SeiLily T A boy get turns into a girl, get pregnant and killed by the magician.

Seiryude T A boy get transformed into a woman after fusing with a dragon that keep his malehood when he return back to normal.

Sekai De Ichiban Daikirai Hidaka Banri D Vol 10: There is a wedding show with man and woman reversals.

Sekihokujar T Boy and girl swap bodies.

Senjinetu T Boy get transformed into a woman by magic.

Senritsu No Uppun Bijo Jenny Nunoura Tsubasa T Mad doctor put male brain in woman body (the dead wife of the doctor).

Sensei T A boy and a girl swap bodies after hitting their head.

Sensei No Ojikan D Seki likes to crossdress.

Sepia T A skeleton takes over a woman skin.

Sexual Harassment Punisher Shinano Oumi D BL. A story about the Sexual Harassment Punisher, Sakakibara, and his assistants - how they ‘punish’ those around them. Vol 1 Cha 4: The woman that is asking Sakakibara for help is a crossdresser that is setting a trap to capture Sexual Harassment Punisher P
Setsunai Inochi no Uta o Kikasetsu (Sing to Me of Your Painful Life) T CIA operative Axel is critically injured when he saves a little girl from a suitcase bomb. To his surprise, he awakens in the body of a beautiful woman -- the one-time lover of the brilliant young doctor who transplanted his brain into a new body. P

Shaman King D Episode 12 "The Star that Signals the Beginning": Trey and Rio's gang dress as girls to try and cheer Rio up.

Shangrilla T Boy and girl switch bodies after sex.

Shanpo T A male Genie posses a woman body to hunt down an other evil male genie who posses the other woman body.

She's So Delicate Nishimaki Tohru D Vol 7: A friend of the protagonist crossdresses and convince the protagonist to crossdress also. Later the friend crossdress again. P

Sheriff D Vol 2: Kaitou disguises as a woman.

Sherlock Hound Miyazaki Hayao / Mikuriya Kyosuke D Anime adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes series of novels where all the characters are depicted as anthropomorphic animals. Episode 2: One of Moriarty's henchmen dressed as a lady in a ball where they are planning a rob. Episode 4: Sherlock disguised as a woman to confuse inspector Lestrade. Episode 7: One of Moriarty's henchmen dressed as an old woman to evade a police checkpoint. Episode 8: One of Moriarty's henchmen dressed as an old maid woman. Episode 10. One of Moriarty's henchmen dressed as Mrs Hudson to set a trap for Sherlock and Watson. Episode 25: The two Moriarty's henchmen dressed, one as a rich lady and the other as an old peasant lady to rob a jewel.

Shiawase Omimai Mousiagemasu T An old sick man makes a wish and finds himself in the body of a sexy young nurse .

Shikazari T Man and woman swap bodies after falling in the stairs.

Shion No Ou (The Flowers Of Hard Blood) Katori Masaru D Character Saitou Ayumi crossdresses so that he can play as a female kishi, he plays Shogi to make money, although the reason for such is still unexplained as of yet. P

Shin Daa! Daa! Daa! Kawamura Mika D Vol 1: Ruu crossdressing to go undercover in a party P

Shin Gakuen Tengoku Ueda Rinko D Rei attends school with Kingyo and Itaru. He is 18 years old and enjoys crossdressing. Early in the manga, Itaru had a bit of a chrush on Rei. Of course, once Itaru learned that Rei was not a lady, he quickly lost interest in Rei as a girlfriend and instead accepted Rei as a friend. Rei is in love with Kingyo, and would even stop crossdressing if it would make Kingyo love him too. But then, Rei has made it known that he makes a better woman than Kingyo on several occasions, so Kingyo's responses to his affections are mixed.. Vol 2: He start a part time job as a crossdressing waitress in a club called "Purple Soda", there is also other crossdressing coworkers. Vol 6 & 7: The club have a role reversal party and the male waiters end crossdressing. P

Shintaisou Shin D Hentai. There’s a secret competition called “dark rhythmic gymnastics”. The entrees complete their beauty and lewd by their technique more difficult than rhythmic gymnastics. Haneoka Fubuki is a little brother-in-low of Haneoka Miku who’s been missing. While he is looking for his sister, he finds her at the house of Tomomi, Miku’s classmate. Acceding to Tomomi, she is trapped in the dark side of “dark rhythmic gymnastics”. In order to help her out, he resolves his mind to become a coach of “dark rhythmic gymnastics”, and he gets close to Fujimiya Koyuki who was chosen by Tomomi not knowing his fate…

Shiranai Kuni No Monogatari Kawase Natsuna D Vol 3: Master boy crossdresses as a house maid to help clean the house.

Shiritsu Tantei Reimondo (Private Detective Raymond) D Raymond disguises as a woman in order to deceive a rival in detective business.

Shiro No Fiorentina Togawa Mitomo D Adventures in the Italy of the Renaissance. There is a crossdresser P

Shore Evolution T Highschool boy and girl swap bodies after being used in a mad scientist experiment.
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Shoujo Shounen (Girl Boy) Yabuuchi Yuu D Some stories about boys becoming female idol singers. Vol 1: A young boy has a beautiful girls singing voice. His sister talks him into dressing as a girl for karaoke. Just then he is "discovered" by a talent scout. Who seems so desperate to find the next big star, he willing to overlook his client's gender!

Shounan Junai Gumi (GTO: The Early Years) Fujisawa Tohru D Cast Kaoru Kamata: She is Jun Kamata’s younger sister. She first appears when the Onibakugumi arrange their ‘get-together’ (Vol 4 and 5). Her brother bumps into her and recognises her (apparently they haven’t seen each other for a while) and spends the whole evening trying to keep the others away. Eikichi is obsessed with Kaoru and doesn’t pay any attention to Itou at all, which results in a fight with Tsukai. In actuality, however, ‘she’ is really male, which shocks Onizuka when he finds out. Kaoru appears during the Natsu saga, and tells Eikichi about her brother’s predicament. Cast Hazuki Misato: She appears at the karaoke club where she meets Eikichi, who has been left by the group of girls who were in his booth and is now feeling sorry for himself. They get along well, and Eikichi naturally falls for her. She cooks for him, and she offers to have sex with him, but he refuses (basically since he’s too nervous). The two of them come across Shinomi and Takezawa, and he recognises her, she was a member of his gang in the past, but as a man. Naturally this is bad for Eikichi, and when she reveals the truth to him, he can’t handle it and she leaves. (Vol 28 and 29) P

Shounen Shoujo Evolution Nihonkai Aranami T Boy and girl changes bodies
Shounen Venus ("Boy Venus" or "Venus Was a Boy") Mizuho Narumo D Sohichiroh is a boy who wears female clothes in most situations.

Shounen x Cinderella Ikeyamada Gou Sakuragi Azuma, 15 years old boy, looks like a plain old 3rd grade in junior high, but…actually is the real indentity of the most popular and new female model, Momo Kazuka. P

Shovinus T Two girl swap bodies after making a wish at the luna park later on one of them switches again with a boy.

Shuffle Kadota Hiroshi D Vol 3: There is a boy crossdressing

Shumik T A boy is transformed into a woman by a wizard.

Shura No Hitsugi Nagahama Sachiko T After living the killing of his father and his fiance and being assaulted himself, Hoshi is now living in the house of Keiko, a transvestite, that helped him alter the assault, and he is living as a woman by the name of "Kaoru". And he is planning a revenge. P

Shuran T A boy in love with another get transformed into a girl thank to a magic box.

Sikanoboku T Possession in a ghost story.

Sindokudami T Man and woman swap bodies after being strike by the thunder.

Sinkir T Boy and woman swap bodies.

Sinkoama T Boy and girl swap bodies after an accident .

Sinkur T Man turns into a woman using a strange medal.

Sins Of The Sisters T Reborn as a woman named Aiko, the soldier rises as the military leader of a new crusade, successfully unites the world and abolishes all religion. Haunted by memories of a past life, Aiko travels backwards in time, and finds herself caught in an incredible battle to save the future.

Sinseki T No more data.

Siranu T Brother and sister swap bodies after being kidnapped by aliens.

Sister Panic T Boy and girl misteriously swap bodies.

Skintro T A story where no one is what he/she seems to be.

Skirt Enomoto Nariko D BL story: Love triangle between two men and a woman. The woman had dressed up one of the men and he is now a part time crossdresser and in love with the other man.

Skyhk T A man is turn into a woman after an operation.

Slayers Kanzaka Hajime D Episode 17: Gourry is disguised as a woman to enter a city where he is wanted by bounty hunters. Slayers Next - Episode 17: Gourry, Zelgadis and Xellos are disguised as women to enter a city where the men are banned (The women execute the men who enter the city). Slayers Try - Episode 17: Gourry is disguised as a siren to be the bait of a sea dragon they want to capture. P

Slow Step Adachi Mitsuru D Vol 7 Cha 50: Boy disguise as a girl to help in the cure of a teacher with allergie to women.

Snow Drop Choi Kyung-Ah D Supporting characters Ko-Mo and Ha-Da are falling for each other. Will their budding romance stand a chance when playboy Ha-Da finds out the arrogant knockout Ko-Mo isn't Hae-Gi's sister - but his brother?! P
So Young T A schoolboy, a school girl and their female teacher swap bodies after falling of in the stairs.

Son Geum Jeon Se-Hoon D Vol3 Fate 17: Male protagonist is in an hospital and have an encounter with a nurse, that take him as a hostage to get out the hospital, she also say him that she is a male and that the police is searching for him, after a time they both fight and the protagonist win, but at the end he decides to help him. Fate 19: The protagonist crossdresses as a beautiful woman to lure and trick a motorgang that is molesting a girlfriend. P

Sono Manma XX Furuya Hiromu T Hiroshi is living with a mad scientist's daughter. The scientist doesn't like Hiroshi, so he puts him into a machine which changes him into a girl. Hiroshi, now Hiromi, must live his life as a girl.

Sono Mukou No Mukougawa (Beyond the Beyond) Watanabe Yoshitomo D Vol 3: Brief crossdressing by Futaba Kudo

Sonoki T A warrior is transformed into a woman by magic, then he is possessed by his pervert old master.

Sonoki Ni Saseruna! D Short BL story. Two office workers have been couple since they were students and younger one won the tennis match with senior one. Senior bets same part with younger by the competition of quick eating. Younger wins again and makes senior wear female dress..

Sons of Eve (Ibu No Musuko Tachi) Aoike Yasuko D Side story “Good Company” features appearances by Major Eberbach and Agent G (See Eroika Yori Ai Wo Komete), showing how an assignment first led Agent G to realize he was gay and a transvestite.
T Justin can transform himself into a woman

Sorcerer On The Rocks T Episode 1 & 2: A wizard saves people for a good reward. When he use a technique to became a powerfull giant, he leaves temporary his body. In the first chapter his body is destroyed while he is using his technique, so his soul comes back into his slave girl (a very busty girl). P

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Akita Yoshinobu T Episodes 9 & 10: Orphen and his two youngish companions visit the City of Canals to meet his ex school friend Stephanie. She gets to shock the companions with some innuendo laden reminiscences until Orphen points out that Stephanie was male in those days which causes even more shock. Apparently there was a serious magical accident and Stephanie elected to be reconstructed as a female. She then retired to a distant city to start a new life. By the end of the series you see her marrying a local lad. P

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Revenge Akita Yoshinobu D Episode 14 "Isn't He Lovely?": Poor, poor Majic. The gang is out of money again, and his unspoiled good looks give him the best chance of winning the Miss Twinkle Toes dance competition. That's right: Miss Twinkle Toes. Majic gets a chance to explore his feminine side with a pretty dress that Cleao picks out just for him.

Sore Wa Sensei Kawachi Miyuki D Boy disguised as a girl sometimes

Sorimachi-Kun Niwa Kanojyo-Go Inai Yukawa Tasuku D Vol 2 and 6: Story about high school live with girls trying to get a date with the protagonist, also one of the boys try it crossdressing. P

Soszion T A man is transformed into a woman by dark magic.

Soten Koro Lee Hakin / King Gonta D Vol 3: Warrior disguises as a female dancer to enter a palace, where he perform a dance before to discover himself and save the master from bein killed. Vol 9: Another male disguised as a woman to entertain a warrior (unconfirmed). P
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Sotsugyou M OVA (Graduation M) D Episode 2: The all-boy's school puts on a play. The title of the play to be performed by these men is... Little Women. P

Soul Hunter (Senkaiden Houshin Engi) Ano Tsutomu T Episode 8, “Taikobou is Tested by Youzen": At the very end of episode 7, Taikobou and his companions encounter a woman who claims to be the demon Dakki. After a brief fight at the beginning of episode 8, Taikobou realizes "Dakki" is really the shape-shifting "Genius Doushi" Youzen. The same in the manga Vol 2 Cha 13 & 15.
Sousei No Aquarion D Episode 9 "Pathway of Dreams": Jun is crossdressing in Pierre dream harem. Episode 18 "Cosplayer of the Soul": In a training they have to change roles with another member of the team, including clothes.
Souzou T A boy's third wich is to experiment womanhood, but third wish's last one.

Space Pirate Mito (Stellar Buster Mito) Watanabe Takashi T Anime Episode 13: at the end, Aoi, Mito's son, transform into a girl and is even crowned queen. There is also a sequel where Aoi try hard to return to be a boy. P

Standings Sasamoto Yoshitaka T A man is turned into a woman by magic. Two ciber criminals originally male are having sex .One does it as a woman.

Steel Angel Kurumi T Nakahito in episode 3, and in the manga (vol. 1) use a sex-change device.

Stop Goshujinsama (Stop Master) Miyashita Kitsune D Short BL stories. In the first a boy has to work in a family café as a waitress in a maid outfit. In the second there is a boy in a sailor fuku. P

Stop! Hibari-kun! Eguchi Hisashi D Is about a guy who cross dresses with great glee (and social success!) and the girl friend (as opposed to girlfriend) who tries to stop him.

Strain Okamura Yoshiyuki / Ikegami Ryoichi D Vol 4: Cast crossdressing killer "Sweetie" Andre. P

Strange Mansion Kagesaki Yuna T Koyoki goes to Tokyo and move next door to the boy Shirohai that she liked in High school. When she went to visit, a girl greeted the door instead, Whom she thought was the boy's girlfriend or older sister turns out it was Shirohai Sempai. What happened? Shirohai confessed to the captain of the Oandan, but the captain turned him down...saying he's not interested in men, so Shirohai came back six month later with some changes and they have been living together since. He is hiding from his family, since his father will kill him if he finds out, he was raised to be the man of men so his family can't find out. P

Strange Sex T A sissy boy is turned into a woman to experience womanhood.

Strawberry Children D Naoto loves very much seeing Ayano dressed up as a girl.

Street Guerrilla Higashizato Kirico D In the third story, the class of Shuichi and Kazuki is going to do a play "Romeo and Juliet", but is an all-boys achool, so Shuichi will be Romeo y Kazuki will be.... Juliet. P

Substitute Ghost T Boy and girl exchange souls after an accident.

Sugarp T A boy wakes up turned into a girl by magic.

Suikoden - Demon Century D Cast Miyuki, a transvestite piano player and also some kind of martial artist. P

Sukeba T A boy is turned into a girl by magic.

Sukisyo (Sukina Mono Wa Suki Dakara Shoga Nai) Tsutae Yuzu D Episode 2 "Enter the School Do-it-alls!": Fujimori Sunao in a girl costume

Sukiyanen T Boy and girl exchange bodies after a lightning.

Sunabara T Man wakes up as a woman thank to magic.

Super Asparagus Tachihara Ayumi T Hiroshi Hoshino has just moved into a new house when he discovers a spectacular crop of asparagus growing in the yard. After dinning on it he discovers himself turning into a girl! Strangely, the new girl is not too put out by this, and gladly throws herself into her new feminine identity. She soon falls in with a pretty girl named Rumi and eventually transfers to Rumi's all-girl high school. Just when her life settling into a new routine, Hiroshi, now Hiroko, discovers that other boys have gone through the same transformation she has, including Rumi. As dark forces gather to threaten Tokyo, Hiroko learns that it is her task to unite all of Tokyo's ex-boys into a squad of magical girls capable of repelling the invaders.

Super Beautiful Dreamers Fuji Sakuya D Touka Academy is a elite private all boys' school. Now, Mikaru, who is acting as a princess, will have to perform a "real kiss" on stage for the school's festival

Super Virgin! (Chou Bajin!) Uchida Fujimaru D The story of a student who have failed university entrance exam and have "congenital love immunodeficiency syndrome" so he can't be near a woman. But after lose in a game the punishment is to disguise as a woman and go to a store where the condition of disease does not come out with the female he know there. After that the student became a frequenter of a store, and approaches the woman as a crossdressing figure "Ichiko."

Sutekiyaku T One man is druged by an old man and wakes up as a woman,then gets raped by the old man now in his old body. Other man is turned into a woman by magic.

Sweet Prison Shinano Oumi D Cast Gondou, a crossdressing-dominatrix-S&M instructor

Switch Naked Ape D Vol 1 act 2: Eto Kai disguised as a young woman in a undercover mission to hunt a drug dealer. Vol 9 act 42: Eto Kai disguised as a woman again to enter in a night club to investigate. P

T.V. Eyes Kusumoto Maki D Three incredible short stories filled with some darkness and obscurity. The third "Channel 11": Twins and another pair of twins that look like them but are dead? A Transvestite, a bar master and an encyclopedia too, what do they all have in common?

Tabun Bara Iro No Jinsei D 4 short BL stories. In third, the younger worker at clothing company and his elder worker are couple. Younger often asks his lover to wear female dress. But elder begins to suspect younger really loves women...

Tactics D Episode 4: Kantarou goes crossdressing

Tadatuba T Boy wakes up as a girl thank to magic.

Tag - You’re It Sook Kim D It's made-up of 5 short stories, and there's a crossdresser in one of those stories.

Taiyou ni Nurete Tohjoh Asami D Manga Story 3 "Scramble Papa": The heroine's boyfriend is forced to train for the role of Yamato Nadeshiko, true japanese virtuous woman.

T Manga Story 2 "Mosaic Boy": Hero has changed into a girl when his pulse increases since a bisexual butterfly genes were injected into him by his father, a mad scientist.

Taleof T A girl body gets possessed.

Tanato T After sex the woman turns into a shemale and the boy turns into a girl.

Tanpo Wakamiya Hiroaki D Manga Vol 2 Cha 7: Kanna tricks Yuujiro into a maid uniform

Tantei Gakuen Q (Detective School Q) Amagi Seimaru / Sato Fumiya D Anime Episode 45: The enemy group known as Pluto has replaced Dan's secretary with one of their agents. In the previous episode, both she and Dan were kidnapped by them. The fake secretary lets Q into Dan's office to meet with him, but Q realizes that she's not the real secretary and they start to fight. After the Pluto agent has knocked Q down, he reveals himself. Manga Vol 15 and 16: Ryu Amakusa goes undercover as a girl to solve a case in an all-girls school.
Tarantula Minami Megumu D Various short BL stories about historical facts with males crossdressing.

Taruto Mix Kanzaki Ryuko T A boy and his sister are demon hunters. The only problem is that their powers only work when their minds are switched into each others bodies. So whenever a demon shows up, they automatically switch bodies, and then switch back.
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Tefute T A boy is transformed into a girl by magic.

Tekkaman Blade D Cast Rebin/Levin (or Maggie) who enjoys looking very feminine.

Tekkaman Blade II D Cast Dead End looks very femenine.

Temptation Of Water (Mizu No Yuwaku) Serika Himuro D Kazuya is a high schooler with a problem--he has a girlfriend with a voracious sexual appetite who is using him to satisfy her. That may not seem like a problem, but she forces him to wear women's clothes while doing it!.

Ten Carat Torte! Kondoh Rururu T Vol 8: Boy get up one morning finding he has transformed into a girl.

Ten Yori Mo Hoshi Yori Mo (As High As The Sky & The Star) Akaishi Michiyo D One of the boys Soo Narumiya is at first undercover as a girl uner the name of Rei Narumiya

Tenjou Tenge Oh Gureito D Vol 15 Cha 90: As part of the long vision of the past that aya see's, it focuses in on 2 sisters, however at the end of the chapter it reveals that the little sister is actually nagi "the demon exocist" in disguise. Vol 16 Cha 97: The ancestor 17th family head Shyoujyou Tokuan Mitsuiro possess the ability of shapeshifting and mimicry like his ancestor appears and breifly transforms into maya upon his appearance.

Tenkoro T No more data.

Tenkuh T A little girl body gets possessed.

Tennen Hachimitsu Ryou (Natural Honey Dormitory) Oda Aya D There are a lot of crossdressing by the protagonist: policewoman, shrine maiden, nurse, high school uniform, etc.. P

Tennenshoku Boy (Natural Colour Boy) Amamiya Jun D Toru Okazaki enter a famous history school, although it must be a boys' school, he is surprised that a beauty “girl” in a sailor suit is mixed.

Tennnouji T Boy and girl swap bodies.

Tennoabe T Boy and girl swap bodies.

Tenshi Ja Nai!! (I’m No Angel) Shigematsu Akako D As if living with a celebrity wasn’t bad enough, Hikaru discovers that there’s more to Izumi than her “good girl” image,—she’s a he!"

Tenshi Kouryaku Manual (How to Catch an Angel) Kikuchi Kumiko D There is a classmate of the protagonist that is a boy attending the school as a girl. The senior the protagonist is in love with also disguises as a woman in a event of the school festival. Also, a supporting cast disguises oneself as a woman to sneak into the girl school.

Tenshi Muyo Negishi Hiroshi D Anime. Tenshi Universe - Episode 21 “No need for a Checkpoint”: Tenchi dressed up as a girl for a disguise.

Tenshi Na Konamaiki (Cheeky Angel) Nishimori Hiroyuki D Manga Vol 2: To make a connection with Megumi one of the guys, Soga Genzo, declares that if she switches back to a guy, as she wants, then he wants to become a girl. Megumi supervises an afternoon of Genzo wearing a dress and trying to act lady-like.
T Megumi's got a pretty good excuse for her aggressive streak -- she used to be a boy! Six years previously, she and her childhood friend Miki Hanakain encountered a magical book with a small masked man who promised to grant a wish to Megumi. Megumi brashly wished to become a "man among men." The little man, feigning to mishear, turned him into a girl -- he, now a she, was to be a "woman among women!".

Tenshi Ni Bara No Hanataba Wo (L'alleluja des Anges) Higuri You T Sei Kagano has an angel gene, which gives the bearer special powers. For Sei, every time he smells roses, he transforms into the White Maria, a heavenly lady with the power of prophecy. Malloy, who bears the angel gene that turns him into the Black Maria, and has hired men from the United States to eliminate Sei so he can continue on his quest to remake the world. Three guardians, the male modelling unit N'est ce Pas, go undercover to protect Sei. Two of the guardians, Toki and Kishou, also carry angel genes. Toki, however, seems to be more attracted to Sei than a guardian should be..
Tenshi SOS D Vol 3 Cha 13: Boy crossdress to help a friend be out of a bully. Also some more brief crossdressing scenes P

Tenshi x Mitsuou Sakuya Tomoyo D Rin is disguised as a girl for a photoshoot

Tensideyo T No more data.

Tensikkaku T A legendary warior comes back to life but in a female form.

Tensip T A boy is transformed into a magical girl.

Tensyi T A boy change sex every time he climaxes.

Tentor T Boy and girl swap bodies.

The B.B.B. Akisato Wakuni D Vol 3: Shishimaru is a contestant in a drag queen pageant and win. Vol 5 & 6: Shishimaru disguised as a woman to be a bait for a rescue operation of a friend that has been kidnapped. P

The Change Himuro Saeko / Yamauchi Naomi D During the Heian Period, two babies, a boy and a girl, were born to different mothers in the powerful Udaijin family. The boy was a sickly child, and his superstitious mother was told by a priest that for him to live, he must be raised as a girl. On the other hand, the girl grew up to be a tomboy who liked to dress like a boy. Everything was going smoothly until Lord Kira (girl) started working at court and the emperor told Udaijin that he wanted Princess Kira (boy), who looks identical to beautiful Lord Kira, as his concubine. Now, Kira and Kira must switch places before all is too late.

The Hakkenden D Anime Cast Inuzaka Keno Tanetomo: Bears the "chi" bead of widsom. When he was a child, a local feudal lord murdered Keno's father in an attempt to obtain the two legendary flutes in his possession, but was only able to find one of them after the incident. The other had been presumed lost. Since then, Keno has sought to regain both flutes and has also plotted an elaborate revenge against the family that killed his father. He is a celebrated flautist and dancer, but is disguised as a female under the pseudonym of "Asakeno", which is most likely a means of evading suspicion of his ultimate intent(first appearance episode 8). Episode 2 "Dark Music of the Gods": Hamaji, has been kidnapped, but Shino appears, dressed as a woman, and fights for her. Manga Vol 2: Shino brief crossdressing 2 times. Vol 3: Keno is discovered, Shino brief crossdressing Vol 4: Shino again crossdressing. Vol 5: Shino crossdressing in a wedding dress
The Heroic Legend Of Arislan (Arslan Senki) Nakamura Chisato D OAV 1: Trade had started as always, but the Lusitanians took the place of the Pars army. Eram went to find out what happened to the city. Dressed as a girl, waylaid by a soldier for having spoken ill of the Lusitanians, he removed his costume and ran away to the place where Narcasse and the others were waiting. P

The Ravages Of Time Chan Mau D Nearly 2000 years ago, the prosperous Han dynasty of China collapsed. Heroes rose and fell, and three nations emerged - Wei, Shu, and Wu. Historians refer to this period as the three kingdoms period. The romance of the three kingdom is an intriguing tale of heroic deeds, of alliance forged and broken, of loyalty and betrayl...The Ravages of Time retells this classic tale from the perspective of the Sima clan, which in the end united the three kingdoms. Cast Xiao Meng: An eunuch in the Sima household, that hates being called a woman. Zhongda sends him out with the others to Luoyang, with him in charge of collecting intelligence. Meng is disturbed to find that he's going to be undercover as a female dancer, the Lord Wang Yong's adopted daughter, Diaochan. P

The Royal D The sudden disappearance of the princess before the wedding shocked the people of two nations. She escaped from her castle because she wanted some freedom. Before the princess can find her way out of the capital city, she finds herself surrounded by a group of kidnappers!, a man with sunglasses and handgun gets her out of the mass. He offer her a place to stay and a job as a waitress, and next, she is doing dishes in his. While she tries to fit in and make friends with her new coworkers and roommates, the newspaper reads "the princess, our future Queen, is living with two man, one of whom is a crossdresser!" P

The Seven Diferent Dances D Tzongsanlang is the male main character of the series. He is very protective of Gwohjy and is often mistaken for a girl because of his long hair and beautiful face.

The Society For The Study Of Modern Visual Culture Shimoku Kio D Vol 5: When the society is in a manga convention, and part of the members are cosplaying, one of the males is crossplaying disguised as a woman.

The Way This Boy Lives Seo Moon Da Mi D Dohun loses his bag as he arrives in Seoul along with all his money. He comes completely money less within a day. A
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week later, he encounters an ad where it said "Seeking a friend! Paying well...yada yada blah blah, girl only!". Still having his suitcase which was confused with his sister's, he had girl's clothes. Having no other choice, he applies. P
They Were 11 (Jyuuichinin Iru) T Frolcheriberi Frol, a hermaphroditic/eunucoid entity who can determine its own gender.

Time Princess T In a fantasy world the boy becomes a girl and the girl becomes a boy.

Tiva T Boy transforms into a woman.

To Heart 13 T Boy transforms into a girl by magic.

To Heart 3 T Boy transforms into a girl by magic.

To To! The Wonderful Adventure Osada Yuko D Vol 2: To enter a women's martial arts school, two young men and a adult man, disguise as women. Vol 3: A boy disguises with a gothic dress briefly.

Tojita Mado Wo Kare Ga Aketa D Short BL stories. Hero's roommate since they were students suddenly starts woman's disguise.

Tokimeki Memorial Only Love Takamoto Nobuhiro D Anime. Secondary cast: Kurojuu Eisou, the crossdressing male vocal instructor.

Tokimeki Tonight Ikeno koi D Vol 4: There is some crossdressing

Tokinet T Two angel, one male, the other female, are sent on earth both in girls bodies.

Tokisuiko T Two dangerous looking men are turned into girls.

Tokugu T A boy is operated and turned into a woman, on a ship of female pirates.

Tokuse T Boy and girl swap bodies using a machine.

Tokyo Crazy Paradise Nakamura Yoshiki D Vol 13 Cha 68: Tsukasa and Ruyji in dresses to escape from a drug gang who have them under siege in a big shop. P
Tokyo Godfathers D Cast Hana is a flamboyant crossdressing homosexual who dreams of having a baby.

Tokyo Style Bakudan D Ranko childhood friend comes after her and is transformed into a babe so they get together.

Toraware No Minoue Hino Matsuri D Cast Sagara, a crossdressing friend and classmate of Megumi.

Toritsu Mizusho (School Of Water Bussiness) Inokuma Shinobu D Vol 1 Chap 9: There is a boy entering in the school to become a hostess in the night club bussines (the school train people to work in the night clubs as waiter, waitress, manager, hostess, etc.)

Torituki-kun T A high school student and a famous female idol switch souls.
Tosando Tentsui Ibun Nakamura Shungiku D Vol 1: Protagonist, a learning samurai, disguises as a peasant woman to enter a village P

Totsugeki! Pappara Tai (The Pappara Army) Matsuzawa Natsuki D Izumi Mizushima, member of the United Earth Defense Forces, crossdressing in some operations. His boss, Natsumi Egushi, seem to have a thing for Izumi in female clothes and if she can have an excuse, he will end in female clothes. There is also others members that sometimes use female disguise. Vol 1 Op 7: Izumi crossdresses to infiltrate in a party to gain access to their objetive. Vol 3 Op 20: There is a journey in a fair, but the male members of the team end crossdressing in a pageant, Izumi is the best. Vol 4 Op 23: Izumi is tricked, drugged and dressed as a beautiful woman by his boss, he run away and has a hard day trying to find male pants to change. Vol 4 Op 27: Izumi end as a gorgeous woman to act as a cover, another member also crossdresses. Vol 5 op 23: Izumi end in a very frilly dress. Vol 5 Op X: Izumi disguise as a maid with a mask, also other member crossdress in a frilly dress. Vol 11 Op 81 & 82: Izumi is travelling in a train and meet a beautiful woman, they date but in the end he discover she is a he, after she goes to the male bathroom. Vol 12 Op 87: lzumi end in a sailor fuku disguise. Vol 15 Op 115: there is a folder with photos of Izumi in female disguise. Vol 15 Op 117: Izumi end in a frilly dance costume. P
T Vol 8 Op 52: A male operative of the Aliens plan to give a sex-change potion to Izumi, who is relaxing in the beach with other members of the UEDF, but fail and end drinking it himself. Vol 8 Op 55: Izumi end in an "Alice in wonderland" reality and he is transformed in Alice. Vol 14 Op 103 & 104: Izumi get up finding himself transformed into a woman, he is in female form for two operations before the doctors find a cure.

Totumoon T A boy discover he belongs to a family of werewomen.

Touring Express Kawasou Masumi D There is a teen girl that is in fact a boy. Probably more cases

Tousi T Man and woman swap bodies while training.

Train Train Eiki Eiki D Vol 1: Tree male employes of the train company disguise as females to go undercover in the train only for women. P

Trance T A sexy fortune teller shows a man how womanhood feels like.

Transdoll D Bodysuit type story.

Transfor-mation Card Man T Boy turns into a girl using a magic card.

Triangle Rabazu T A girl in love with another one ask an evil god to switch with her love's boyfriend but things don't end up as she expected.

Tricky Kun T After dying a boys spirit comes back in the body of an Idol.

Trigun Maximum Nightow Yasuhiro D Manga cast Elendira the Crimsonnail, a transvestite and the last and most powerful Gung Ho Gun. First appareance vol 5. P

Trouble Lover T A boy get stucked in body of the girl he loved and get raped.

True Romance Takeuchi Masami D Manga. There are actors crossdressing in japanese tradicional theater, brief.

Truiden T Man and woman swap bodies after running into each other.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (manga) Tsubasa Chronicles (anime) CLAMP D Manga Vol 8 Chap 55, Anime Episode 33 (2nd series Episode 7): Syaoran has to crossdress because the place don't allow men to stay. P

Tsurupika Hagemaru kun T Episode 51-A: Schoolboy Hagemaru and his female teacher switch bodies when struck by lightning. Hilarity ensues. At the end, they are struck again and switch back, but a boy and girl near them get switched.

Tukimuraku T No more data.

Tukinoko T A man transforms into a woman.

Tulip Ga Hoshii Nagaoka Hiroshi T Shingo is engaged and his fiance want to meet his parents, but Shingo is reluctant because of a family secret. His mother is in reality his father, he had a sex-change surgery and later married a man, that now is Shingo stepfather. Also Shingo parents own a transvestite bar, his mother being one of the star, the other being all transvestites, one of then having a love interest in Shingo, that is trying to hide that part of his life to his fiance and office coworkers. Shingo also have other secret, he have phimosis, and need to have a circumcision to correct the problem before to marry his fiance. Knowing of this problem one of the transvestites recommend him a doctor that do works for them, and is very discrete. When he goes to the surgeon, the transvestites disguise him as a woman, so he can leave the bar being unnoticed and go to the clinic for the circumcision. The doctor screws it up and thinks Shingo have asked for a sex-change. Seems circumcision is an euphemism for sex-change in the transvestite slag. The surgery is irreversible and Shingo have to start a new life as a woman, working as a OL, and having a lesbian relationship with his fiance. P

Turbo T A boy transforms into a girl using a potion.

Turbo Lover 2 T A man transforms into a woman by magic.

Turn A Gundam Tomino Yoshiyuki D Anime Episode 7 & 18: Loran Cehack, main character crossdresses as alter-ego "Lora". The same is in the manga Vol 1. P

Twinkle Twinkle Idol Star Toyama Hikaru D Marimo is a young girl who wants to become a singing star. In order to enter a singing contest, she talks her boyfriend, Ayumi Fujimura, into posing as her female singing partner. He's not too thrilled about it at first, but she begs, and then dresses him up to prove to him that he could actually
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pass as a girl. A very attractive one, in fact. He finally agrees, and thus, Twinkle is born!. The only problem? They win the contest!. They have a recording contract! They're on their way to stardom! But of course, this means Ayumi has to keep pretending to be a girl!.

Tyukaengi 15 T 14 diferent stories each of the including TG Transformations.
UFO Princess Valkyrie Kaishaku D Anime: UFO Princess Valkyrie: Special (episode 1) "Bride Training Boot Camp": In the special episode to season 1, the queen from Valhalla planet arrives on earth with a virtual-world-program, called "bride training boot camp". They built several pairs which have to take a random card with a special situation that might occur if you are married. For instance Kazuto and Valkyrie have to make dinner, Raine and Kazuto's sister have to manage poverty or Akina and Hydra have to prepare a wedding ceremony as bride and groom (so everyone gets the most unlikely and unsuitable situation). A boy, Kazuhito win the title of perfect bride.

T Manga: Kazuhito is transformed into a woman, and later returned to male in vol 2 and also briefly in vol 4.

Uhha! Harlem Student Dormitory Matsuura Madoka D Vol 3: Some men in the dormitory end crossdressing as part of a role reverse experience P

Uka Go Go D A woman is not who she seeems to be.

Ultra Maniac Yoshizumi Wataru T Vol 5, Epilog chapter. A boy student named Tess uses magic to transform-disguise himself as the heroine Nina Sakura, in hopes of busting up her friendships with ordinary humans, so that she will then return to the Magic Kingdom.

Umidol T A man isolated on an island turns into a woman.

Umito T A man turns into a woman by magic.

Unaji Eguchi Hisashi T A middle-aged salaryman weary with life, awakens one morning to discover he's become a cute teen-aged girl.

Under The Crescent Moon T A gender switching werewolf is the perfect solution to the head vampires gay son - more than slightly mind bending.

Unmei Ni Kiss Eiki Eiki D BL. Ayane dressing in a wedding dress

Upup T A boy turns into a shemale and ends up female.

Urara T A witch drops a sex change lotion in the pricess and her hero's bath.

Uraura T A boy is transformed into a woman by magic.

Uruder T Man's soul takes over a woman body.

Urusei Yatsura (Those Obnoxious Aliens) Takahashi Rumiko D Nagisa Shiowatari is really a guy, (Ova 5 "Nagisa's Fiance", and in the manga Vol15, chap 7,8). Anime Eps 47, 91, 143, 195, Manga Vol 10 Chap 5, Vol 7 Chap 15, 16, 18.
T Anime Eps 47, 91, 143, 195, Manga Vol 10 Chap 5; Vol 7 Chap 5: A male shark is turned into a human male by Lum, then after a date he decides that human males are miserable creatures and then turns into a human female; Vol 7 Cha 15; Vol 7 Cha 16; Vol 7 Cha 18.

Uruwas T No more data.

Utawarerumono D Dori and Gura are twin archers, they are very androgynous, but boys.

Vamgilna T Two characters swap bodies.

Vampire Tezuka Osamu D One of the main villains is a master of disguise. He disguises himself as the main heroine. P

Vampire T Different characters swap bodies.

Vampire Doll: Guilt-na-Zan Kari Erika T Guilt-Na-Zan is a vampire aristocrat who was sealed into a cross by Kyouji's ancestor more than 100 years ago. Now Kyouji has revived him--although he was resurrected as a doll and can only transform into his real figure when he sucks blood from Kyouji's sister Tonae... P
Vampire Game (Kyuuketsu Yuugi) Judal D Vol 2: There is a crossdressing prince, Seiliez.

T Vol 1: Vampire king Duzell has been reborn, but in this life he is the cat-like pet kyawl of his archenemy's great-granddaughter, the Lady Ishtar. Duzell wants to kill the reincarnation of St. Phelios, the king who killed Duzell in his past life. It shouldn't be too hard to get close to Phelios if he can change into Lady Ishtar. P
Vampire Princess Miyu Kakinouchi Narumi / Hirano Toshiki T Episode 5: A shinma use a female form.

Vandread Mori Takeshi D Episode 4: Hibiki working in the register in a female uniform. Episode 11: Bart Garsus felt the women didn't repect him and from some hints from Duero Bart took the message wrong and thought that he'd be respected if he dressed like a lady. All he did was scare the heck out of everyone. One girl started to cry. Also there is the precence of B.C. P
Vandread Second Stage Mori Takeshi D Buzam A. Calessa (or B.C. for short) is really a man! Also, Hibiki dresses up in Wrench outfit when he gets transferred in episode 4. P

Vanpire T Male character can turns into whoever he wants.

Vanpiresav T All characters change to opposite sex.

Venus Wa Kataomoi (Love for Venus) Yuki Nakaji D Vol 2: Eichi disguises as a girl in a school festival. Vol 4: Yukkie disguises as a woman in a school festival. Vol 8: Eichi again in a sailor fuku. P

Violinist of Hameln Watanabe Michiaki D Vol 5 Ch 22: Raiel disguised as a woman to enter the city of Sforzando.

VIP T A boy ask the genie to become a girl and get his wish.

Virpri T A boy about to have sex with the girl of his dream suddenly swap bodies with her.

W Juliet Emura D Makoto transfers into a new school just as they are preparing a production of “Romeo and Juliet” and Makoto is immediately cast to play Juliet. Playing Romeo is Ito Miura who is a tomboyish girl. It seems like a tale of two girls in a romantic school play until Ito walks in on Makoto unannounced and discovers she is a boy. Makoto is an only son and stands to inherit his father's dojo but he'd rather be a great actor. His father gave him one condition: he had to prove he could be a great actor by passing himself off as a girl for the rest of his highschool career without being caught. Vol 6 cha 4 and 5: They all travel to the Miura 'House' in the mountains and Makoto meets Ito's grandmother, aunt and cousins. Cousin Tomoe Miura is always shown dressed in a dress and Aunt Setsuko is constantly chasing Tomoe trying to force him to change his clothes. P
W Juliet II Emura D Adventures of Makoto and Ito in an adult married life working as actors.

W Name Hatsuki Kyo D Hentai. There is a manga artist that sometimes crossdresses to get his inspiration.

W Pinch Azuki Ryo D Vol 4 Ch 2: Akina is living disguised as a girl in this chapter, he is being enganged to another male but at last he discover himself.
W Wish D Episode 3 “Another Sister”: Identical red-headed twins Tomo and Tomokazu cause much confusion to the hero of the story, especially in the crossdressing cafe at the school festival. P

Wadatsumi Kotoyoshi Yumisuke T Wadatsumi cross his path with a band of female pirates and a fight start, near the end of first volume he is the victim of a strange device and find himself transformed into a woman. P

Waiter's Story D In one of the stories a woman named Jace reveals to her lover Tommy that she's a transvestite male.

Wakaba Hana Fubuki (Wakaba Flower Petals) T Ninja boy and ninja girl switch bodies when he kiss the tattoo she has in her chest.

Wakuwa T A boy wishes to become a girl and begins having fun, suddenly his flat mate get back home....

Wanted Aqua Mizuto D Cast Student Council Vicepresident Kaijou Ai: Kazuha Tohri, the protagonist, thought she only dressed as a man when stealing, but Student Council President Itsuki Hikata reveal at last that Ai is male and his hobby is dressing up as a girl. P
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Warau Salesman Fujiko Fujio (A) D Episode 60: A male get a divorce, goes to a vacation cruiser and find a woman to marry, in the end the woman is a male transvestite P

T Episode 84: A male pursuing a woman that at night is hosting in a club end being transformed into another hostess

Warning D Vol 3 Story "Warning Last Stage": Some boys and girls crossdressing in the school, boys in female uniform and girls in male uniform P

Weiss Kreuz D Episode 6: Omi dresses as a female flight attendant towards the end of episode.

White Dragon Wada Shinji / Kinutani Yuu T Pursued by the mob, a young child seeks the protection of White Dragon, an assassin with the ability to morph into male or female, and kills by using... water... P

Whois T A boy is turned into a girl by magic.

Wild Act D Yuniko is living with a crossdressing actor instead of her parents.

Wild Rock Takashima Kazusa D Yuuen's small and frail body makes him a less-than-ideal hunter, even though he is a chief's son--but it does make him an ideal candidate to dress as a woman to persuade Emba, the son of the chief of a rival clan, to their side. P

With!! Saitou Ken T Sirou died to save his little sister Masago. Masago was extremely distressed and felt guilty about her brother’s death because she thought it was all her fault, she shouted ‘I should have died instead of my brother’ in his funeral. At that time windows were broken, and Sirou’s soul entered into Masago’s body. From that day they started to share Masago’s body.

Wo T Boy and girl swap bodies after running into each other.

Woman In The Man Katsura Masakazu T A shy boy and a tomboy girl swap bodies after using a training machine.

Womanbo D Ushida Mansaku, following a familiar tradition, is a boxer, but his career is a succession of defeats. After one defeat he decides to run away and start to live as a woman. Later he is working under the name of Ushida Manko (Myriam) in a company, where to everybody he is a warm and gentle beauty OL. P
Wonderbit T No more data.

Working Takatsu Karino D Souta Takahashi gets a job at a family restaurant... nothing remotely funny ensues. Vol 3 Cha 58 Souta end crossdressing as a waitres. P

Ww T A boy's spirit takes over the body of a girl.

X Kai Tohjo Asami D Vol 1 Cha 2: It's about the encounters of a man who is florist by day and assassin by night. He disguises as a female to lure one of his victims. P
Billy brings him to justice by going "under cover" as... a g
Xenogears Comic Anthology D Story 12: Primera is threatened by a stranger, and irl!. P
Y2k T A man becomes a woman in a virtual world.

Yaiba Aoyama Gosho T Anime Episode 14: Chamaleon take the form of Yaiba and after be discovered he take the form of Sayaka. Manga Volume 15: Different characters transform into women by magic.

Yaketen T Boy and woman swap bodies.

Yamada Taro Monogatari (The Tale of Yamada Taro) Morinaga Ai D Vol 2 Cha 3 “Easy Job”: The house of Mimura Takuya, the best friend of Yamada Taro, need a maid, and Yamada take the job. Vol 8: One of Yamada little brothers crossdressing (unconfirmed) Vol 9: Yamada Taro and Sugiura Keiichi end working in a gay bar crossdressing, Yamada cosplaying as “Rei Ayanami” Sugiura in a girl school uniform. Also in the covers of vol 5, 9 and 10 Yamada is in women clothes. P

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge ("The Wallflower", or "My Fair Lady", or "Perfect Girl Evolution") Hayakawa Tomoko D Anime Episode 3: The boys infiltrate into a nightclub dressed as girls, Episode 4: Yuki crossdresses in a school festival, Episode 5: Yuki crossdresses for a photoshop session. Manga Vol 1: The boys infiltrate into a nightclub dressed as girls, later in a party in the house Yuki crossdress again. Vol 2: Yuki crossdresses in a school festival. Vol 3:Yuki crossdresses for a photoshop session. P

Yami No Matsuei D Torii Saya and Fukiya Yuma (Minor characters) on a mission for love, goodwill, and crossdressing. P

Yellow Tateno Makoto D Vol 1 Act 2: The girl is a boy P

Yoboko T Man becomes woman and woman becomes a man after sex.
Yoshitsune T Yoshitsune possesses the girl's body for fight scenes, but there's no reference at all to them being different sexes.

Youkai T Full manga in which a boy becomes a female superhero every time he joins power with a little cat.

Youkai Shioki-nin (Enigma Punisher) Nakatsu Kenji T Vol 3 & 4: A bully is given a punishment, being tranformed into a woman. Vol 3: A teacher and a student end having breasts. Vol 16: A boy and a girl end bodyswaping after hitting their bodies.

You're Under Arrest (Taiho Shichauzo) Fujishima Kosuke D Cast Aoi Futaba is a transvestite cop who's prettier than the real women, first appareance in Vol 4 Cha 42. Vol 1 Cha 16: Thief disguises as a old woman to trick Miyuki and Natsumi. Vol 2 Cha 21: Voyeur disguises as Natsumi to enter the ladies changing room. Vol 3 Cha 40: Another voyeur disguise as a female officer to enter the changing room. P

Yoyasha T Man becomes a woman by magic.

Yu Yu Hakusho Togashi Yoshihiro D Anime Episode 24: Miyuki, a wierd demon dresses himself as a woman. Manga Vol 6: Miyuki dressing as a woman. Manga Vol 19: Yusuke disguised as a schoolgirl to go undercover.

Yubisaki Milk Tea Tomochika Miyano D Romantic comedy in which the main character, Noriyoshi, likes to dress up in women's clothes. P

Yu-Gi-Oh! D In the unaired first season episode 19, Joey dresses as a girl for a competition. Also, Seto Kaiba's younger brother Mokuba dresses as a princess in episode 44. P

Yuki Meets Girl Inuburu T Yuki and Saitou are common friends and both are men. Yuki is a salaried man and Saitou is a medicine developer. One day saitou made a stimulant for the sex drive, and Yuki drank it with pleasure because they didn’t know that medicine is a complete failure. Next morning Yuki woke up to find himself become a lovely woman. But he couldn’t realize that the cause of this is a medicine.

Yume Made Kiss T Arisu is a vampire. However he doesn't drink blood, instead his diet is more along the lines of the hormones of whoever he kisses. He can shapeshift into the body of any girl he kisses.

Yume Tsukai Ueshiba Riichi D Vol 1 Cha 1: Youko is a boy raised as a girl in a all-girls school. P

Yumeir T A boy's brain is place inside a female android body as part of a Scientific Experiment .

Yumemityai T No more data

Yumesa T Litle male cat is turned into a girl.

Yumeti T A boy posses a girl's body.

Yumetubasa T A warior posses a highschool girl's body.

Yuwaku T A boy is transformed into a girl by magic.

Zendaki T Various characters change sex using a potion.

Zenryaku Milk House Kawahara Yumiko D One of the residents in the boarding house is a crossdresser. P

Zero Count Mutou Hiromu D Nao meets the very pretty boy Toono Minori. Nao actually thought Minori was a girl at first, and was rather shocked to discover he is a guy. P

Zettai Kareshi Watase Yuu D Vol 1 cha 4: Riiko apply for a job as a waitress in a nightclub. Night follows her and also get a job as a... Waitress. P

Zetyod T Two lovers get their sex inverted thank to an operation.
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Zeus T Man turns into a woman by magic.

Zippy Ziggy Eun-Jung Kim / Seung-Man Hwang D Shinghi crossdressing in more than one occasion, also he have a screwed up crossdressing devil for a dad. P
Zodiac P.I.(Junikyu de Tsukamaete) Andou Natsumi D Vol 3: Hiromo crossdresses to go undercover as a schoolgirl P

Zoids: Chaotic Century D Episode 28 "Run Wolf": Prince Rudolph is dressed up as a girl called Ramona to hide his true identity. P

Zokukuru 2 T No more data.

this took me a few hours so there might be a few mistakes but i'll just ask you to ignore those .

hope this was helpful
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I don't know if anyone has recomended this but here it is
Princess Princess
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hm let's see...

in fruit's basket...yuki crosses dresses like once ouran the mc crossdresses

and in yamato nadeshiko shichi henge i think one of the character crossdresses

and...PRINCESS PRINCESS....THE MCs cross dress as girls =]

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Meh... I just read this thread and this shouldn't be called Cross Dressing. More like GenderBender manga you are requesting for. Well anyway one recommendation I put up is Hana Kimi. All time favorite right now.
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Yume Kira Dream Shoppe-there's a shop in the sky that grants your most desired wishes and dreams. The main character is a girl but dress like a boy. Licensed.
You can read it in Shojo Beat magazine.
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Originally Posted by Telmah View Post
Tenshi na Konamaiki would probably be something you'd be interested in...unlicensed and currently linked with Animesuki's series page.
well I don't know how the manga differs from the anime since I honestly haven't read the whole manga but based on the anime series it doesn't really count towards the topic not adding any spoilers. People who have seen the whole anime know what I mean..
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I guess you have to read the manga to explain more in detail cause its not like a doctor is going to look at your chromosomes and say omg your female! Unless he/she was looking for something more serious in the first place. I still can't understand the plot..genetically female ?_?
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Futaba-kun Change is the manga I'm currently reading..very funny as he has a genetic disorder in his family or as they see it maturing or reaching puberty where when he is excited his sex changes. Which is unfortunate when he is trying to get closer to a girl he likes in his class. My favorite part so far is when his father tells him the shocking truth about the family having his genetic dysfunction...the father tells him "I'm the one who gave birth to you." Not spoiling too much just too funny!
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