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Old 2007-10-25, 18:04   Link #1
Master Mold
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: LA CA
Chapter 476 spoilers

Well since NO one made the thread I guess I will.

From AP

Real spoilers from your friend and mine, Himajin:

第476話 ナイトメア・ルフィ

Ch. 476 - Nightmare Luffy

扉絵 サンジがカメレオンが作ったキャベツ見て品定めしてる

Cover is Sanji evaluating a chef Chameleon making something out of cabbage.

冒頭 いきなりローラ登場。やたらデカい
『求婚のローラ 求婚回数4443回』

It starts with Laura appearing suddenly. She's Large Proposal Laura, who's proposed 4443 times


She tries to seduce Luffy, proposing for the 4444th time


It seems Laura and her crew have been waiting for Luffy.
Laura seems to the know the secret behind the shadows, she inserts someone's shadow into Luffy's stomach.


Luffy will be a skilled swordsman, but only temporarily.


The secret lies within' catching a shadow right before it's purified with salt, and being able to use it. You can use many shadows. But there's a time limit of 10 minutes before the shadows return to its master(s).


However, if multiple shadows were to be inserted, the more shadows inserted, the more powerful you become. So they inserted 100 shadows into Luffy. (Thanks Aohige_AP)


Luffy becomes deadly serious. He shouts out and dashes off.


Scene is Odz - Moria vs. The Strawhats


The crew is having a difficult time handling Odz rubber abilities
How does his arm stretch?

モリアは自在に影の形を変える事が出来るらしいです。でも、本体は影と同じ形でなければならな いそうです

Moria seems to be able to manipulate shadows freely. But it seems that the host body has to be the same shape as the shadow. It seems Moria was able to transform Luffy's shadow and allow Odz to stretch.

で、ナミが雷雲を作ってブルックそれに向かって特攻、ブルック感電しながらオーズに突っ込みま した

Nami forms a thundercloud above, and Zoro counters from below. While Brooke thrusts forward with attack on Odz' stomach, but he gets electrified.

最後、鬱陶しいと感じたモリアが攻撃しようとした所でロビンのハナハナで体を縛られた所で終わ りです

It ends with Robin bounding Moria with her Hana Hana abilities, but Moria's undaunted by this, continuing his attack while laughing fearlessly.

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Old 2007-10-25, 19:21   Link #2
da big boss
Join Date: Jul 2006
Oh man I would love to see Luffy with swordsman skills, not permanently of course, but just to see what he would do in unison with his gum gum powers.
Ya know, when a man works hard his entire life enduring hundreds of ladies, many of whom he does not even remember you'd like to think that at the end of the day he will be given a lot of money, without having had to earn it. -Leon Phelps
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Old 2007-10-25, 19:31   Link #3
Steel Guardian
Join Date: Sep 2004
Whoa. This is gonna be one of the greatest fights ever if Luffy's using multiple shadow powers combine with his Devil Fruit Powers. Nice. Morita's gonna get it.
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Old 2007-10-26, 02:00   Link #4
Master Mold
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: LA CA
I don't think Moria will be going down so easily, Remeber Water Luffy vs Croc? I think Nightmare Luffy's fight with Moria will kinda be simaler.
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Old 2007-10-26, 06:32   Link #5
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Location: Bahamas
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Yeah Water Luffy was hilarious I think its going to be a mix of funny moments because Luffy doesn't know how to use the powers properly yet.
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Old 2007-10-26, 15:05   Link #6
Master Mold
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: LA CA
Luffy does look pissed off, with that sowrd in hand......I can't wait to see the fight between Moria & Shadow Luffy.
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Old 2007-10-26, 15:20   Link #7
Senior Member
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luffy wielding a sword! thats awesome! I don't think it will do much OzMoria though. OzMoria is handling himself well, so we'll see.
The times may change, but human nature never will.
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Old 2007-10-26, 16:28   Link #8
Join Date: Feb 2006

Cant wait for Zoro's comments about this
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Old 2007-10-26, 21:19   Link #9
Μ ε r c r υ
Join Date: Jun 2004
Great, Luffy ate 100 shadows. His fight should definitely be more interesting, combining his strength with the borrowed strength. A completely unpredictable fight. Well, I guess he needed something like that, against Crocodile he was given three chances, now he is given a chance after he gets some temporary power-ups.
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Old 2007-10-26, 22:11   Link #10
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
Well the chapters out, seems there were just few things off with that translation above.

Brookwe was launched out of giant Sling shot, spun at high speed by robin and went through Nami's thunder cloud on purpose in order to become high damage thunder arrow and went straight though Oz's right shoulder. Best part was that he managed to through in one of his skeleton jokes while doing it XD
Zoro followed it up with a slash, but it didn't seem to do anything really too effective, i think he slashed the left shoulder... grant it, i think he should have taken a shot at the right and cut Oz's arm off.

And y'know i do love watching how Robin makes use of her powers... since she's way to small to grab Moria she instead needs to link her arms together to form arms large enough to strangle Moria. It's cool in a kind of weird sort of way... kind of like her Wings from before.

Also, it seems we got a damn good guess where Lola's shadow came from =p... and it's funny seeing Oz being turned into a Ball...

As for Luffy's power up... the plus side is that "nightmare Luffy" should be a hell of a lot of fun with numerous powers and what not... downside is same compliant from last time in that, though it's interesting, the power up doesn't seem too needed since it still seems like the strawhats + normal Luffy can beat Oz... granted, with 20 minutes till dawn, and 10 minutes time limit on the shadows, i would guess that Luffy's power up will only last long enough to take down Oz for good and then he will have 10 minutes to beat Moria the old fashioned way; no power up.. which i guess i don't mind as much as long as it's only Oz that gets beaten by nightmare Luffy and he beats down Moria without the power up; seeing as, though he seems to be the strongest oppenent, Oz isn't the main Boss... It doesn't matter how underlings are beaten as long as the main boss is beaten just right, i guess i should say

However i can't help but think that, perhaps when Oz is taken down, Luffy's shadow will be liberated and Moria will snatch it up and pu it inside himself so that it is normal Luffy vs Moria powered up by Luffy's shadow.
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Old 2007-10-27, 15:47   Link #11
Mr. Prince
Join Date: May 2003
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Age: 34
ZOMG! Awesome chapter. Nightmare Luffy's face looks really crazy, kinda like he has a snout. Can't wait to get a better look. The crew seems to have the upper hand (no pun intended ) right now against Moria, making it seem like they won't need Nightmare Luffy's help to defeat OZ at least.

Of course I'll probably be wrong and the whole crew will be laid out again next chapter.

Last edited by Tommy; 2007-10-27 at 16:00.
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Old 2007-10-28, 00:42   Link #12
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One thing I hope doesn't happen, is how sometimes in a series when they put a time limit on things the time seems to last a lot longer than it should. How 20 minutes can sometimes seem to last 10 hours.
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Old 2007-10-28, 01:46   Link #13
Senior Member
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Nightmare luffy is awesome... he kinda look huge or was that his shadow after absorbing 100 shadow ... i will be kinda funny if he also had Sanji and Zoro's Shadow with him also...

i think while moria will be deceived to release the shadow from his zombies he have, even though he didn't create nightmare luffy, it still part of his power and in order to get rid of this nightmare he will try to release the shadows from luffy's body, when he say the word to releases the shadow from luffy's body, his voice will echo through the island, that's when his discover that the victim pirate network inserted speakers around the island with microphone inserted on nightmare luffy..
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Old 2007-10-28, 04:28   Link #14
Join Date: Feb 2006
How about that Nightmare somehow stucks on Luffy, triggering to nightmare form at hard another power-up...actually sounds so hollow/kyuubi like...the monster inside story that keeps going on every shonen for ages
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Old 2007-10-28, 13:01   Link #15
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Originally Posted by Slayerx View Post
And y'know i do love watching how Robin makes use of her powers... since she's way to small to grab Moria she instead needs to link her arms together to form arms large enough to strangle Moria. It's cool in a kind of weird sort of way... kind of like her Wings from before..
Looks like Moria isn't phased by Robin's arms.....Someone is about to get pwned.
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