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Old 2006-12-13, 23:01   Link #1
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suggestions suggestions...

I need some suggestions, I've been absent from anime for awhile. I don't know all the new series that have came out. Can anyone suggest me some of the ones in their own opinion think they are good? There is no specific genre anime that I particularly detest, so that should open up to a lot of suggestions. I do however like fighting genres with a bit of romance to top it off.

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Ghost Hunt
Death Note
Soukou no Strain
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Old 2006-12-13, 23:15   Link #3
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Thanks, but I read the description of Kekkaishi it doesn't really soudn that good. But i'll give it a shot
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well, i dont know how "long" you've been away so i'm just going to guess like a few months. a few good recent action anime's with romance that came out this year and i considere'd pretty good are

About a boy name shirou and his servant fighting in a tournament with other pairs over the rights for a grail. Has a great plot, animation, and a nice romance story as well. One of the must sees from recent anime's coming out in my opinon: )

Not that recent but fits your requirements. If you haven't seen tsubasa chronicle's it's not a bad series to get into. Season 2 just finished. Has good animation, decent plot and a good romance story as well. Syaoran and his friend's travel from world to world to recover sakura's lost memories.

Mecha anime with reffing. Great plot, awesome animation, outstanding music. Strong romantic story between two of the main characters throughout. Must see anime. Cant describe how good it is go dl and see : )

ok straying away from the action/romance thing, here's a few recent different genres i thought were pretty good.

Absolutely hilarious, i haven't seen such a good hilarious anime since school rumble. I cracked up so much. A must see! : )

I dont know if this would be leaving your realm of interest but i thought this was pretty good. a nice short romance anime about a girl who models for a group of designers. The relationships built, the ambitions created or had, the romance between, were all really good in this anime. If you end up watching and like this keep reading the manga, great series.

And of course my current number 1 anime i fell in love with. I love the music, i love the plot, i love the drama, i love the maturity. An all around awesome anime. Must see!

ok now a few of the current ongoing series i would suggest to you that i've been stocking up on, read only good reviews on and are all action and i would suggest to you include
Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto
these will definitely be good action type animes ; ) not sure about romance but definitely good action

ok and finally two long series anime that aren't too mainstream and i found recently and watched and have unique fantasy type action include
Candidatees select their fighters and give them special powers to go to this tournament and fight for the spot of God and to have a wish bestowed upon the fighter. Good anime to try out

Bouken Ou Beet
Busters who hunt devils and trying to end the dark era. About a boy who forms a team to end the dark era. Good anime as well

sorry if my explanations were getting rugged at the bottom , i was getting kinda lazy and tired lol

that's my two cents for ya ; )

and yes i wrote a lot, i felt like being a nice fellow anime watcher and commenting in the forums today lol you were in luck ; )
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