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Old 2006-01-16, 19:28   Link #1
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Imbedded Subtitle Issue

When trying to play an anime or something that has subtitles, the text for the subtitles is far larger than the size of the video. I've tried a variety of anime and movies i've downloaded over the years but it seems as though they all have this problem. After searching the net for a few hours and then uninstalling all aspects of codecs, decoders, and whatever else I could find, i'm no closer to figuring out why this has happened. I have an xbox I watch Anime on and all the files I've tried on my laptop work perfectly on my xbox.

I've never had a problem I couldn't fix and it's driving me crazy. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I've tried:

All of the things on the animesuki playback guide
Rolling back WMP to version 8
ffdshows subtitle menus
and a bunch of little things

I've searched the forum and i couldn't find a similar problem. If you know of a thread where this issue was fixed, thanks in advance!

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Old 2006-01-16, 20:46   Link #2
Love Yourself
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Embedded subtitles: do you mean softsubs? If you do, you should be able to adjust the font size manually. What video player are you using and what video playback software have you installed? Certain video players (not WMP, if that's what you're using as your primary) have their own subtitle rendering engines. Does a curving green arrow appear in your icon bar (near the clock) when you load subtitles and play a video? If it does, you can adjust it through that.

If you're talking about hardsubs (doubt it, but it's worth mentioning anyway, just in case) then you can't adjust the size of the subtitles.
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Old 2006-01-25, 07:52   Link #3
Lord Dragon
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Hey all
I am realy new to this so I do not know where to put this so I fig this is the place.
I wouls like to put the fils to DVD, can some one please tell me how to do it.
I must be honest with you I do not even know how to burn a DVD, I have all the software to do it but I do not not know how to do it.
I just learned about this anime download from a friend and I love it, I have been trying to find it so I do not need to spend $50 for a DVD, I fir that is way to much for a DVD.
I am hopeing that some one can help me..

Thank you..

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