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Elfen Lied chapter

(Will not make ANY sense if you have not read precedents one)

Former Polish Corridor, February 1945….

Things had been catastrophic for the Wermacht on the Eastern Front for years. Now, it was beyond that. Red Army units were moving at full speed toward the Oder, frozen at this time. It was quite likely that the Soviets would have crossed it by a matter of weeks, if not days.

And once the Oder, the last obstacle, would have been crossed...there was only fifty kilometers remaining to reach the core, the heart of the “Fascist Beast”: Berlin.

For years, both Allies and Soviets had knew that this was going to be ultimate target. After the First World War, the Germans could pretend that they had “backstabbed”, that in fact, they had won, if the civilians had not given up (a complete lie, of course, invented by the General Staff) With Soviet tanks rolling in the streets of the capitol, this kind of attitude was going to be harder... The cityhalf destroyed already by years of Allied strategic bombings would be a very appropriate funeral pyre, in all the senses of the word, for the Nazi ideoology...

Between the Oder and Berlin, there was nothing that could stop the Soviets ; no troops, no weapons, no landscape adequate for defense, short of some elevation…Basically, the Russians had fought from Stalingrad to here ; in some places, the distance between the farthest Nazi advances in Russia and the current front was well within the thousand of kilometres range-despite what the Nazi propaganda was frantically saying, the Red Army was not going to break now….This does not means, far from it, that making those last fifty kilometres, ridiculous compared to the distance already crossed was going to be easy. And Berlin was not an “easy” target. Soviets had realized it first-hand at Stalingrad, urban warfare could be deadly for mechanized forces. This fact, combined to the large numbers of panzerfausts available to Nazis, as well as the somewhat average level of training from many Soviet tank units, meant that this was going to be a quite bloody battle, even for this war standards. Soviet and Allied Intelligences had rather imprecise idea of the effectives stationed at Berlin-the Nazi pratice of inflating units was now completely unchecked-now, units were outright invented. But thanks to the Leader “inspired command” (opus citato from Nazi propaganda. Numerous where the people, from all sides, were asking themselves “Inspired by who ?...), the Nazis had not even gathered their forces for the last ditch defense of the Oder-there was very sizable forces on the Pomeranian/Prussian coastline : the Wermacht High Command followed without real discussion (they always ended doing it) clearly insane orders of standing to the last man in positions long ago bypassed by the Red Army.

The commanders of those units could pretend, without outright lying, that they were defending the German civilians in those areas ; it was an euphemism to say that in several places, units of the Red Army had behaved quite badly toward civilians (the said civilians had however not showed outright concern for the fates of Russians or Poles when the Wermacht was moving foward. For instance, some of the civilians now fleeing had received the lands of expropriated Poles) What the Nazis had done in Russia was not morally justifying what the Red Army was doing now, for sure...but it was certainly explaining a good part of it.

The main reason was, however, was they did not dared to disobey the Leader, justifying themselves by thinking that what they were doing was just their “duty”.

Anyway, as units of the Red Army were rushing toward the Oder, others moved for the “cleaning up” of Prussia and Pomerania, where the fighting was concentrated around the cities…And it was in the middle of all this that Sarah was making her way...

Now that she had a better idea of how the war was going on, Sarah had at least a general idea of what to do. As the Red Army had smashed the Nazis east of Koenisberg...she had to go west, to express to the Nazis her opinion about them. This involved crossing battlelines. Sarah was doing her possible to avoid Soviet columns moving for the coast...she did not wanted to test if the papers Annah had gave her were working. She did not want to kill Soviet soldiers if things turned ugly...She was very sincere about this, but she was also not very eager to know if she would indeed be able to control herself, and not kill every single Human in sight...

For leaving Koenisberg for regions still under Nazi control, there was two terrestrial ways : a very long and narrow sandbar leading more or less directly toward Dantzig. The second way was by land proper, near the Vistula lagoon...Sarah had been briefly detained at Koenisberg before being sent to the fortress-it was there that the “questions” had been the was also there that she had received the final demotion ; from a sub-human, a “vermin”, she was now for the Nazis something between a guinea pig and a biological weapon.

Sarah could take pain...but not this kind. She prefered to avoid Koenisberg, to never see again this wretched place The sandbar was accordingly not an option : she would have to go toward the old Prussian citadel, to reach Pillau, the entrance of it. She had to take the coastal path, avoiding anything that could look like an settled area : roads and railroads, hamlets…

There was a good one hundred kilometers between Koenisberg and Dantzig this way-and yet, Sarah, exhausted, had made it in less than a few days. Technically, it was possible, but very surprising for a warzone, and especially from someone who had been treated as badly as she was. Sure, she was at the fortress fed a little better than at Ravensbruck (not hard or showing outright concern for Sarah herself : the Nazis intended to kept her alive at the fortress, not a Ravensbruck. The way they were feeding her was a proof of that-awful, to say the least)

The fact that Sarah could...slice...throught opposition was no foreign to her fast progression despite ennemy forces. On this point, Nazis troops in the area had heard, over the past days, their share of troubling news...General Chernachoivksy, one of the best and brighest (and also most implacable) commanders of the Red Army, was rumoured to have been put into charge of the siege of Koenisberg-this was a devastating new in itself. They had also heard about the presence, among Chernachoivksy troops, of the 241th elite tank force. What the average landser (trooper) in the area heard about the 241th recent actions was at the least disturbing. Apparently, this Soviet unit had attacked head on an airbase near Pillau with inferior forces...and had succesfully stormed it in less than a hour ! (This was bad sign about what this unit was going to do when supported by other Soviet forces, and would be in a situation of dramatic material superiority instead of inferiority...) The most disturbing rumors were the ones concerning Sarah-Nazis knew that several units had been ambushed, destroyed completly, in a manner highly unusual. But since there was almost none Nazi that has saw Sarah and could live to tell it, the Nazis of course did not know about Sarah appearance.

There was probably some hours remaining before nightfall (Sarah was still badly used to night/days cycles, so she tried to get her few hour of sleep at night), but the visibility was very variable : there was light snow falling down, and wind. The latest burst of wind made the corners of the map flip. Without even thinking about it, Sarah used one Vector to hold it (they was some minors, innocent advantages, of being able to use those things, after all…)

Sarah was currently trying to figure out where she was with her map...Not easy. She thought she had almost reached the Vistula, a large Polish river...but she would have the confirmation only when she would cross it. She folded the map, and resumed walking quickly. At least, what the Soviets had gave her was somewhat warm...The fact that she was a Diclonius made her extremly resistant-it did not mean that she found cold a pleasant situation. She had really appreciated the attention from this Soviet officer, this Annah Sovorov. She sincerely hoped that this Russian would survive the war (this giving her another justification to kill more Nazis…) But there was many things that puzzled the Diclonius about this encounter-like the obvious fact that the interest of the woman had been dramatically raised when Sarah had mentioned Kakuzawa…Not to mention the other Russian girl, the…peculiar…one…

As she walked, she had to cope with the conscequences of the experiences. For instance, the last experience, the one with the sniper rifle-her stomach and abdomen still hurt about it (this said, suffering from a bruise on the stomach was still a very light wound when thinking that she had been fired at such a close distance…) And this was just an example…

Her legs and feet were hurting, too, for a very pratical reason : the boots she had received from the Soviets were too big for her (a very minor problem…but an annoying one)

She had slept and eat only a little after leaving the fortress-this, combined with her other problems, made that she was seriously bordering exhaustion, Diclonius resistance or not…Still, she continued to walk...Her anger, hatred was literally fueling her….

Sarah estimations from her map were basically right. She was now very close of Dantzig…

A few kilometres away from her, a Wermacht unit was trying to settle up on a defensive position before the Vistula, which was a completely insane thing. First of all, the Red Army had crossed the Vistula long ago at different point : they were likely to be encircled any minute. And, anyway, the good place to set-up a defensive position was probably not in front of a river, but behind it….But the leadership was quite frantic on the “held ground at any cost” order. At least, this time, they had received what could be interpreted as delaying orders-once they had slowed down the Red Army long enough, they could withdrawn toward Dantzig (a soldier had however said, quite logically, that Dantzig was certainly better than nothing, but it was going to be a deathtrap too…) Everyone was quite nervous, so it was not really a surprise when one of the handful of snipers available (most of them were hidden the best they could in the local elevations-the roof of a barn, a tree, this kind of thing) shouted, during a short moment where the wind was calming down (and thus, the snow stopped to move) that he had saw an “Ivan” approaching the position…As the wind picked up again shortly after that, the sniper could not retrace the “Ivan”. To check the situation, a patrol of some infantry, led by NCO, was sent in the low density wood where the Russian had been seen, several kilometres away from the position…Morale was rather low, as the perspective of being ambushed by overwhelming Soviet forces was not exactly a merry one. Fortunately, this seemed to be, at first, a false alarm…and then someone saw Sarah, who had realized (with her sixth sense) that Nazis were coming…and had awaited them, in a place that was out of the sight of the snipers back at the main position (that she had more or less localized thanks to her sixth sense too…she just had to look in the direction where the “danger” sign from the sniper had come, to realize that there was several Humans there. Her Diclonius capacities were not impaired by low visibility, of course) due to some elevations…

The Nazis did not fired at her-they assumed she was a Soviet deserter or lost soldier first, as she was alone. (“Tongues” had always been, for all armies, a very useful resource. And you cannot make talk a death person) Sarah remained still as the Nazis encircled her, while barking orders that she feigned to not understand. Seeing female Soviet soldiers was not unusual, but this young was a little peculiar, some soldiers thought (not that they would have mattered much about the age question when it would be the time to execute her…)

Not to mention, of course, that female Soviets risked another thing when captured.

The NCO looked with another kind of interest at the newcomer. There had been some instructions coming from Headquarters about securing a girl in this area. The description was quite vague-there was something about eventual wounds on the temporal areas of the head, but promise of rewards (including one implicit one of evacuation…which was quite interesting…) Unfortunately, this could not be checked directly, as the girl short hair was looking to have been put more in order than the rest of her clothes-if there was wounds, they were hidden by it. Well, better to capture her anyway. They would have the occasion to check if they were wounds. If she was the right girl, she was their ticked out of her. If she was not, this was fine too. She would pay, in several ways, for the whole Red Army…

The NCO, with all the scorn he could have, screamed at Sarah, what she was trying to do…

“I let you come because I am not very good with ranged weapons, simply said Sarah, who tossed the only weapon she had, a Soviet pistol took from a Russian body earlier…

She had tried to take some pot shots with it, thinking that Vectors were not always the best thing…Results had been quite average, and convinced her that this was last ditch thing…

The NCO should have considered this phrase was somewhat surprising, but he did not-he thought merely that the girl must had trouble understanding, speaking, German. Anyway, he did not bothered to try to talk to her much longer, once he spot something on her clothes.

Sarah had apparently rather haphazardly sewn on her uniform, a quite surprising sign. Not that the Nazis never saw it-it was however surprising that someone would wore it deliberatly, when having the choice. The major difference with the symbol the Nazis knew was the color.

The star was made of red lines instead of being yellow. The Nazis thought that the red color was because she was (apparently) Soviet. They did not taught that it was because it was not sewn, but drawn. Asking where this color was coming was really rhetorical-any place next to which Sarah passed had a lot of red “paint”. She had however made it with her own blood, after a little encounter with an SS patrol that had resulted in a slight wound for her. It was not red for a very depth psychological reason, but merely because the availability of this color…

Sarah had (like, in fact, everyone in her situation) rather painful memories about this sign…She remembered, painfully, how she had to lie to her little sister about it...Myriam, in her innocence, was finding this star “pretty”-and Sarah had, to not worry her, had first comforted her in this sense. Without thinking to check her stories right with the ones her mother was telling to her little sister…Which had led to extremely ackward explanations, both from Sarah and her mother, to Myriam, about why she should not wore the said star...As they were trying to hide to Myriam the truth, it was extremely difficult to present even a very toned down version…the whole thing had been rather traumatic for the poor girl…

If Sarah had painted that on her coat, it was for a simple reason : she wanted the Nazis to know before dying, what was attacking them. Explaining each time the situation was…difficult (for Sarah ; it was triggering very painful memories of Myriam last moments on this cursed world…The star too, but at least, she did not had to tell it to the Nazis) And there was also technical aspects : usually, she could only talk to the few lastt survivors of the unit that had attacked her, after disabling them -the ones that were killed during the “action” never knew the situation. So she had found this extremely efficient method, to show to the Nazis the situation rather clearly without saying anything…There was also several advantages to this tactic: the reactions of the Nazis once they saw this sign usually (up to this point, it was rather always) destroyed the lingering doubts she could have about them,

Of course, she could not this way explain them several points of the situation, like the experiences, but they got the general idea, especially when she unleashed her Vectors…

Like she was about to do now…She was not even listening to the racist insults of the Nazis : she was kinda used to it…The first thing she done was only when one Nazi grabbed her by the shoulder. This, she could not support, and she showed it rather clearly to the man.

-Do not touch me, said very quietly Sarah. Do you know where a Lieutenant Weber is ? (She was saying this very quietly, with a voice a little cold, but in a conversation-like tone…)

Of course, the guy did not answered or moved his hand, saying very crudely that he could do what he want with (another string of racists insults, that halted some seconds later…)

The Nazi was now staring at disbelief at his severed hand (while Sarah noted with distraction that she would really have to try to clean a little her coat-too much is too much…) A split second later, he was staring at his arm severed at the elbow…then at nothing, as the whole arm had been cut up to the shoulder blade. Then…well, he did not see much other things, since Sarah proceeded to an last amputation : his head. All this in an eyeblink : many had the impressions that the head touched the ground about the same time than the weapon that the Nazi had been holding with is other hand. Almost instantly, the other infantry soldiers realized why Himmler wanted at any cost this girl alive. They also realized that at any cost included almost certainly their lives. They decided that “alive” could meant “in one piece”.

As the girl was not going to be very cooperative, it was better to disable her. They targeted her legs. The girl did not even attempted to go at cover. She…stretched and smiled as they fired on her. There was no way that submachine bullets in such quantities could affect her…

Sarah was still able to have a rational behaviour. She knew that when she did things like that (killing in spectacular ways, looking not concerned when they were firing on her…) this made the moral of her ennemies take a sharp drop…The other side of her did not complained much : she enjoyed doing similar actions (which made the Human side feel more than a little bad…) The Nazis aimed for her legs, to paralyze her ? This gave her an idea…

Of course, she could had used a more direct method (like lashing them with Vectors), but this one would be even more surprising. Sarah moved toward a pair of soldiers, that were not too far…when they see her coming closer, they fired even more frantically than before. Sarah’s Vectors then tapped slightly on the weapons barrels. Slightly for her. This meant that one of the submachine guns was disabled, but the other did what she had hoped : instead of firing a volley at her, it fired a volley in the legs of the other guard, who collapsed screaming (blood loss was going to kill him within minutes…) The other guard had not much time for curse himself , Sarah finished him as he was trying to move away from the Diclonius.

The soldiers realized, at this point, that this was hopeless-there was no way to wound her with the weapons they had in hands. One, more courageous (or more insane…and probably a mix of the two ) tried to do something else…He charged at Sarah, hoping to surprise her (he did) and to wound her with bayonets wounds (of course, he did not) He was (almost) actually split in two before reaching her. What was left of his body did reach Sarah, however-and it threw her of balance, to the ground, for a brief moment. She did recovered quickly.

The other soldiers where dismayed when they realized that even when she was off-balance, the girl continued to be quite invulnerable to small-weapon fire…Better fall back, and try to “get” her with the heavier stuff they had. As the remaining of the patrol run to the base, two soldiers remained behind, to survey the movements of the girl, while staying at a good distance (this instruction, the two soldiers would have followed it quite eagerly, orders from the NCO or not…) However, they did not managed to follow Sarah’s movement for long

After she had climbed back to her feet, Sarah moved in the direction of the Nazis-who were then astonished by when they saw. Her carefully disposed hair had moved, during her fall…what she had tried to hide so hard with her hair was now plainly : on the temporal bones, there was indeed a wound, but not an usual one...There was a jagged surface, ivory white, slightly outside the cranium proper...The look of surprise on the face of the soldiers was very visible for Sarah-and it angered her even more. There was several small debris on the ground-tree branches, rocks…One soldier, his eyes still fixed on the slump, did not even saw the first projectile hit him with tremendous force. The second tried to move to cover. And failed. When a relative calm came back, Sarah nervously put her hands on the side of her head, while trying to put back her hair in position. Did it was already so visible ?

The horns, or crests, were growing back, very quickly...Sarah was now sure that it was related to her use of Vectors (she did not used, of course, this term for speaking of her gift...) After the removal of the crests by surgery immediatly after her birth, nothing had happened during years. When Sarah’s Vectors had began to be functionnal, she did sometimes had little headaches after using them for menial things, but nothing dramatic. She did, however, made the link between this and what she had learn about her condition at her birth (her father, in search of cheap excuses for leaving her mother, had said that Sarah was an was this nice sentence that had pushed her to ask questions to her mother about what her father had meant) Sarah had then thought, rather rightly, that if she used “them” too much, the horns would grow back. It was exactly what had happened after she had fled with Myriam from the appartment (the initial fear of Myriam upon seeing those crests was one of Sarah’s worst memories, in a life that had been filled with awful events...Myriam’s reaction after the initial surprise being one of her very few relatively happy memories) After she had...removed...them to not raise too much attention in Praha, they had not grew back until sh she had given up resisting to that voice in Ravensbruck. To that voice ? This was an...euphenism, an easy way to explain the truth. This “voice” was not reallt a split personality-it was a part of her. A part, a side, an fragment, but still her. Something that she could not remove...Something that was bound to be forever with her, for the better or for the worst. The worst was the horrible impression that she was losing her soul, everything that made her Human.The better was that this voicewas keeping her alive, after all; she had only given up to that voice only when she was really, really about to die at the camp, because of...

Afterward, it had been the fortress, the experiences. Sarah, while using the handgun after her evasion, had vaguely hoped that this thing worked in both directions : that without the horns, she would lose a little of her...of her bloodlust, to speak honestly. Over the last days, she had realized plainly that the horns were much more a sympton than a cause to her...troubles.

Now, however, there was the little matter remaining of the rest of the Nazi unit-because, of course, the survivors were going to come back with reinforcements. Still worried about the snipers (even if she was sure that, at great distance, she could deflect bullets), Sarah decided to not go for the position beeline, but rather to make a small detour, passing next to a farmhouse that had been abandoned-this would provide her some cover. As there was a road next to it, this was also where the Nazis back at the position had sent their heavier stuff…

Sarah heard the loud clank noises almost as soon as she sensed the danger with her sixth sense…Two panzers. Sarah did not know the type-she was not much in military gear. The black crosses on their turrets was the only thing she had to knew : they were Nazis tanks. That she would destroy. She had never faced combat vehicles before, but both the Human and Diclonius sides were confident that they could handle it, if they behaved smartly…

She was not especially eager to check if her Vectors could deflect shells or massive machine-gun fire-there was a limit to what she could take, and this was likely to be somewhat close to it. Accordingly, she retreated hastily when the first panzer moved toward her, the second staying behind to cover the leading one. The rather panicked messages from the infantry provoked reactions of disbelief from the tanks crews, especially considering that the reports were told by almost insane survivors... In fact, the crews of the tank believed that they were about to face Russian infantry, with maybe some tanks-certainly not a lone girl.

The crew of the first tank was very uncertain of what to do-apparently, there was not so much Russians. Yet, the battle had been very real, judging by the missing members of the patrol and the detonations they had heard at the main position…The tank had some accompanying infantry…The soldiers moved out, to search in the farm buildings-the number one place were Soviets soldiers could have take position. Initially, there was no reaction-except that when the infantry entered the main building, there was clearly audible screams in German….

To give them support, and in the hopes of frighten the defenders, the tank began to shell the farmhouse, stopping very close, within meters without meeting the slightest defense fire. What the heck was happening ? The soldier in the turret of the tank then saw something on the roof of the farmhouse-fearing a soldier with anti-tank weapons, he was about to fire when the person on the roof moved with a speed that was more than astonishing.

The tank crew heard a light noise, as Sarah jumped from the roof on the turret of the tank. The crewman in the turret reacted relatively calmly-he turned to face her with his submachine gun. He had not completed his turn when Sarah had recovered from her fall and looked at him...When the rest of the crew saw what was left of the soldier collapse inside the turrets, they probably thought that the infantry was somewhat right about this girl and her capacities.

Amazingly, one other crewman managed to close the turret the hatch before something nasty happened...This was because Sarah did not cared. For her, metal or stone...that was the same thing. The tank engine roared back to life-did those idiots hoped to make her fall ?

Maybe. But the main plan was also to move within the range of the other tank machine gun, to either kill her or force her to abandon her position. Bullets began to rain around her. Having a “ride” was nice, but she did not planned to use it for a very long moment...

The crew from the tank, sweating from fear (it was completly justified...) heard a kind of chuckle, as Sarah was talking to them, in a voice that was quite muffled by the steel layers...

They had the same impression that many “ennemies of the Reich” had when they were hearing the officer about to order the firing squad to fire...That this voice meant death.

Sarah’s voice was so cold, so...that it was unbelievable that it was a fourteen years old girl speaking-and for some reasons, the Nazis were almost fearing this girl more for this icy voice than for the guy that was in the turret (that was now both in and out the tank...)

“You are feeling safe, down there, Nazis ? You think that you will escape with your life ? Your fate is now what was mine: THERE IS NO PLACE FOR YOU IN THIS WORLD !

The hatch, despite the lock, was opened violently. Paralyzed with fear, one of the crewman did not reacted when the grenades that were fixed at his belt were started to lift in the air...Sarah picked them with her actual hands, dropped the armeds pins deliberatly inside the turret-and then casually let the grenades too fell down, as she was closing back the hatch with her Vectors. The reflexes of the crew were not bad, Sarah had to admit. She was jumping from the tank when the hatch lifted again, as one Nazi was frantically trying to throw back the grenades. It was not sure that he would have succeeded (it would have maybe a better idea to throw them away via one of the targeting slits) Without really thinking about it, she used of her Vector to cut his hand : the grenade fall back in the tank with it…The twin explosions killed of course the crew-and also ignited the ammunition and the fuel reserve of the tank...The war machine blew up shortly after...a little too early for Sarah,who had not put enough distance between her and the tank. A piece of metal had slightly wounded Sarah on the cheek, which was rather light when thinking of the destruction that she had caused. It was useful, however, for recalling her that she was not invincible-her Diclonius side cooled down considerably upon realizing that. Which was better, as her troubles where not over.

The second tank came charging at her, firing it’s main cannon. Diclonius reflexes were notably quicker than Humans ones-Sarah jumped to cover, as the first shell zipped past her head. The tank began to shell the area…then withdrawed toward the main position, aware that this was more than they could hope to handle. Sarah followed, on foot…

The “main” position was not very impressive : some barbed wire, less than twenty soldiers, some mines, some heavy weapons…and the tank. A lot for a single person, but…

There was some forward sentries. They did not lasted long-just long enough for screaming for assistance, which was hastily provided from the tank. The panzer left the relative security of the main position to move toward Sarah a second time, the hatch closed to avoid the fate of the first vehicle (as it was unbelievable that someone could open a locked hatch with no tools, they had thought that Sarah had dropped grenades because of an already opened hatch…)

All tanks produced during the war, from all nations, functioned much better with the turret hatch open. The tanks, already very “crowded” when someone was in the turret, took a large penalty to efficiency when operating this way. Especially while trying to track a small target.

Those guys were not as stupid as the first ones. They were staying in a relatively open area, where Sarah would be unable to get under cover. She was however pretty safe, as despite threats of executions, the NCO was unable to convince soldiers go finish her-the firing squad or the rope looked like a easy exit compared to what she had done to the soldiers trying to apprehend her...Still, the situation was not exactly a confortable one-the Nazis also had some mortars, that they began to use on her, or rather on her general position…Sooner or later, one shell was going to hit her, Vectors or not. She saw on the ground what would get out of trouble…panzerfausts from the sentries she had dispatched. This weapon, brilliant on a technical point of view, was basically a single use anti-tank grenade launcher, very efficient if used correctly. And if Sarah had a general idea of how the thing work, she did not had at hands the technical manual. The tank crew was not worried when they finally saw Sarah move out of her hiding place, this weapon in hands…Panzerfausts had a limited range (this girl was well outside it) and it needed some training to use it correctly. Projectiles began to fall on her, but her Vectors could shield her for a moment…Sarah had found one thing : the arming mechanism. She clenched it, and fired the weapon…At her manner. Using her Vectors to propel it, she slammed the whole weapon, well outside the maximum range of Panzerfausts, in the turret of the tank. It was not this way that the weapon was conceived to work, but it blew up the tank in a most satisfying manner…She then moved for finish the little infantry force that was covering the mortars, and the mortars servant. Very easy for her.

From now on, with artillery of any kind…it was over, for the remaining soldiers at the main position, that were anyway not very numerous (and knew that if they abandoned their remaining heavy weapons, they were as good as dead…And as the radios were in both tanks, there was not hope of support…The snipers, now that they had a much clearer shot at Sarah, tried to target her. As she was very conscious of the situation, she should shield herself accordingly-it was just an annoyance, causing wounds similar to bee stings…The machine guns were also firing at her with frenesy (but not accuracy) Sarah just…waited. That they had exhausted the very limited ammo they had at their disposition, which took a few minutes. After…she just moved in the main position, well aware of the mines-the morale of the Wermacht personnel took a final dive when they saw the anti-personal mines flew from the ground straight toward them….What followed was, thankfully for the survivors rather quick. The NCO that had been the informal commander of the unit actually died cursing her

Hmm, some people were not dead…yet…but with the wounds they had, they would certainly not pass the hour. Sarah did used the occasion to try to secure some info about “Weber”. Not that she actually hoped to find him. She just wanted to be sure to not lose any chances…

One soldier screamed back at her that he was going to kill her. Sarah, almost sighing, sliced his arm before her could arm the grenade to blow himself (and Sarah, hopefully…) up.

“To kill me ? It’s already been done. You killed me long ago...Well, a part of me, rather. But for what’s left of me...Ravensbruck have not been enough to kill it, so I don’t think you will…So, I will ask one last time, nicely…Do you know where is a lieutenant Weber ?

Of course, the guy was even less in talking mood than before. He screamed something that could have been interpreted as “what she wanted with Weber”…profanities removed…

“Oh, He took “care” of my little sister. I want to give him back the favour, that’s all...”

Take care of him…or to anyone like him, to be honest...I could not do anything to save Myriam…I saw her going to her death, crying…worried about ME…But I will make you pay.

Sarah left soon after the place…After a walk of few minutes on the road, she reached a little hill. From her position, Sarah could now see clearly the Vistula...she was now probably relatively close of Dantzig, which was likely to be a very, very hot-spot in the following days. What to do ? Going to this place or another, it was all the same for her-she no longer have a place to return, an home...(for her, an “home” was anything with Myriam) She was not a fatalist, far from it (well…before the fortress, that is…) ; she was not much more for following her “fate”…She would decide later. As she was crossing the icy Vistula, a machine-gun nest, northward and on the other bank of the river, opened up on her. Well, this settled the matter definitely. Grinning, she moved to silence it…toward Dantzig.

Sarah knew, from her map, that Dantzig was relatively close to Koenisberg. Only a few minutes of flight, in fact. She did not knew, however, that an aircraft, a Junker for instance, taking off for a terrain near Koenisberg in a rather hectic circumstances (like elite Soviet forces storming the terrain) an aircraft heavily damaged as his escort was blown out of the sky, would be forced to land in Dantzig area. Currently, Kakuzawa was near Gyndia (a port built by the Poles between the Wars), in a submarine base, whose name was ironic: Hel...
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Great chapter! Your grammer is still horrible though xD

liked the previous one more, but this is looking great as well ^^

keep it up!
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