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Old 2006-01-20, 23:30   Link #1
Join Date: Jan 2006
overlay problems because of azureus

ive reformated many times, but after i reformatted today when i use azureus my video does not play i only hear the sound, it will work if i turn the overlay off in the windows media player performance settings, but then i cant see the subtitles. I have the proper codecs, and this has happened previously but i never know how i get rid of it everytime, it gets really annoying can someone please help me or advice if this happened to you? Intel 3.0ghz, geforcefx 5200, 1 gig ram. Thanks in advance.
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Old 2006-01-20, 23:39   Link #2
Join Date: Jan 2006
it only happens while im downloading with azureus, please dont recommend any other program to view like vlc i already use it just for the bin/cue or dvds though
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Old 2006-01-21, 00:05   Link #3
Join Date: Nov 2003
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Are you sure it's Azureus?
Azureus should not interfere with overlays and is isolated within the Java container. It only does calls to the interface to do screen draws. The worst is that other apps interfere with Azureus draws.

Check your video card settings. it's most likely there. Make sure you have the latest drivers. also, what codecs/codec packs are you using?
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Old 2006-01-21, 10:55   Link #4
Join Date: Jan 2006
i know i have the latest driver just got it from nvidia, um i have the windows xp codec pack ive been using it for a while ever since i started watching anime and i have the morgan stream switcher. Im pretty sure its azureus because when azureus is running i cannot watch any anime when i exit azureus it plays fine
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Old 2006-01-21, 11:21   Link #5
Join Date: Jul 2004
switching from the codec pack to an ffdshow-centric setup is the best way to go when it comes to playback. also take a look at your processes when azureus runs and look for both azureus.exe and javaw.exe and if one or the other is missing that could be your problem.
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Old 2006-01-21, 11:51   Link #6
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Though another thought is that Az does use an enormous amount of resources during execution, especially memory on faster machines, I/O in general (though the less memory means more I/O, not just within the confines of Az, but overall).

Though I'm with AnimeOni on this one; I doubt it's Azureus.

Snce my torrented/downloaded anime is stored on a completely different computer, a Linux fileserver, I've since moved my torrenting activities from my Windows desktop machine to that very computer. The reason is twofold: It has: 1. Direct access to the drive array on which that anime is stored (when I was doing it on my Windows machine, it was using the LAN to save files to that machine); 2. Direct access to the Internet. That machine doesn't sit behind a router; that machine IS a router (well, a Linux box with NAT enabled).

As a result, my Windows machine is a lot happier.

And I'm also with PurpleLightning as well; ffdshow is by far the most complete solution for decoding most audio and video encoding formats used by fansubbers today. I do things a little differently for various formats, but that's purely personal preference on my part.

Also, keeping a small inventory of recent drivers for your video card helps as well.

Anyway, good luck!

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