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Old 2006-01-22, 06:30   Link #1
Guardian Of Deamons
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Best Anime Based games for PSP

Im looking for anime games for the psp. Any kind of platform really but if theres any decent rpgs out or coming out soon it would be nice if people could list them and where is best to buy them online. Thanks alot.
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Old 2006-01-22, 09:16   Link #2
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I assume you live in England?

Well for right now, the only real anime style games available for psp(english translated) is Legend of Heroes. Its actually a decent rpg, nothing more nothing less. It's actually a game from way back in 1997, but the graphics have been updated. Too bad they didn't udate the translation, such bad grammar, but it doesn't interfere too much. It starts slow, I mean SLOW. But after you get to the end of chapter 2, the story picks up and you will be really into it. I thought it was worth the money, not the best rpg ever but decent on a system that has a serious lack of them. The only thing is that is has like 0 replay value. You play it once and you have seen it all. It will keep you entertained for 30+ hours though and the story is pretty good. check out screens here:

Legend of Heroes

Coming soon we have Tales of Destiny 2/Eternia, which is actually coming to Europe first I think in March? (someone?) Kinda weird it didnt make it to the US first but I will be importing it once it comes out I have it for the playstation, great game.

Next month in US (February 28 i think) comes Generation of Chaos, I will be picking this one up too. Don't know too much about this one but looks good Check here :

Generation of Chaos

Another RPG coming up in march i think is Astonisha Story. This is actually a Korean RPG but it looks great! Very old-school screens but it's promising.

Astonisha Story

Finally coming soon, well prolly sometime late in the year for US release is Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. This game alone is enough to justify anyone getting a psp There is another thread here with pics and links to the trailer so I wont post any but anyone who has played it on the PSX will be getting this. CHeck out the valkyrie profile thread.

If you like fighting games get Guilty Gear XX. It's japanese only right now but you don't need to understand to get into it. Such a beautiful game it owns so hard
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Old 2006-01-22, 12:46   Link #3
Busaiku Chama
Join Date: Jan 2006
There's PoPoLoCrois, which has 2 anime series based off of it (the original Playstation version).
There's also Tales Of Eternia (doesn't have a scheduled release date in the US, but it's out in Japan and coming to Europe), which also has an anime based on it.
I'm not sure, but I think Ys: The Ark Of Napishtim was based on the 2 anime series of Y's. The game is out in Japan, and coming out in the US in March.
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Old 2006-01-22, 18:17   Link #4
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I think somewhere out on the internet there was an English-patched version of Tales of Eternia.
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Old 2006-01-23, 14:25   Link #5
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I heard Legend of Heroes was good, my friend recommended it. On a sidenote does Tales of Eternia=Tale of Destiny 2 for ps1 in America?
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Old 2006-01-23, 19:54   Link #6
Busaiku Chama
Join Date: Jan 2006
That's correct (Tales Of Destiny II is Tales Of Eternia).
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Old 2006-01-27, 01:37   Link #7
Sui Yein Ng 13
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Spectral Souls II is coming out sometime in 2006, made by the same creators of Generation of Chaos, SSII is basically a port with extras from the PS2 version. Gameplay is different from Generation of Chaos, it is more FFT/Disgaea based game. If you don't mind Japanese, you can order it for $13 from I'm waiting for my copy right now.
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Old 2006-01-30, 19:03   Link #8
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there's a port of Sakura Taisen 1 and 2 coming out in Japan for the PSP if you can deal with Japanese. always loved that series personally
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