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Old 2006-01-22, 17:23   Link #1
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Only getting some sound? Weird.

I have partial sound right now. I was tinkering with the jumpers on my drives, but didn't run into any problems

I boot up no problem, run winamp and go about my browsing. Comes time for anime, I turn on zoomplayer, no sound.

Now this is odd. Winamp plays fine, but not Zoomplayer? Turns out neither does any other media player. I assume somehow an audio filter was messed up, so I redo all my codecs. I still have the problem. I redo my codecs several times making sure I get them all out by one means or another.

At this point I'm frustrated, but not all hope is lost. I remind myself to check the volume menu in the start menu, thinking I should have done that first. I get: "There are no active mixer devices available. To install mixer devices, go to Control Panel, Click Printers or Other Hardware, then click Add Hardware. This program will now close." I check my audio drivers, says it's fine. Sounds and Audio Devices? It doesn't see anything. It reads no device loaded.

That's interesting. My sound card is integrated, so it's not like I can simply replace it. Did I damage the holes somehow? They look fine to me.

So, winamp plays fine, OS sounds play fine, media players don't play sound (but play fine otherwise) (and report no errors) and windows thinks I'm missing sound hardware.

I'm not sure what to do here.
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Old 2006-01-23, 01:46   Link #2
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I don't think it is a hardware failure, since you obviously have some sound. You just have no sound in DirectShow. Maybe you accidently deleted/unregistered some important files in the Windows\system32 directory?

There are two things to do, fix the problem or simply ignore it and try to use VLC/mplayer (I would assume you should get sound in these just like you do in Winamp because they does not use DirectShow, which is what all your other media players are likely using). To fix the problem I suggest you get the CCCPI tool and do a 'Test Render' on any file. Just to see if the Audio Renderers are even loading in DirectShow.
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