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Old 2006-01-26, 11:56   Link #1
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MKV files

Hello I downloaded a anime and it was MKV format and when I try to watch it I just get the picture but no sound. Can somebody help me out here? Thanks in advance/ Mumffis
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Old 2006-01-26, 12:23   Link #2
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You likely need a certain audio decoder for whatever audio is being used in the MKV, of which there can be many. If you don't know what is in the MKV I suggest you simply install the CCCP. It is a simple pack almost expressly made for Matroska, but also supports many other formats, and the only thing you have to do before installing it is be sure you have no codec packs installed. If you have further issues you can simply reply on the CCCP forum or in the IRC room and we'll get you and your little MKV up and running.
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Old 2006-01-26, 12:27   Link #3
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On top of what was just posted, there are some existing thread here that already answer your question:

- The "What the heck is MKV and what can I do about it?" thread
- Most common issues solved here


Next time, please try to search first. We have an entire forum called Playback Help. Thanks.
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Old 2006-01-26, 12:30   Link #4
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Ok thanks for the tip and sorry catgirl I shall do that next time =)
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Old 2006-01-28, 00:44   Link #5
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Does anyone know how to set the default audio language stream and automatically load subtitles in MPC? I'm using ffdshow btw.
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Old 2006-01-28, 01:17   Link #6
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You don't set it in ffdshow since that is just a video/audio decoder. You set it in the splitter if the one you uses supports it. Hopefully you are using Haali's splitter, which you can set it in using the language priorities. You'll see it as soon as you go into its options. This will also effect any other container sets you have Haali set to use, such as OGM or MP4.
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Old 2006-01-28, 08:33   Link #7
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A FAQ entry for you
Works for any Haali splitter, not only CCCP's, of course.
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