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Old 2006-03-14, 13:45   Link #1
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Serious Romance suggestions

Hey, as the title says, I'm looking for a serious romance anime. By serious I mean it must not have useless fanservice, and not have jokes every 30 secs. By serious I mean a anime like Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. It doesn't have to be tragic like KgNE or Saikano, just has to have a plausible story, with some evolution (like not waiting 37 episodes for them to hold their hands, and wait ANOTHER 10 eps for them to kiss).

Thanks in advance!
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Old 2006-03-14, 15:38   Link #2
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"Plausible" and Anime don't go together very well.

The progress part seemed to be the most important to you, so I'm going to recommend some things off of that.

Romance stories with progress off the top of my head:

Kare Kano: This is a romantic comedy with a heavy drama element. Rather than being about finding love, this is more a series about being in a relationship. It definately fulfill's your "progress" requirement, and it's set int he real world. No super powers or anything. The show can get pretty whacky at times. A lot of people didn't like that Gainax did the anime, I personally felt they did a good job. There is a problem here though, the anime stops quite short of the entire story. There are 20 something volumes to the manga, which is also excellent in my opinion.

Kasimasi: This one is shoujo-ai and quite silly. Another strike against this one for you though is that the premise is way out in left field. A boy gets hit by a spaceship and during the alien's reconstruction of his body, he becomes a girl. (That she was a girl trapped in a boy's body in the first place is implied but not set in stone)
However, the characters don't act like affection is weird and unnatural and I find this really refreshing.

Edit: Read the sticky note and decided to expand.

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Old 2006-03-14, 15:55   Link #3
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If you would be interested in a short (6 episode) series, I would recommend taking a look at Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora. The series finished its run in February, and torrent links are listed on AnimeSuki.

Plot summary from ANN: "During the winter, Yuichi was hospitalized due to hepatitis. Randomly he would try to escape from the hospital but would get beat up by the nurse. One day, he happened to meet Rika, a girl of his age, in the next building. He was fascinated by her beauty, but she was very selfish girl. Although she led him by the nose, he began to be attracted by her. However, when Rika told him about her illness, he knew why she acted so selfish; she didn't have long to live."
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Old 2006-03-14, 20:27   Link #4
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you should give pretear a try. it has a little magical girl feel, but trust me, thats only in the first few episodes. it will get real serious. the knight of sound will leave a memorable impression on you.

for fansubs try mahoraba. its cutesy type but in the end it will leave you touched. i also 2nd hanbun no tsuki. honey and clover is real good. REC isnt too bad either. just dont watch love-love. that scarred my eyes.
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Old 2006-03-15, 08:46   Link #5
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I second with Pretears - its my all time favorite shoujo genre.
Kanon - It is only 13 episodes long with a special episode.
Ayashi no Ceres- it has hard drama almost like soap opera but with lot of action and "violence"
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Old 2006-03-15, 10:36   Link #6
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Try Paradise's quick (12eps), visually stunning at times, very contemporary, and realistic relationship drama....Do an animesuki search to get the details on this really good title...
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Old 2006-03-15, 13:05   Link #7
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Kanon - Availible on animesuki, serious with a few funny moments but without fanservice. A little magic involved, but mostly realisic. One of my favourites along with KGNE. Has more realistic interaction than a lot of animes (aka no giant mallets, no being shy to the point of not being able to talk or stay conscious). Apparently came within the top twenty of televised anime, at some point according to the link from miaka's post.

Da Capo - Unsure if this would fit the criteria, but it has it's serious drama relationship parts, later on in the anime. But at the start it's mostly light and humour. Eventually manages to progress somewhat. Has a second season also which follows the first by two years.

SHUFFLE! - Ditto to Da Capo's explaination.

Mahoraba - Someone else suggested this. A good anime, but very few serious parts. Not much progress either.
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Old 2006-03-15, 13:23   Link #8
The Hawqman
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Escaflowne- I thought it was a pretty nice romance show, even though it's got action the show, it also in the romance genre if you check any site.

Rahxephon- Another serious romance anime, that also has action, again it's in the romance/drama in any site you check.

Midori no hibe- It's got comedy in it, but the main focus is the romance in the show. Also it's got a unique plot

Blue gender- It's like starship troopers, but the romance in this show is probably my favourite of all time from this anime. The romance development, and the character development was paced out well, and I really got attached to the characters. As I said before the romance in it is solid, and serious.

Lunar legend- A vampire anime, that has action, and also in the genre of drama/romance, and the romance is also serious. Pretty nice show, and the main female character in the show to me is the best look anime character out of all anime's I have seen.

Samurai x trust and betrayal- The best anime in pretty much most anime sites. You got to watch this ova, it's got action, and also a very nice touching romance, I just watched the ova yesterday after 8 months since I last watched, and the show hit me the same way it did when I watched it for the firt time, That is how good this show is. Again any anime site you check it is in the Romance/drama genre.

info can be found at

I'm sorry that all my recommendations are not the love love, without the action. I tend to watch action/drama/romance, still they got the serious romance you are looking for.
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Old 2006-03-15, 18:19   Link #9
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The Devil Does Exist
Ayashi no Ceres
Paradise Kiss
Kare First Love
Wild Act
Fushigi Yuugi
High School Debut
Bokura ga Ita
Peach Girl
Sand Chronicles
Sailor Moon
Akuma De Sourou
Kare Kano
Happy Hustle High
Marmalade Boy
We Were There
Fushigi Yugi
Ceres Celestial Legend
Ultra Cute
Missile Happy!
Absolute Boyfriend

Mars is a great, mature, serious romance manga.

Kare First Love is a great romance manga.

The Devil Does Exist is a serious, mature romance manga.

The manga series Ayashi no Ceres is a lot more detailed than the anime. It's also more mature, intimate and involved. The aniem cuts out a lot.

The manga series Mars is serious, mature and intimate. It's 15 volumes long and has a mature story. The main coupel get together in volume 2 and it is a serious series.

The manga Kare First Love is also mature. It is not Kare Kano, it is very different, but it is also a mature series.

The manga of Sailor Moon is very romantic. I love Tuxedo Mask. I have been a fan of the anime since 1995. The Japanese version is the best. The manga is very romantic, intimate and loving. The anime is my favorite. Their are 200 episodes and the main couple and the best couple, Usagi and Mamoru, known as Serena and Darien, too, get married, have a child and are eternal lovers. Usagi and Mamoru are girlfriend and boyfriend and wife and husband. The story is so romantic and touching. Mamo-chan rules. 200 anime episodes. 18 manga volumes. The live action series. The anime, manga and live action version are great and romantic. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon is very romantic. I love Tuxedo Mask. The most touching love story ever.

Fushigi Yuugi is a great love story. The manga is great.

Wild Act is a great romance manga.

Kare Kano is a great romance manga.

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Old 2006-03-15, 20:16   Link #10
Juan Valdez
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You might have already seen these as they were pretty popular, but since nobody has mentioned them, I might as well.

You may be interested in Suzuka. I guess you could say it's "serious" as it's rooted in reality with no magic or mechas or anything, and not wacky like Kare Kano. It's just as a good drama regarding highschool romance. Not exactly groundbreaking in terms of plot or animation, but it's still an enjoyable watch with some good character development. Certainly a "plausable" story.

Also worth a watch is Aishiteruze Baby. Romance isn't the main focus of the show, but it's certainly there. Might be a little sappy for some.

Both are available on AnimeSuki.

There's also Hana Yori Dango (licensed), but that might be a little drawn out for your tastes (52 episodes!). If that's too many you could try Hana Yori Dango - Live Action Only 9 episodes.
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Old 2006-03-15, 23:06   Link #11
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Candy Candy TV 115 eps the best shoujo anime
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Old 2006-03-16, 00:39   Link #12
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Just watched the 1st region 1 DVD of Kite he - Diamond Dust Drops (Diamond Daydreams in the USA version for some odd reason) and this was quite good. Esp considering it's source is a dating Sim game. But in itself, pretty good romance stories.
Hantsuki (Hanbun no tsuki) was not bad. I liked the theme, but some of the plot devices are really forced, some of the humor bits really silly.
REC is something I'm really enjoying, but it's a romantic comedy.
I can also vote for Paradise Kiss, that one was quite good. It's a story of romance & relationship, but i think at it's core it's more a story of growing up & finding your way in life.
Honey & Clover which preceeded ParaKiss in timeslot was also good. That one had a lot of zany bits mixed in, but also some pretty darn good relationship stuff too.
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