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Old 2005-12-31, 02:06   Link #1
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Question Need Recommendations for Good Action anime with a plot

At least a decent plot that justifies the character confrontations; I have heard of Samurai Deeper Kyo and Peacemaker Kurogane but reviews seem pretty varied from high scores to really low ones.
What anime out there besides:
-Rurouni Kenshin OVAs
-Outlaw Star
-Street fighter II V
-Heat Guy J
-Ninja Scroll Movie, and Series

I give this list so that people don't mention what I already have.
Suggestions would be appreciated and soryry if this is in the wrong area but I am gonna buy more anime this monday or tuesday so I need to know soon; I rather trust other consumers such as myself than people who just get a copy to review and don't have to spend their hard earned cash for a piece of crap and a waste of time.

P.S. while I am on the subject of recommendations what about romance and comedy suggestions.

Sorry for the long post everyone but I felt like I needed to make myself clear.

Thanks to all those who even read this whole thing
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Old 2005-12-31, 03:17   Link #2
Mr. Prince
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First off you might wanna try the suggestions forum. Secondly I recommend steering clear of both Samurai Deeper Kyo and Peacemaker Kurogane.

SDK I thought was boring and the action was stale. I still can't believe I watched the whole series.

PK- This show basically gets good in its last 4 or 5 episodes all the rest of the episodes are basically BS, they have no direction or any plot what so ever.

I think you may like Basilisk althouth it's licensed. Lots of good action, cool characters and a decent plot. Eureka Seven also licensed is extremly badass, it lacks on action a little but the character development and the conflicts they go through are great.
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Old 2006-02-06, 16:20   Link #3
Remittance Man
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Old 2006-02-07, 03:54   Link #4
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Raxephon (very good plot)

Jin-roh was a interesting (movie)

Cowboy Bebop is such a good anime and so is Trigun

GITS:SAC)Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex) and of course all the movies and GITS:SAC Second Gig

Last Exile one of the best series I have seen and it has some good CG animation.


Average romance anime usually doesn't have a major plot, or do you just want a list of good anime romance?

Love Hina (this is extremely hilarious)

Chobits (comedy/romance)

Please Teacher! (comedy/romance)

The Place Promised in Our Early Days (movie) its not a comedy but it has more of a plot to it.

Cromatie High. If you understand Japanese High School life. It's funny.

Full metal Panic Comedy, Action, Romance, and Mecha(what more could you ask for?)

There's alot more but these are good to start out with.
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