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Old 2006-02-13, 19:05   Link #141
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i just dont see why everyones jizzing themselves over it, that's all. Not liking the show is not necessarily hating it. my post was not to bash the show. it was to bash the guy comparing bleach animation with ergo proxy animation, which is stupid.
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Old 2006-02-13, 19:08   Link #142
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Hey, I wasn't bashing Bleach. I like watching it. I said for now, the animation really is wanting. You didn't even read my previous posts, just that one.

I was mentioning the animation ... and indeed, they cannot be compared because one towers over the other. Samurai Champloo, by the way, had 26 episodes; if you compared those twenty-six to Bleach's first twenty-six, SC would still tower over Bleach.

So I will wait and see. The twenty-three episodes of Ergo Proxy will have to be compared with the first twenty-three of Bleach. That seems fair enough.
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Old 2006-02-13, 20:34   Link #143
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because shows like bleach are planned with a lower budget because they know they are going to make more than 23 episodes. ok it was a simple comment then whats his face called my comments hateful what with his fancy bold lettering, and underlining. ok its over. this thread is so off topic.
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Old 2006-02-13, 21:40   Link #144
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^Well I meant "hating" in more of a 2006 hip-hop sort of way, not that you were really being hateful...and I bold lettered and underlined : not here, so atleast get it right....Anyways you should watch the show we're "jizzing" over because it's that good and the animation is the best I've seen in years...1000x better than Bleach obviously (Not that Bleach sucks in the animation department), but better than anything I've seen in a loooooong time...To say their are "plenty of animes" (like you said) with better production than ep 1 of proxy is pure couldn't name 5 right now...I consider GITS 1st and 2nd gig to have the best production OVERALL that I've seen (in a series) in the last 5 years atleast...Ergo Proxy's first ep is on par if not considerably better IMO...

This thread will mean nothing by tommorrow when the 1 hr Bleach ep airs so the offtopicness is whateverness...You not impressed don't watch I'd say...We won't be missing out that's for sure...
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