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9 out of 10 : Excellent 28 20.74%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 42 31.11%
7 out of 10 : Good 29 21.48%
6 out of 10 : Average 12 8.89%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 3 2.22%
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Old 2006-02-24, 13:50   Link #1
I am mowing clowns
Join Date: Dec 2005
[Mai Otome] Episode 20 Discussion/Poll

Welcome to this week's Episode of Mai-Otome.
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Be aware that due to the very nature of these threads, current episode content will be discussed without the use of Spoiler tags. Also, since these threads go up early, unrestrained speculation about the upcoming episode will be knee-deep. If you haven't seen the Episode, I would advise you not to click into the thread prior to the Fan-sub release, or don't complain if you're spoiled.

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[spoiler=My Otome]The Frank Burns reference is in homage to an old American TV show.[/spoiler]

....will get you this...
Spoiler for My Otome:

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Old 2006-02-24, 13:59   Link #2
Souten no Seigyoku
The Anti-Moron
Join Date: Jan 2006
Cant wait to see the 2chan pics even though theyre a day late cus of forum issues
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Old 2006-02-24, 14:02   Link #3
I am mowing clowns
Join Date: Dec 2005
Originally Posted by Souten no Seigyoku
Cant wait to see the 2chan pics even though theyre a day late cus of forum issues
Here are a couple a blog entries I found to tie you over. Contains pictures & most probably spoilers, so just be aware.

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Old 2006-02-24, 14:26   Link #4
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2004
Oh Shi- Tomoe raped Shizuru!!!!!

Just punishment for what she did in Mai hime 1 ehehehe j/k

Anyway, I am pretty sure a lot of Shiz x Nats fan will be upset about this turn of event.

BTW Mikoto (the real one) should appear in episode 21....bring food people if you don't want to die.
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Old 2006-02-24, 14:30   Link #5
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: That's for me to know..
I understood pretty much nothing of that episode seeing as I don't speak japanese, but it looked good.

Wasn't expecting what happened with Tomoe and Shizuru though. Maybe if Natsuki finds out what happened she'll go psycho and kill Tomoe..just a hope :P

Evil Tomoe is definitely better dressed though *nods*
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Old 2006-02-24, 14:34   Link #6
lilian gakuen
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: aoi sora
Age: 14
as for esp 20...its the most interesting and the most affecting esp, and its also the most shocking esp of all, it broke my heart of a sudden..

aside from that issus first , lets discuss about the flashback of nina,which is the part where nina first meet sergei.
rewatch the esp for 3 times , its leave me off wif lots of confusion in the anime...
first, where sergei and his conrades broke into the darky slum , wat they first saw was 3 little kids panicking and than it move on to the bandit which clearly shows the capsule where rena drop it off into the river...we all came to this two points either the child in the capsule will be the princess or her own child.ok back to sergei part, in that darky room the only thing that caught my eyes was the capsule as it seem its the only valuable item in that room aside from the weaponary.
Than here comes my qns was sergei not being not observant enough?
in that room that the only shiny gold stuff over at the shelf , for any person we would be curious wats inside the capsule or something..dont he wan to investigate further,maybe at that time he was too young to realise that it was something related to gardarode...
second, why would the bandit stun there and look so frightened..than here comes my qns again...don't they have armory? don tell me they only have one pristol and that one particular pristol was wif a kid(nani)....

last one, and this one which dramatically cause all of shizuxnat fan to went berserk...if sunrise are giving this to make the anime more exciting..i rather not it happen..if its was just a pure kiss its acceptable but for it to go any futher..
why didnt shizuru reject tomoe T_T,maybe cause of getting information about the current situation or didnt wan to hurt tomoe..but..her body and soul belong to natsuki ...
why didnt she just knock off tomoe and sneak off from gardorobe???why!why!
natsuki did felt something when natsuki was been rip off.. natsuki stop roaming around ,ur "wife" has been raped..

...most enthusiastic esp...both arika and shizuru being pushed down...-_- lolz
finally one of the unknown char will be reveal next esp...and the person is noneother than she the neko-chan or ....???
for esp 19 i mistaken sergei going to be the guinea of becoming meister, this esp totally proved me wrong..wat a relieve...

btw, i got 4 raw and 1 chinese sub for this esp, one of the raw has special promo video.

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Old 2006-02-24, 15:32   Link #7
Timeless Enigma
Tsushima Masaki
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: British Columbia, Canada
This episode was alright... Another Arika/Mashiro angst and cry session. I thought we'd seem ore Fia action... oh well...

And finally, FINALLY, I full flashback of how Sergay met Nina. And all this time I thought the whole thing happened outdoors. There was a "baby capsule" in the place where Nina was being held, and is very similar to the ones the Queen's child and Rena's child were put in. Heh, more clues and deceptions.
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Old 2006-02-24, 15:33   Link #8
Join Date: Dec 2005
Well it's a really twisted turn that Sunrise take with the ShizuruxTomoe plot...
Now, how Natsuki would fit in this scheme ??? I can wait to see how everything will play out.
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Old 2006-02-24, 15:37   Link #9
The very united ACROSS
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: England
I didn't see Tomoe as 'raping' Shizuru although it went the fine line a bit - I hope this all doesn't end up making Shizuru look dubious, as a translation makes it more clear that Shizuru is not at all interested in Tomoe and seems to be fuelled by her own (misguided and unclear?) attempt at protecting Natsuki. Or she just taking Tomoe on her own manipulation.

A shoujo-ai scene based off lies *sighs*

It has rattled some ShizuruxNatsuki fans, I've gone through several different reactions to it - but then I think we all knew something would come to pass concerning Tomoe. This event does not legitmally challenge ShizuruxNatsuki, if anything it probably increases the chance - Sunrise has openly shown the links between all three, and I doubt this would all happen without a more favourable resolution.

As much as I think Tomoe is a hot evil thing, I really hope it doesn't go any further than what we saw, but we'll have to wait and see.

The flashback to chibi-Nina was interesting although I'll need a full sub to appreciate all the info - interesting to see a capsule/basket in the room during that scene, exactly like the one in ep 1. But we all knew that development was going to come, at least it makes sense. Haruka was delightfully mean to a cute Natsuki, and I was happy to see more Midori and Chie.

But seeing Mikoto at the end probably clinched it. Awesome.

If people want links to 2chan then here you are:

/mod edit: links expired.

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Old 2006-02-24, 15:56   Link #10
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Pekopon
The descriptions and screencaps on various blogs and boards of the TomoexShizuru incident left me, as a ShizNat fan slightly rattled, so for the first time ever I downloaded the raw to confirm my fears. Fortunately it seems to be much ado about very little.
Spoiler for My Otome:
My Japanese comprehension still only lies at around 20% so I will have to wait for the sub's to make any comments on the dialogue.

As I mentioned on another blog earlier, this is the first time ever that I hoped something Yurish did not occur behind the scenes.
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Old 2006-02-24, 16:00   Link #11
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Monterrey, México
Age: 38
Adoru's My Otome (Mai-Otome) Blog and Fansite has uploaded a full, in-depth screenshot gallery for episode 20. I must remind for those who haven't seen the RAW or waiting for the subs, that spoiler remain ahead.

It quite NEARLY confirms that Nina might be the.....

Fia Gross of Cartleya under orders of her King.....

Now we have two enemy parties within the storyline: Nagi+Schwarz and Cartleya.

And I'm calling out ShizNat fans out there to give support to Shizuru x Natsuki fandom shipping, because I might speculate that some ShizNat fans won't be very happy with the ToShiz displayed on this episode.
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Old 2006-02-24, 16:01   Link #12
_(:q 」∠)_ _(ФωФ*」∠)_
Join Date: Dec 2005
I think my heart stopped when Tomoe leaned in.

Hope it turns into yet another "Just kidding!" scenario.
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Old 2006-02-24, 16:37   Link #13
Hai, Nao-oneesama!
Join Date: Dec 2005
Dispite my best attempts, I couldn't decipher the exchange right beforehand... Tomoe is too polite, and Shizuru is too Kansai. Still, it looked like Shizuru was quietly encouraging Tomoe, then, once Tomoe couldn't see, made an expression as though she was thinking 'great... how do I get out of this'.

The sub, and next episode shall tell. It's important to note that the next episode preview shows Tomoe and Shizuru looking at each other happily... not sure what that means.
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Old 2006-02-24, 17:08   Link #14
The Ultimate Monster
Join Date: Dec 2005
So, apparently Sunrise decided to throw yet another red-herring as to who the real princess might be.
It baffles me to no end why they made the "real princess" thing such a big deal...
Afterall, noone in Windbloom (or anyone in the world for that matter) seems to care for the "real princess".

On a good note, next ep. seems to be an interesting one, if the preview isn't misleading.
Hopefully Mai will appear by ep. 22 or so.
Actually, I wonder what role, if any, Mai is going to have with only 6 eps. remaining...
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Old 2006-02-24, 17:53   Link #15
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: USA
This episode bored me until they threw in our latest little lesbian drama fix. Which was amusing in a way, and horrifying to my fangirl senses in another.

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Old 2006-02-24, 22:44   Link #16
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2004
Originally Posted by Tremalkinger
The sub, and next episode shall tell. It's important to note that the next episode preview shows Tomoe and Shizuru looking at each other happily... not sure what that means.
Obviously, Tomoe was neglected as a young child and never received any maternal love. Because (or maybe despite) of this terrible background, she grew into a sexy, ambitious young lady (though a bit off in the head) and aspired to one day become a powerful Meister Otome. After gaining entry into the famous Garderobe (probably through questionable means), she met the elegant "Shizuru-oneesama" and took her cursory kindness to heart, determined that Shizuru was meant to be hers.

After finally attaining her goal and having a bit of fun with her, Tomoe realized that her love for her "oneesama" was in fact more of a mother/daughter sort than that of two lovers. Thus, she pours her soul out to her newfound mother and reclaims that childhood she never had, complete with conveniently placed rattles and diapers (why does Mashiro still have this stuff?!).

What? It could happen.

The episode itself was great. Lots of Midori being cool and leader-ish. Looks like even if Mashiro's not the real queen, they're still setting her up to remain queen after this whole ordeal. I can't wait for the next episode...

Curse you Sunrise for your evil cliffhangers!
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Old 2006-02-24, 23:44   Link #17
Am I bad? Yes... Very X(
Join Date: Jan 2006
Age: 36
The Shizuru and Tomoe thing wasn't a big deal.

Shizuru just used her body to get herself into a more advantages position.
So what if she had to grind someone she doesn't romantically care for, the first chance she gets she'll be back at Natsukis side.
Shizuru is just playing Tomoe I tell you.
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Old 2006-02-25, 00:10   Link #18
lilian gakuen
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: aoi sora
Age: 14
-ariki proclaimed that she is rena daughter/for now only the gem had proven it but....
-mashiro saw midori being a greate leader and was inspired by her, so she is now dealing wif her self-exmaine who is she??..*i really hope she is the qeen though...
-nani flashback, was that really nani capsule?? or was sunrise trying to decieve us and give us a ride of merry-go-round..
- in nani flashback,didnt segei investigate that area a biittt more, or he is just a typical soldier man just know using violence at that point of time.
- and in nani flashback again, 3 bandit and 4 kids(include nani) wat i saw was 1 rifle and 1 pristol which nani was holding the pristol...didnt the bandit wan to tackle back or something..rather than panicking like the 3 kids..
- the capule carried 2 things, the baby and the where is the gem??i doubt that the gem was stolen(thief is the granny) and pass it to arika..(i hope not..)
- did nagi knew that nani has some connection wif the haronium? so as to activate it..?? as for nani position she didnt know anything about that but she felt something for it as though she seen it before , this is one of the line she spoke"i felt i had seen this before"
- the mikoto in the haronium, izzit neko transform or was it the "real" mikoto and the neko mikoto was named by mai and given to her but she was seized inside the haronium...-_-
-now mai, where are u dude?latecomer
-natsuki....i pity u, MH shizuru went this time ur turns now? if so plz kill tomoe...sunrise definately wont be that insane to put shizuruXtomoe, as they knew and they SHOULD know that many ppl/fan/otaku watch MH and than MO IS becasue of i doubt that they will try to ruin everything..from wat i had seem its becasue tomoe lied to shizuru, she didnt wan to hurt both her student and plotting something out....rewatched the esp again, now here's a main point :shizuru knew it is coming so she move back her leg a little, she shown no emotion towards tomoe and i highly think that at that time she was thinking of natsuki..and natsuki did felt something. and might be she didnt wan to reject tomoe is because if wat tomoe told is true about natsuki being locked up somewhere in gardorode, and at that point of time if she knock out tomoe and run away, she might not get any info for where is nat and nat might be in a more danger situation.So she needed to manipulate tomoe..maybe after the kissing part she stopped wat tomoe was doing

btw from preview of 21, seems that arika and mashiro contract are being official, time to kick some butts at gardorode XD!!

this esp left too much confusion...

:::: nat/shizu fan...
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Old 2006-02-25, 00:10   Link #19
Vallen Chaos Valiant
Logician and Romantic
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Originally Posted by Aidan
The Shizuru and Tomoe thing wasn't a big deal.

Shizuru just used her body to get herself into a more advantages position.
So what if she had to grind someone she doesn't romantically care for, the first chance she gets she'll be back at Natsukis side.
Shizuru is just playing Tomoe I tell you.
And those who are complaining about Shizuru's "image" being ruined because she is being "unfaithful"... Get over it!

Shizuru is a POW right now! There are certain things one needs to do to survive, and she is doing what she had to do. Tomoe isn't crazy enough to think Shizuru actually loves her, and neither does she care. Tomoe just wants to own Shizuru, to have her. If Shizuru resists, Tomoe is capable of literally anything to pull her into line.

Shizuru isn't going to be any good to Natsuki if she dies. Those who worry about dogmatic principles and sacrificed the big picture because of it would be missing the point. Shizuru is an adult. If she needs to turn her brain off for a few minutes while Tomoe have her way with her, that's what she would have to do.

Revenge, sweet revenge, would come later.
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Old 2006-02-25, 00:31   Link #20
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant
Revenge, sweet revenge, would come later.
After that quick flash to Natsuki... I hope it comes in the form of severe pwnage from a certain Head Master

- Kira
(Who does agree with you, btw)
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