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Old 2003-12-17, 06:34   Link #41
Don't panic.
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/me moos as a sign of choosing

(actually, any browser is fine to me as long as it doesn't use IE's rendering engine...)
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Old 2003-12-17, 13:11   Link #42
Lord Sesshoumaru
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Jappi has no control over me mwhahahahaha

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Old 2003-12-17, 13:24   Link #43
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I really don't think your second choice would look good. The character being cutoff on the right is NOT a good idea for a banner unless they change the color scheme of the banner on the right to make it seem like she isn't really being cut off. Also, why have the part on the left blend in the with rest of the top bar while the right side doesn't?

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Old 2003-12-17, 14:01   Link #44
Lord Sesshoumaru
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Location: "Post a Photo of Yourself!" Thread
Boney's words have influenced me to vote for the kazoo my second choice...


or maybe this one ...
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Old 2003-12-17, 18:24   Link #45
…Nothing More
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Thumbs up Content Closed - Winner Selected !

Overall Winner ~ ChibiDusk

ChibiDusk's banner was a clear favorite of both AnimeSuki staff and forum members alike. This made it the obvious choice for our next banner and hence the winner. Further more it keeps with the Christmas feel, without being limited to just Christmas and the New Year. Due to this, we can keep it up well into the New Year while we start the process of picking the next selection of banners to see us through January and February. Well done ChibiDusk!

Runners Up ~ NightWish and Tzurial's type on Flash_Squirrel's banner.

These two banners like ChibiDusk's were well liked by a large number of people. They are beaten at the finish by the winner simply through popularity and flexibility. While the contest is a Christmas banner contest and it didn't explicitly say "generic winter banners are better", its felt with hindsight that ChibiDusk's choice of theme will work better overall. As such the runners up will just be used until the New Year (when they become a little out of place).

Please Note: When testing the banner rotation, a problem with Flash_Squirrel's choice of right character placement becomes obvious. As mentioned, banners that make sure the edge blends with the blue-gradient background look much better. We will try to fit Flash_Squirrel's banner into the forum using a non-standard placement (to the right). We've also asked Flash_Squirrel to see if he can "fix" the edge a little. If the banner continues to look "untidy" we might pull it and use another.

Some of you may feel JAppi's banner should have been selected by us as the winner ... because his "appeared" to be the more popular? Firstly we disagree -- those votes were not considered representative of the forum as a whole because he was canvassing in #AnimeSuki*. This goes against the spirit of the contest as it turns it into one of member popularity rather than banner merit. Secondly and maybe more importantly, we considered his banner inappropriate for this forum and ultimately couldn't be used. JAppi suggested we use Tzurial's banner instead. As the banner has a more general winter theme like the winning banner, we might use it should one of the runners up be dropped.

Tzurial's banner:

Thank you
Finally a big Thank You to all who took part. Some very good entries and seriously good ideas. We realise this contest was a little rushed and disorganized -- the next one won't be. All that remains is for Mb81 to enable the new banner rotation and you should start seeing them. As I've said, once the three are in rotation we'll leave them until New Year. Afterwards we'll take down all except ChibiDusk's while we run a longer contest for a more long term banner. I've also got a prize lined up for the one we pick next time ... so go put your proverbial "artistic caps" on...


* ~ Edit: Edited a comment that could be read in ways it wasn't intended to be read -- Apologies to JAppi, it wasn't meant to put you down or slur your character.
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And the darkness can come quick. The danger's in the anger and the hanging on to it.

Last edited by NightWish; 2003-12-17 at 21:34. Reason: Removed a possibly offensive comment...
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