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Old 2010-05-20, 21:16   Link #381
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that pic is in severe need of a spoiler tag.
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Old 2010-05-20, 21:18   Link #382
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You're correct lol.
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Old 2010-05-23, 19:23   Link #383
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Every main character of bleach remind me every character of the anime Saint seiya (one of the favorite manga of Tite Kubo).

Not by their physic, but by their personnality or power.

The group of the hero of saint seiya is composed by 5 character and an heroine.

Spoiler for description of the heroes of saint seiya:

the main antagonist of the first arc of Saint seiya are the 12 gold saint and their chief, a gold saint from the previous generation = the 12 captains and the captain-commander

the gold saint share some point with the captain:

Spoiler for description about the gold saint, it's contains some spoiler about the big bad guy:

the place where occurs the fights is also similar to the soul society
it's is a place isolated from the world where nobody can enter if he is not invited. In this place, the saint lives as the time have been stopped somes centuries ago.

It's the same with the story:

Spoiler for summary of the story of the first arc:

the second arc "poseidon" share also many point with the allankar arc (story event and character), but I 'll talk about this later.

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Old 2010-05-31, 00:15   Link #384
Zu Ra
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Ryo Kanzato from Persona Trinity Soul and Aizen, the physical aspect . Takehito Koyasu voicing him further adds to his charm and character

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Old 2010-06-09, 08:27   Link #385
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Spoiler for Yorurichi:

Spoiler for Tousen:

Spoiler for Yachiru:

Spoiler for Yammy:

Spoiler for Sado Chad:

Spoiler for Rukia:

Spoiler for Ulquiorra:

Spoiler for Yamamoto:

Spoiler for Kensei:

Spoiler for Lisa:

holy crap

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