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Old 2006-03-05, 20:35   Link #1
Deacon Blues
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Howls Moving Castle - SHAFTED

Well, it seems that claymation magically beat anime this year at the Oscars as the movie lost to Wallace and Gromit. Hell is freezing over as we speak.

So why do people fight, anyway?
Perhaps the meaning of existence lies within their will to fight.
People feel a sense of accomplishment through battle.
And it’s also a fact that the ones actually fighting are never perceived as being tainted.
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Old 2006-03-05, 21:25   Link #2
It's bacon!
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It's like Diebold took over the Academy Awards. Complete sham.
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Old 2006-03-05, 22:06   Link #3
Ebichu Transform!
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How...expected. I mean, Howl isn't nearly one of Miyazaki's best works. And, although I haven't seen it, Wallace and Gromit is apparently very popular.
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Old 2006-03-05, 22:13   Link #4
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Well, isn't it a popularity contest? Wallace and Gromit have a mucher longer history as well as fanbase, not forgetting that it is a western production, which would garner it much more support than an anime like Howl.
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Old 2006-03-05, 22:14   Link #5
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Howl's was not that great or anything. I am also betting disney did not even try to help it win. For normal movies, they take out full page advertisements and send special copies of the movies to voting members of the academy among other things. It was hardly shafted. Also the reviews were much better for Gromit.
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Old 2006-03-05, 22:32   Link #6
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Having seen all three nominations (Howl's, Wallace & Gromit, and Corpse Bride) I thought Wallace and Gromit was the best of the three. Howl's was great but appeals to a select audience. Wallace and Gromit has an inventive style, evoked emotion, plus has a well plotted story and great characterization. (And *cough* didn't shove a political agenda down your throat.)

Besides, the Wallace & Gromit folks deserve to win at least 1 Oscar. Miyazaki already has one.

Corpse Bride is definitely the weakest of the three. Visually nothing better than Nightmare Before Christmas, and the story was cool but didn't really make an impact. (Burton, like Miyazaki, made such good animated films its hard to follow up on the high expectations.)

Visually, yeah I think Howl's takes the cake but its the whole picture here. And The Academy Awards is just a popularity content anyway.
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Old 2006-03-05, 22:50   Link #7
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Originally Posted by jennwenn
Besides, the Wallace & Gromit folks deserve to win at least 1 Oscar.
They've won 2 before this one...
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Old 2006-03-05, 23:04   Link #8
In the Tatami Galaxy ↓
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They should put an episode of Mushishi for best animated short. Perhaps they could just pick episode 11 or 12, and it will surely win, if they had a brain ...
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Old 2006-03-06, 03:33   Link #9
Not dead. Yet.
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Toshio Suzuki is probably gutted. Miyazaki probably could not care less either way. Howl's was a good animated movie, and that's the problem; it's just a 'good animated movie', not a 'life changing, culture defining phenomenon' like previous Miyazaki works have been.

Plus Howl's actually pushes Ghibli closer to Disney and maybe the Disney contingent didn't like that. They want Miyazaki to be Japanese; quirky and exotic, not teaching them how to suck eggs with western fantasy epics. Unfortunately 'Gedo Senki' looks set to do the same with one of America's most popular fantasy novels...

I guess Wallace & Gromit deserved to win this year because it's original and downright funny. But then I'm biased, I'm a Brit and W&G is 'homegrown'...
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Old 2006-03-06, 06:01   Link #10
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Really glad to see Wallace and Gromit win. Maybe there is still a chance and a place in this world for something else than CG.
If it's produced by Dreamworks, of course.

I have been a Miyazaki fan for a long time now, and Howl has not been his best movie by far (nor were Mononoke Hime or Chihiro, imho).

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Old 2006-03-06, 07:52   Link #11
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I really enjoyed SPirited Away and Mononoke Hime, and I believe Spirited Away deserved the award - but certainly not Howl's. I was very disappointed by it; I felt they edited the story in the wrong way entirely (and no, I did not read the book before the show so I went in with absolutely no expectations except having watched Miyazaki's previous films). If they wanted to focus on Sophie and Howl's time together that would have been perfectly fine - no need to throw in the whole war stuff and all the other things. Argh.

I've watched Wallace and Gromit too, it may not have seemed as deep or visually striking or imaginative(?) as Howl's, but I think it had a huge plus point in that it didn't try to be something else which it couldn't be. Yeah I know there's the view that it's bad to keep sticking to what you can do, but here I mean that they wanted to - or it seems to me that they wanted to - create a kid's show that could be enjoyed as a light film by adults. And they kept to that without trying to throw in other things, which is why the product felt much more effective and enjoyable. Furthermore it's not like it had bad production designs by any measure...

So I think Wallace and Gromit definitely deserved the award.

I'm glad the producers played it safe and didn't try to hype up the film. Here in Singapore I believe they didn't advertise it as much as Spirited Away... Even out of my friends who had seen both they all agreed that Howl's didn't match up, and out of the few who've seen all of Ghibli's movies they said the same thing. Including my Chinese teacher. (Although that is most certainly not a necessarily accurate estimate of what everyone though of it!) If they hyped it up I think there'd have been more sourness at the whole issue...
Thanks for the fish
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Old 2006-03-06, 12:51   Link #12
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Since the Oscarsa are nothing more than Studios and filmmakers kissing eachother's
behinds I actually do not care if a movie gets one

Though my statement might be more truthfull for only the 'Hollywood' releases
and not foreign/indie/whatever
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Old 2006-03-06, 23:01   Link #13
Rewrite of the Life
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Okay calm down people all 3 movies up foir the award were FINE choices. None of the CG disney SHIT!

Wallace and Gromit is good it is amusing and hard work to make. All three deserved to be nominated.

Corpse Bride had lots of work with the puppets and movements too.

So CHILL out people it isn't like Chicken Little or some bullshit won. Besides as said Howl wasn't THAT good the book owns it's soul! (too bad it wasn't closer to the book such a let down of a movie...waited years for it >.<)
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