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Originally Posted by mind View Post
Well, I think his dad is the fourth hokage, (and I think many of you agree with me at that question) but who is his mother? Of course, it has to be a mother somewhere, but why hasen't she cared about him? Or is she also dead?

What do you think?
i am so cofused...which is the answer of this....."from what reason did naruto's parents left him..".??and the most important who are them????/
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Obito Uchiha
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Originally Posted by Mr. Johnny 5 View Post
Most Jinchuuriki's posses abilties (far) superior then any bloodline.
Naruto having the Kyuubi makes his potential in theory endless..

Naruto will eventually posses abilities far superior then any other bloodline.

Afterall that is the reason Akatsuki is behind them. They probably have seen every bloodline and know that the power of the demons is just much better.
If he can master the foxes chakra to where he doesn't go all ape shit on everyone. just on a-holes. But if he had Sharingan and Kyuubi he could MAYBE...
Spoiler for supress chakra:

whoever said Sharingan and chidori are better than ransengan/teleport this is 4 you. Im not so sure. That's kind of like saying when he teleports his friggin shuriken or kunai won't come with him..or his clothes, i think that the Ransengan/
Spoiler for technique name:

Originally Posted by Kazamachi Shogen View Post
I think he grabbed kabuto because kabuto easily dodged his first attmpt to plant rasengan on him, so he let kabuto pierce his left hand so he can grab kabuto's right hand. In order to land rasengan accurately he needs the same kind of accuracy that sharingan offers. As for that teleportation stuff, I suspect he can't bring his rasengan with him, so the moment he teleported, the sphere prolly will fizzle.
I really doubt kyuubi's ability to combat M.Sharingan. There's another attack that M. Sharingan does. Forgot the name. Something to do with a heavenly inferno I think. Either jiraiya has a trick up his sleeves which I doubt or naruto will need some bloodline miracle to fight sharingan IMO.
No if he goes all kyuubi i doubt that his mind will be at an intelligent enough state to be affected by Genjutsu. Cuz the Kyuubi is a demon animal.
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