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Old 2014-04-07, 03:19   Link #1
Tiberium Wolf
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Age: 37
Craft the World

Link for steam for pic and stuff since I am too lazy

Craft The World is a unique sandbox strategy game, the mix of Dungeon Keeper, Terraria and Dwarf Fortress. Explore a random generated world populated by dangerous creatures, build a dwarf fortress, gather resources, and craft all the items, weapons, and armor you need.

There is nothing new in this game that others haven't done. You give commands to a bunch of dwarfs to have them make things. Basically survive and find portal for the next world. Gather resources in surface and below ground. And the land titles are like in minecraft. You remove and can put them back anywhere.

The only good things about this game is the crafting system made simple, the spells and the small details around here and there.
I have played a lot of games and most of them, which involved in crafting items that depended in other crafted item, were a damn mess. Here the inventory is the crafting window and shows 20 items per page. All items are shown even if you didn't craft them or have none. Not crafted are show with scroll and the ones with none are show with 0. When crafting an item you get a 9 item page where you need to drag the items 1 by 1 to it and that's only thing that's annoying. The good thing is if you click the item it will open the page in inventory with it and if it's a crafted item and you don't have just click in the inventory icon and you get to see what you need to craft it.
Other good thing is the spells... at start you have the teleport spell that opens a portal from your stockpile to anywhere you want. Make easy to gather resources fast.

For the enemies in map in the 1st world:
1- You have zombies and skeletons at night that come out from the graves that go directly to your base. You can stall them with terrain. But if they are too many they can stack over and the ones left will pass over. They also can attack terrain.
2- Goblin camp that pop ups randomly but if near your base will attack you. They make lathers so terrain is no problem for them.
3- Monsters from below ground. They won't come after you unless you disturb them.
4- Every 40m it appears a portal that summons skeletons and other monsters and it will grow in difficulty and numbers every cycle. You can stall them with terrain. But if they are too many they can stack over and the ones left will pass over. They also can attack terrain.
5- I think the final boss is at below ground. 1 freaking huge skeleton with sword that use ranged attack spell and summons zombies and skeletons.

For those you wanna try this game I give you some tips:
1- Zoom out and use teleport at start to nearby graves. Destroy them all except 2. Less spawn of enemies. You might need to farm for bones so don't destroy them all.
2- To heal at early stage is to make the dwarf sleep. I had a hard time here figuring out that you need a closed house with the totem so they could sleep. The house need walls, doors, roof and the back ground also filled. Each terrain title has the title where you stand the title that covers the background.
3- Make lathers and use them. The dwarfs can climb over anything but them can fall too and so they lose HP. :P

I tried this game yesterday at 8:00 and when I wanted to go do other thing I look at the watch and it was already 14:00.
It's early access there are some bugs. The only bug I got was the no more trees growing so I was screwed.
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Old 2014-04-07, 05:32   Link #2
Duo Maxwell
A Proud Lolicon
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Anything that has the words "Dungeon Keeper" automatically get my interest.

The game still hasn't been released yet? I see them labeled release date as "20 Nov 2013", but the latest version is still at 0.9?
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Old 2014-04-07, 05:41   Link #3
Tiberium Wolf
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Portugal
Age: 37
Early access.

It's one of those where you pay to get to play games still in building.
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