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Old 2008-04-18, 10:43   Link #41
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Australia, Sydney
Age: 28
Download accelerators?

I'm trying to find one which works well. I tried DAP (Download Accelerator Plus) and it randomly has corrupt files

So if anyone can suggest some It would be great

P.S it's being used for direct downloads.
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Old 2008-04-21, 23:35   Link #42
HijackThis Junior
Join Date: Apr 2008
DAP has a very dubious privacy policy (which, I might add, wasn't made public until a few very smart people realized that and protested) and full of ads. I also found the program ineffective, if not worse; I also looked in a bit and they have some adware. If you have money, try Internet Download Manager or something, I liked it better.
Generally, download accelerators don't do much on increasing speeds unless the server sucks. Once I downloaded something from WikiSend at 100kb/s. That was somewhat slow so I managed to triple it with IDM
And EoT where are the direct files from?
To me, DownThemAll! did worse performance Right now I don't use any DA plugins, only DownloadHelper. My IDM integration is also turned off.
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Old 2008-04-21, 23:42   Link #43
forever hung over
Join Date: Nov 2006
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Old 2008-04-22, 00:02   Link #44
HijackThis Junior
Join Date: Apr 2008
I think you're only allowed 1 simultaneous download on LeechGET unless you get a license.
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Download Manager Review
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Old 2009-12-23, 02:56   Link #45
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2009
in my personal experience all the so called download accelerators are all one big humbug, the only way to increase your speed is by you signing for a higher speed, for instance u check the internet speed using before and after installing the software , you wont feel any difference
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Old 2010-01-02, 12:40   Link #46
Join Date: Feb 2009
Like shalimar said, download accelerator can't be used to have "faster downloads", but should be said to have "More reachable download".

There are a LOT of thing to know about what can affect your bandwish speed :

IP : Internet Provider is the major one. If you're using their service with a limite, that's the limite. For exemple, I got a business connection with a limit of 165Kb/s in download and 80Kb/s in upload. (But it have unlimited cap) The only way I can burst that limit is by using my monthly "download boost" which is a service offered by my IP which gives me limitless bandwish speed for 2 days / months.

Cables/antenna (internal) : This one is halfly tricky. First, you got cable or antenna off both in and out your modem, no? Those have a bandwish limit. (well... the limit is estimated to their materials.) Currently, the basic cables is 100mb/s limit... which can be 1mb/s in download and 99mb/s in upload. (it's NOT 100mb/s download limit! it's the merge of both download and upload!)
For basic prices, the antenna on routers have a limit of 50mb/s but can goes up to 150mb/s and even up to 1Go/s with higher prices. (Have you seen a 4 antenna 2Kg industrial router? That's the scariest thing you can see plugged on a modem!)

Cables(external) : That's the true tricky side of it and customer aren't aware that they NEED to protect themself from this trick... which is legal due to ignorance. Those cable outside your house on which you maybe got your TV channels and everything. Those, like internal cables, have a limit too! Even if the limit is a lot higher than what you got in your house, they're used by maybe all the people around. On top, it's the same system that is used for TV channels and God know how many people watch TV. (Today's TV is the same as an Internet Connection : Transfert of Televisual data in form of bits.)
If ever those cables are even slightly worn-out, overused, etc. you'll see a huge drop to your services qualities. The one who're in charge of those are your IP, but if it's not said in your contract (if there is one), they can gives you the responssability and the charge of repairing it by yourself. (actually... by hiring a technician from them )

Antenna(External) : This one is a tricky for those who don't takes time to ask questions when they take an IP remote/satelite service and double check their contract and rules of use. Even if they say "The quality won't change whatever the season, the sky or the equipement", they're mostly lying. (I know... I worked for one of those I couldn't keep up with their sh*t and couldn't memorised all their tricks to sell, so I quit after 2 weeks of intense training.) There are TOOOOONS of factors that reduce the quality of a satelite service! Even the SMOG can be a major factor (reducing your connection to HALF on the behalf of other or even disconnecting you frequently.)
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Old 2010-01-02, 19:51   Link #47
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Philippines
Age: 41
I always considered the quality of any ISP, so IMHO one has to think about getting some research on his/her ISP's service before downloading an accelerator or a traffic shaper.

Originally Posted by SkyFuser View Post
I think you're only allowed 1 simultaneous download on LeechGET unless you get a license.
Forgot to add this review
Download Manager Review
Checked date of review... it's more than 7 years old. DTA or FDM now works well for me, provided that the MD5 hash is also added to ensure a better download.
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