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Elfen Lied fic (open shoujo this time)

Very, very, very open the shoujo, but there is a gimmick

Kamakura, present time, at dawn...

Nana was woken up by the sun rays slowly coming over her head-one more thing she enjoyed about the Kaede...She stretched herself, thinking about what she would do today. Continue to improve her reading skills ? Cook a little ? Just take a nice walk around the garden of the Kaede ? Playing a card or board game with Mayu ? She also wondered what she was going to eat today...she had overheard, yesterday, they had bough ice cream of a yet different flavour.

It was the possibility of making all those little decisions alone that was making Nana so enthusiast about living at the Kaede. Back at her other home, she could not decide anything…

Last night had not been terrible. She had not slept much, and she had made a rather awful nightmare. It was the kind she was making often since a certain day. It was related to the lose of her limbs. A rather traumatic event, to say the least, that was haunting her nights. The usual dream was simply a recollection of the events of this day-Lucy disabling her without pity...This time, however, there had been a difference-she had been strapped on one operation table, back at Home-and it was Lucy that had cut her legs and arms-but rather things that were whirling...Thankfully, she had snapped out of this dream when her first limb was half sectionned. Most people would have been traumatized by such experience. Not Nana. She had merely go back to sleep, troubled by this, but only because there was some unusual things about this, that were worrying her…The thought of the vacations that had been promised by Yuka was compensating for this. And, anyway, Nana could cope quite well with dreams : the worst nightmare was usually not as bad as what had been her reality, after all…

Before anything else, there was something she wanted to check. Nyu ! She had returned almost two days ago, now. She was recovering quite well (quite well for a Diclonius. For Humans standards, it was rather miracle), and she would probably woke up anytime…

Nyu had been lodged back into her former room of the Kaede…She looked to be stil inconscient. Nana was about to return to her room when she noticed that Nyu was now moving slightly...Of course, this had for result of making Nana come closer…

Nana noted with a real concern the sudden grin that appeared on Nyu’s face. Very quickly (in a way showing that recovery was very she rose and grabbed Nana by the shoulders…

For a short moment, she thought that Lucy was back. The last words that Lucy had said to her were rather kind, but Lucy had always a rather...explosive...behaviour, so…

Nana had heard/read somewhere that you could had a good opinion on what people were about to do when looking in their eyes. It was sometimes true, like right now. It’s gave to Nana a much needed fore-warning about what was coming-allowing her to brace herself..

A minute later she bursted in frantics laughs, as Nyu started to tickle her (for now, actual tickle, not the “tickle” that was making Yuka make hostile comments about indecency…)

“It’s really you, Nyu...You are really back”, said Nana, while trying to catch her breath.

Nyu was now kissing her on the cheeks, obviously very happy to see Nana again. She had “trapped” Nana against the wall, who did not much else that making token protests-the joy of seeing that Nyu was recovering quite well was making her accept the little inconvenient of the situation (not mentioning that she was founding this…rather pleasant, to say the least…)

Nana tried to ask to Nyu how she was feeling, if she was recovering well, but it’s was to no use, and it was getting harder and harder for Nana to speak coherently, because of Nyu’s action, who had switched to ticking to, ahem, “tickling”…Currently, she was kissing Nana on her breasts, and as a results both of them were giggling with all their hearts. Nana merely found that “fun”, while Nyu, basically, was laughing because Nana was happy.

The younger Diclonius was trying, feebly mockingly, to push Nyu away. Bah, it was useless. When Nyu was like that, she was usually beyond speaking. Nana relaxed, and looked at Nyu from closer. As she was not wearing much (a two pieces thing for sleeping, coming from Yuka. As Yuka had lesss…forms…than Nyu, it was more than a little tight by places…) her body was quite visible, and Nana was seeing plainly that, indeed, things were going rather well. The wounds from the battles she had fought as Lucy were already receding…What really surprised Nana was that the horns were not growing back, at least for now…

Nyu was still a little weak, however-she had trouble to stand on her legs. Accordingly, Nana’s did not voiced much protest when both of them ended on the bed, the “tickling” continuing.

Nana’s stopped to laugh suddenly, as she had just felt a very, very slight pain…

“Hey, you almost bite me, Nyu ! Calm down a little” said Nana half-jokingly…

Nyu understood that she had done something bad…and did something to try to excuse herself. She moved a little the left strap of Nana’s nightshirt, to expose her left breast (As inadequate as it could be, but neither her or Nana find this abnormal...), and she did noticed that there was an area that was slightly red. Feeling terribly sorry for “hurting” Nana (Nyu would have been rather distressed if she knew what Lucy had done to Nana. Or maybe Nyu was trying, without being conscious of it, to compensate for what Lucy had done…Impossible to know) Nyu did what she thought was the best thing for healing it : she started licking the said breast…

Nana did start to actually complain after, as it was making her feel a little strange (not unpleasant, at all, but really, really strange) and, to her credit, Nyu immediately stopped. She looked very distressed : the only thing she wanted was to please, not to hurt….

“C’mon, Nyu”, said Nana, “don’t goes down like that…You should rest, anyway…”

Nyu understood the meaning of the phrase…and saw in it a rather nice opportunity…

Nyu was very innocent (in the positive sense of the word) but also extremely straightfoward (in all the senses of the word) She pointed with her finger Nana’s lips, then her ones, and repeated the gesture several time, each time pleading with frantic “Nyyyuuu ?”

“You want me too...” (a slight pause...then Nana smiled) “I guess it’s payback time...”

This sentence trigerred something within Nana. Payback. Concerning Lucy...or Nyu. She knew that the two were not the same persons, but still…Nana would have many things to ask, payback wise, concerning Lucy-even if she had to admit that Lucy’s saving her life when the scientist was about to shoot her was a point in her favour. She chased the thought…

Nana licked her lips. She did felt a little...dizzy...about that. Not dizzy like when they were giving her sedatives at the facility. Another kind of dizzy, much, much more pleasant.

Nana had, of course, realized that people that liked each other (she did have a little trouble with making the difference between love and like...) did things like that. So, she felt perfectly right doing this with Nyu-they were not harming anyone, no ? This would make two happy people…(She was mildly worried about Yuka, however, who looked to be more hostile. She had not taken it too well when Nyu had kissed her, last time they were bathing…)

Nana dizziness prevented her for noticing something critical…Lucy... !

For a very, very short moment, she came back. Because of what was happening-it was triggering very harsh memories within her (and within Nyu too)…Memories that were for her as threatening as any foe (in fact, this was not true, since Lucy could have make short work of a foe, but memories remained, and hurt her, no matter how many years had passed.) Lucy thought of Natsume, and even saw Natsume in tears, saying to Lucy that she was serious, that she needed her, that she…During that brief time, Lucy also, in a flash, made an association between Nana and Natsume. Both were girls who had harsh lives (although Nana’s life had been unspeakable, Natsume’s life had been pretty bad too), who had been tricked, fooled by their fathers (real or surrogate)….What especially pained Lucy was to think that she had done all this to the poor Nana just to harm Kurama…because he was partly responsible of the death of Natsume. Nyu too had made this association, at an obviously much more basic level (and easier to live with too…) Natsume (like Kouta) had been nice with her. “She” (or rather Lucy, but Nyu was not making the distinction) had not been nice enough with Natsume (like for Kouta too). It had ended in bad things for Natsume. She was dead. To be friend with Nana, she had to be nice with her. This reasonement was rationnal, but rather childish. What was not childish was the means used by Nyu to be “nice” (but this was much more because of her limited knowledge than anything else : the best proof of how her mind was working was the seashell thing, when she had arrived at the Kaede. Kouta is sad while holding a seashell ? Break it. He is sad because he no longer have the seashell ? Find another one for him…)

The hint of Lucy’s presence vanished quickly…It was Nyu that let out a long, long “Nyuuuu !” of delight as Nana’s lips touched her own. Nana, for her part, had to admit that this “kissing” thing was very, very, very interesting to perform, after all….

It was at this rather delicate moment that Yuka, woken up by some “Nyus” appeared in the doorway, rather startled by what she was seeing. Living with Diclonius was full of surprises…Yuka was very surprised, pleased, to see that Nyu, despite her wounds, was so cheerful. She was a lot less pleased while thinking how she was showing her cheerfulness.

For a Human, this situation was as ackward as it could be. Regarless of opinions on...personnal orientation (Yuka was, like most people, more or less open on the question...Right now, she was probably less open than more open), it was an euphemism that Yuka had not exactly arrived at a good time. Honestly, Yuka could be proud of the way she handled the situation. While merely staying to Nyu that she should rest herself a little, she said to Nana that it was a little early, and both of them were going to wake up every one in the Kaede (it was certainly a diplomatic way to separate both of them quickly…)

Nyu manifest her disapoitment by a rather dispirited “Nyu-Nyu ! “. But she did complied, and returned to sleep…for about five minutes. Thinking, for one time, to put some clothes on her, she hurriedly left for outside, her mind focused on a single thing. Find Kouta….

Meanwhile, Yuka had gone in the kitchen with Nana, trying hard to look perfectly natural Nana did realized that something was not right…and it saddened her terribly. What kind of gross mistake she had done again ? (she just hoped that this would not beat the time she had literally burned money away, or the time she had gave food to Wanta in a fine china plate…)

In a depressed voice, she asked if she had disappointed Nana with doing “bad things”….

“Of course not, I’m a not disappointed about you, Nana”, replied the Human girl. “It’s just that…errr…I’m a little surprised…of seeing you and Nyu this way, that’s all…”

Yuka, honestly, would have not minded if Nana had a certain kind of orientation. Even herself had to admit (the mere thought was making her cheeks turn red…) that this does not looked unpleasant, thanks to the couple of time Nyu had showed her affection toward Yuka…The issue was that she was not sure, at all, that Nana understood fully the situation. She decided to go for an constructive approach, and asked to Nana why she thought this was wrong…

“Because…because you tell me that this is wrong” tried in an unconvinced voice Nana ?

“Nana, something is not right or wrong because someone tell you it is so”, said kindly Yuka, while thinking about all the lies that Nana had heard when she was detained at the facility. “You are a smart girl-you can think by yourself. They said to you that the only life you could hope for was locked up in a cell on this island…Look at all you are able to do right now. ! ”

This sentence pleased Nana tremendously. Think by herself…she liked to be able to that. She had trusted her Daddy back at the facility-she had done everything he asked, whatever the cost for her. She still thought sincerely that Professor Kurama had been very nice with her. The difference was that, now, Nana would no longer follows blindly the orders of someone-even of her Daddy. Not just because they had lied to them, but because she knew, now, that she could have a normal life, or to take her own words, be a “nice girl”. They were wrong to say that Diclonius were all monsters-even Lucy had a softer side, after all…

Yuka had said this for motivate Nana…But this had a consequence she had not thought : Nana tried to figure out, by herself, what she could have done that Yuka thought wrong.

Good idea, but the way Nana expressed her findings could have been a lot better….

“Then, is this wrong…because I ended up…(Nana looked ill at ease…) all wet ?”

Nana had heard on the TV several times an expression that had puzzled her. “It was like he had been thunderstruck”. Thunder, that she understood. It was probably a special sort of electricity-the thing they used to keep the food cold, or to warm it, or to light the Kaede…

At a completly different level, Nana was also very aware that electricty was not a good thing to touch-there had been a lot of experiences at the facility to see if Taser-type weapons could be effective against Diclonius. The basic procedure was to see how much a Diclonius could take before fainting or her life being threatened-Nana had accepted those tests with her usual goodwill, genuinely trusting that this was really the thing to do, taking them as just another bad moment to pass...She had realized plainly that the longer she kept reacting, the most powerful were the charges she received...But it would have been a bad thing to fake being inconscious-the scientists and Daddy were always saying that those experiences were very important (in this case, Nana had thought several times, why they were always starting them again ? But she had of course never voiced this objection...) Lying to them would have been a very bad thing. Like for everything else, Nana had managed to accept it, seeking tiny compensations for her cooperation elsewhere... After all, sometimes, Daddy in person came to check her health status before, and ask her some questions after-that was worthing it alone !

Accordingly, Nana had a pretty good idea of what happened to someone just hit by electricity-it was usually very painful, and you had trouble to move, both your limbs and Vectors, for a good while. And also to speak, to look...And sometimes there were burns too, especially where the Taser or the electrodes were too close, both outside and inside the skin...

But what they said on TV did not had sense at all ! First of all, people that were supposed to be thunderstruck were most of the time not even hit by thunder ! Well, excepting for that strange movie (that Nana had however liked a lot...) where an ederly, evil guy that looked almost as bad as the Director (Nana had seen the Director couple of time, and was sincerly thinking her that Kurama was protecting her from him. On this point, two observations could be made. The first one was that, for one time, there was some minimal truth behind this, as Kurama had disobeyed a termination order...The second observation was that Kakuzawa had certainly an eerie look too, to frighten a Diclonius whose life had been incredibly harsh...) was shooting beams of thunders from his hands toward another guy-and then, a thing that Nana had liked a lot, the Daddy of the character hit by the thunder had came to save him ! Even if he was trying to kill his son five minutes ago-that whole battle with swords that looked like the Vectors (in the optic : they cut everything…) must had been a fake one! Anyway, it was very obvious, even for Nana, that those bolts were not real...

The real problem, for Nana, was that, all the other times she had heard this expression, it was in circumstances that were not related to lighting at all. For instance, why a lady that looked to be a little too much enthusiast over a vacuum cleaner should say that she was thundestruck by it’s incredibly low price ? (Maybe she had took a discharge while connecting it ? That would have explained the frozen face she had...) Or why they were saying this sentence as they were speaking about the reactions to a strange sort of bubble that had apparently burst and made people lose money, saying that the new had hit the stock market like a thunderbolt ? (Nana had gone some times to the market, and enjoyed it a lot, but apprently the stock market was much more serious thing, as they were always saying that things were bad there…)

Of course, Nana had, over the time, realized that there was some sentences whose meaning was not it seemed-this thundestruck thing for instant. Yuka usually explained to Nana those expressions with a lot of patience and kindness. That said, right now, Nana was kinda thinking that Yuka was certainly having the face that someone that was thunderstruck was supposed to have. Yuka, for calming herself down (screaming after Nana would be both injust and totally inefficient, after all…better explaining it to her coldly) was taking some water when Nana had said this as innocently as it could be…Yuka had almost choked down,

Within the next minutes, all the stuff about “I will explain it to her coldly, rationally, without saying anything that could hurt her” was completely forgotten by Yuka. Well, except for the part about trying to not hurt the feelings of Nana. Yuka had however lost all her calm…

“What…what do you mean by that ? “I ended all wet” this happened ?”

Nana was surprised by the reaction of Yuka-she had said this thing completely at random. Well, as usual, she took it on the good side, with her undying optimism. Granted, she did not know why Yuka looked to be so embarrassed, but at least, she had found the right thing….

Nana answered with her usual complete sincerity-that was somewhat ill placed right now.

“Well, as you have see, Nyu very cheerful, this morning. She wanted to tickle me. It was like usual, until she started to kiss me on the navel-she began to be more insistent...”

Nana was, legitimaly, very proud of using this somewhat complicated word. She had wanted, first hand, to say something more basic like gentle, but she was aware that without more adjectives, those terms displayed a truth, but were not very evocative. Unfortunately, Nana had trouble with the finer points of vocabulary. For her insistent merely meant willing to continue, enthousiast. She was not even aware that Yuka could see it very differently...

Yuka was listening to Nana, trying to keep a neutral face. She asked this question in a very rhetorical sense, without thinking about sheer reflex. She did not actually wanted an answer, or the details-the position in which she had found Nyu and Nana was clear enough.

“Okay...okay...I think I can figure what happened, Nana, thank you, it’s enough...”

“I don’t think so-you see, she was tired, and her wounds make it hard for her to stand. So both of us (Nana was saying this merely in the sense that neither her or Nyu had voiced much opposition) ended near the bed...So she started pushing me, to make me collapse, all this while continuing to kiss me, everywhere she could but her lips on, either covered or exposed...on my forehead, on my cheeks, my neck, my arms, my breasts, my womb, my navel, my...(Nana chuckled at the thought, letting her voice trailing off...Actually, her enumeration was over, but with her formulation, Yuka could think that it was not. And according to the “top to bottom” logic of Nana, it was not bound to improve Yuka’s mood...)

Yuka had always a tendency to be jammed into a passive role while in conversation-even with Nana. She did not manage to “regain the initiative”-Nana continued to tell her little story...

“So, we both ended on the bed (Nana expression was very significative. She had used on the bed, not in the bed, meaning that this word should be taken in the straitghtfoward sense...but this point completly escaped to Yuka...) She was visibly somewhat annoyed at the nightshirt-she was finding that kissing me over fabric was not the same thing as doing directly on the skin. It’s sure that like that, I’m not like when we are taking a bath together...

This point was highly dubious, since the night-shirt was a little short for Nana-it already did not left much to the imagination in normal time. Not mentioning that right now, it was sticking quite closely to Nana’s skin, because of sweat. And since this was a white and very thin fabric….In fact, right now, Nana’s clothing was more a kind of tease than a protection…

Yuka herself was somewhat uncomfortable upon seeing the younger Diclonius like that. Kouta, too. But, in his case, there was something more than uncomfortable. The couple of times he had seen Nana like this at the breakfast, he had experienced sharp pain…A lot of pain, in fact. Yuka was really quick with slapping-Kouta had once said that if slapping was an Olympic competition, Yuka would markedly improve the performance of the Japanese team. Yuka had visibly liked the suggestion, since she had immediately started to train for the potential competition of “double slap of the jerk with stupid ideas” (her own words…)

“It’s then”, concluded Nana”, that this happened. She was tickling me so much that…that I lost control, and….and, well, you guess what happened after…(Nana had not looked very concerned while saying the precedents things…but she was turning uneasy right now. Yuka thought that if she could say all this without flinching, it definitely took a lot to make her react this way now. And Nana clearly saw her reaction…) Did I said something wrong, Yuka ? ”

“Your face is all red”, she continued. “Did…did I angered you more with this ?”

“…I’m not angered after you, Nana, at all. It’s just…I will explain later, when I will think about it a little…(She smiled a little) I really see the picture, don’t continue, please…”

Nana did not understand why Yuka looked to be so upset-after all, Nana had not broke, or even damaged anything, despite her clumsiness. She did not excepted that Yuka would make such a big deal about her spilling by accident a water basin that had been put next to Nyu’s bed...The basin itself had nothing: it was just that the water had gone on her nightshirt-thus Nana comment that she had ended “all wet”...Nana, personally, did not mind at all-but, after all, she had trouble with all concept related to clothes, and she knew it...Maybe the nightshirt (she was not even aware that the water was making the nightshirt almost translucent. If she had knew it, she would have barely cared-up to one month ago, she had never wore clothes...) which was a gift from Yuka, would be damaged from all of this ? Or maybe Yuka was saddened to see Nana treating this way her gifts. Still, even for Nana, it was somewhat obvious that Yuka was not overly angered about the state of this piece of clothes. Nana and Nyu were better for ruining the clothes they received than children in low age (both from misadventures that were more funny than anything else...and from things that were hardly funny : Nana’s being attacked by Mariko, Lucy’s being fired up by squads of grunts-thoses things had a marked tendancy to shred what they were wearing...) and Yuka had never took it badly. For instance, Yuka had only kind words when Nana had completely burned one of her skirts while trying to help with the cooking (she had been too close of the stove)...So, why make such a fuss about this issue right now ? Maybe Nana had used a bad word somewhere.

Anyway, this was really, really an accident-it was not Nana’s fault if Nyu had made her fall down. It was not Nyu’s fault too-this thought made Nana suddenly feel sorry for Nyu. What if Yuka blamed her for this thing ? Nana too. A lot.

“You know”, Nana tried to say shortly after, “Nyu also ended like this...

Oops. Apparently, this was not helping the matter. Yuka turned even redder…After some fumbled words from her, Nana left Yuka’s room, under strict orders to at least dress up….

When Nana, after having changed herself, came in the hallway, she met Mayu, who looked a little pale because of the two nights ago ordeal, but otherwise quite fine…

“I just saw Yuka….She does seem to be in her good mood today. You know why ?”

“Oh, I don’t know-it’s probably about an expression that I don’t undestand correctly...Hey, Mayu, by the way, do you know if speaking about a water basin is an indecent thing ?”

Mayu was used to see Nana’s conversation jump from chicken to donkey, but this time, it beat everything she knew. Water basin + indecent ? There was a piece she was missing….

“…I guess I will understand later. Kouta and Nyu are talking outside (well, doing the thing closest to talking they could do. Kouta saying some nice phrase, and Nyu doing her best to understand them) : they will not come in for breakfast, I think. You are hungry ? ”

Concerning Nana, this was a rhetorical question. When Mayu said that she would fix something for the two of them and Yuka as soon as possible, her moral climbed yet higher…

Cheerful, she was following Mayu toward the kitchen, chatting about how she was going to help her (and Mayu trying to discourage her to “help”….She was doing this mainly for Nana, as neither her or Yuka would be able to eat something for a while, thanks to Nyu’s wounds…)

The chatting suddenly stopped. Nana had just had a kind of…flash. Short and shocking.

Mayu saw her friend, nervously and instinctively touch her right arm, to check if it was still here (which was of course not the case, and Nana knew it…Why she was doing this ?)

“It’s a…kind of dream I made, you see. I guess it’s my memories that are returning to the surface (the way Nana was holding her arm clearly indicated what this dream was about)

“But, Nana, you were wide awake…This…this cannot be just a dream ! ”

“…Yeah, I thought to that too…”, added slowly Nana, who was finding it more and more disturbing. Especially because of the voice she had heard in the “dream”. Please kill me….

Kamakura, in another place, same time...

-I will ask you one more time, before losing patience. Where is your daughter ?

Bandho was not patient, but he was not above using an age-old method : interrogating someone without outright violence, but without pause too. Bandho had arrived with other individuals around nine o’oclock the last night. And, basically, had kept asking the same question since that time, with very limited variations. The couple in face of him was exhausted, their eyes red with fatigue. He had never been known for his mercy, but he did not had pity concerning those two-he had seen people like them over the years...

Bandho had been found, still alive, by the clean-up team sent by Kakuzawa to Kamakura after the confrontation with Lucy. This time, he was not exactly in position to negotiate or to refuse anything. His implants had been reconstructed...but this time, the sterilization procedure had been conducted before the operation. (Logically, it had not did much to improve the various behaviour “issues” of Bandho) The Director did not looked to care very much about Bandho’s “desertion”-he needed qualified personnel badly, and the hatred that Bandho had for Nana and Lucy made him quite controlable (for the time being. As soon as Lucy was back under control, it was probable that there would be, one more time, an unfortunate accident)

Bandho had never been a decent cop. Too violent for the job (which was saying a lot...). Bandho was maybe not made for law inforcement. It did not mean that he had not believed at one time that he had to protect the public... He had, for instance, a particular dislike for indiviuals with the same profile that the man in front of him, who kept saying that his step-daughter, Mayu, had just run away. And this was not only because Bandho could beat them with impunity...This kind of crime repulsed him-the fact that he owe his life to Mayu was not helping. He was feeling a little guilty about this. It was because of his indications about Mayu, who was living with a least one Diclonius, that they had found this charming couple : the mother and step-father of Mayu. Bandho really, really hoped that this guy was going to try something “smart” (or rather stupid), that could allow him to shoot or kill this guy...

A man that was in the team received a call from his cell-phone...Very urgent.

“Bandho. The Director says to forget about public relations. Make him talk...”

There was a limit to what the Director could ask from the Kamakura police forces. They could accept to look blind to the taking of test subjects, to some accidents...but the events of the last month were really too much. They had asked to Kakuzawa to take some precautions, to prevent the “cover” to completly blow up. Accordingly, Bandho’s orders had been initally to try to not use too much violence. Bandho was rather pleased by this turn of events.

Not listening to the protests of the woman, Bandho picked up her husband, to have a “talk” with him in the kitchen. Mayu’s stepfather pleaded to be told what they would do to him.

“What have you done on your step-daughter, to make her run away ?” he asked.

The man nervously replied, one more time, that he had done to her nothing...

“Well, you have nothing to fear. Nothing will happen to you too ! ”

Of course, the “nothing” that Bandho meant was in the line of “nothing happened to the prisonner ; he made an heart attack” or “we done nothing, the prisonner fell down in the stairs of our one level detention facility”. Anyway, when the man saw that Bandho was not bluffing, he talked. He said everything. Including admitting what he done to Mayu. Which explained why Bandho, just to be sure, “interrogated” him nonetheless, very energically...

A few minutes later, Bandho came out of the room, with the required information...that his wife had basically given into adoption his daughter to someone she barely knew (saying this was suspicious was an understatement) She did not even had kept his adress. But there had been an administrative procedure for this. The name, adress of this guy was somewhere...the only problem was that this was in Tokyo, where Kakuzawa power was not as strong as here. It would take some days to find the information. But certainly less than a week..
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just finished it. your grammer is horrible as always, but the story just keeps getting better.

ive never been any good at constructive feedback, so ill just leave it at Great Work!

keep it up!
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Elfen Lied fanfiction...

To keep things short, my Elfen Lied fiction continue. Now over 100 000 words long !!! It's on (section Elfen Lied, title Elfen Lied Alpha)...

Latest chapter was about Three, Nana's twin sister.
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