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Old 2006-03-22, 18:35   Link #1
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Looking for good Shounen Ai anime

Hello I've been watching some Yaoi for a bit now but I'm getting a bit bored. Is there any good shounen ai anime that has a bit sex in it?
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Old 2006-03-22, 19:03   Link #2
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All of the Shounen-Ai that we list on AnimeSuki is listed here:

Have you already seen all of those titles?

Edit: Thanks Noodlehead. I didn't notice where it had been posted. It's in the right place now.

There's not that fine a line between willing suspension of disbelief and something just being stupid.

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Old 2006-03-22, 19:56   Link #3
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Try going here. They are quite knowledgeable when it comes to anything shounen-ai/yaoi. I'm sure there are lots of people there who will be able to give you suggestions.

EDIT: Also, isn't the technically supposed to be in the Suggestions section?

~ Noodlehead

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Old 2006-03-26, 00:32   Link #4
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yeah.. i dont like shonen ai....

but what i know is

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Old 2006-05-20, 17:59   Link #5
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Gravitation. Really that's all there is to say.
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Old 2006-05-20, 21:21   Link #6
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Gakuen Heaven is my personal favorite. If you're looking for shonen-ai TV series fanservice, it's as good as it gets. (Sukisyo had its fanservice-y moments, too, but the story/animation is so god-awful that I can't recommend it to anyone). Papa to Kiss in the Dark is my second favorite of what AnimeSuki has available (and it does have a few, uh... "bedroom scenes" ).
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Old 2006-05-20, 22:42   Link #7
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There should be a "This post has already received [3] negative reputations points" function.

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Old 2006-05-21, 00:58   Link #8
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Gravitation is the only shounen-ai I know to be both popular and 'critically acclaimed' (meaning that most of those who watched it liked it).
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Old 2006-05-21, 08:35   Link #9
Nyunga Ro Chaga
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Besides Gravitation, Loveless and Yami no Matsuei are good bets too.
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Old 2006-05-22, 08:15   Link #10
Hai, Nao-oneesama!
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I'd second Yami no Matsuei, though it suffers from some budget issues and doesn't get into the Gensoukai arc, which is the stronger point of the manga. I have trouble recommending a whole lot more... not too much shounen-ai that has been made has been very good, unfortunately. The production quality of yuri picked up in the last year or so (see Strawberry Panic, Simoun), so maybe the same will be true for shounen-ai within the next few years.

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Old 2006-05-23, 00:14   Link #11
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Sorry there is no such thing as a "good" shounen-ai series for the most part. Loveless and Gravitation, and Mirage of Blaze are actually very good. Loveless is incomplete storyline-wise but has beauitful animation and music, though the English release of the dvds are bad. The recent anime anime release - Gakuen Heaven and Sukisyo are not worth your time. Others that you might "like" :

Princess Princess - not boy's love, but pretty darn gay if you ask me. Pastels colors and horrible music oh my!

Kyou Kara Maou - silly anime that everyone loves, not boy's love but has lots of fanservice and innuendos.. Again bad animation towards the end.

Sensitive Pornograph - No storyline, just sex. Yay. I'm pretty sure it's uncensored too.

Also check out who has a really complete listing of all boy's love anime. You are bound to find something. This website - gives a listing of highly slashable series too.
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Old 2008-04-21, 21:51   Link #12
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Well i've watched a few and here's some of them , hope these help ^-^


Kyou kara maou (not a SA but the OVA's are ;D)



Princess princess

Gakuen heaven

Marginal prince(not relly one, but it hints towards that way alot xD)

Okane ga nai (Kinda Yaoi at times but nothing too bad ^-^)

Angel's feather(and again kinda more yaoi at times but good, only one OVA of this tho QQ)

Sensitive pornograph (well...what can i say basicly a yaoi with a story line)

Yami no matsuei (nice anime go's more towards BL at the end )

Papa to kiss in the dark

Well thats all i can think of for now xD
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Old 2009-03-14, 21:16   Link #13
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Thumbs up

go to
and the anime is:
Level C

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Old 2010-06-05, 14:51   Link #14
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Read and watch!

You should really try reading Junjou Romantica! The Manga is beauty draw, and the story is perfect. You follow 3 gay couples who has ups and downs. There's good sex scenes between them as well.
- You can also watch it as an Anime, but the sex scenes isn't show like in the manga. Read and watch!
Hope you could use it, Love Lærke <3
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