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Old 2006-03-22, 22:58   Link #1
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Please rec me some good shows


I'm part of an anime club that screen both legit liscenced products that the club has bought and fansubs of shows not yet liscenced. I have recently been assigned the task of finding fansubs for the club to show, however I'm not really into downloading/watching fansubs myself (I only got assigned the task as I've got the fasted net access) and have no idea what's good etc.

Our group is about 80% guys and we're all between 18-25ish. Could people please recommend series to me and provide a brief description of the series recced.

Thanking you
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here is some samples enjoy


Kurosaki Ichigo is a 15 year old student, with the ability to see ghosts. His life was forever changed when he met Kuchiki Rukia, a Death God, who is charged with sending lost souls to the afterlife, known as Soul Society.

Whilst saving Ichigo from the attack of a malevolent ghost known as a Hollow, Rukia sustained serious injuries. Unable to finish the battle, she offers to share her powers, and responsibilities, with Ichigo..

The twelve kingdoms

Based on a novel with the same title written by Ono Fuyumi released by Kodansha, the story focuses on Yoko Nakajima. She was a girl who had pretended to be the honor student in her school and also at her home. One day, a man named Keiki showed up suddenly, and Yoko was called "Lord" by him. Her destiny began to move greatly from that time.

She was led by Keiki, and the place she had reached at last was an another world where 12 countries existed. Moreover, she lost sight of Keiki, and didn't know where even to go. An innumerable specter has obstinately attacked such Yoko. Furthermore, she received harsh treatment from the people whom she met. Through the survival in the another world, she regains "Strength to live" which human originally has.

Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien

Narumi Takayuki is a third year, high school student who doesn't study very much for the college entrance exams. He passes his days neither studying, nor being able to find anything else interesting to do.

His friends Taira Shinji and Hayase Mizuki are both busy with studying and swimming, so Takayuki is left feeling very alone. Until one day, he meets a girl...

Dr. Tenma is a Japanese man working in Germany. He has it all, incredible medical skill, a great job, a beautiful fiancee. He becomes disillusioned with the hospital politics though, when one day he's ordered to forgo operating on a critically injured man in favor of someone who was more famous. After this point, he decides he will do what he thinks is right, regardless of politics.

One day, a young boy and his younger sister were brought in. The boy had a bullet in his head, an operation that the doctor knows only he is capable of completing successfully. But soon after a politician was brought to the hospital and the high ups in the hospital want Dr. Tenma to leave the boy to operate on the politician. Dr. Tenma decides that he'll do what's right and save the young boy's life.

The young boy's operation was a success, but the surgeons operating on the politician fail, prompting his life to fall apart. Dr. Tenma is passed over for a promotion and his fiancee becomes cold to him and eventually leaves him.

But soon after, strange murders begin to occur, ones that benefit Dr. Tenma greatly and though he becomes the #1 suspect, they have no evidence against him. But it seems that the boy whose life he saved has a hand in things, and that he is much more than he seems...
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Old 2006-03-22, 23:33   Link #3
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I'd recommend the following as stuff both guys and gals might like:
(unlicensed complete)
Mahoraba: Heartful Days (romantic comedy)
college student moves into a inn populated by very eccentric residents not the least of which is his childhood friend, the inn's caretaker. he attends an art school to specialize in children's stories. he likes the caretaker but finds she is even more unusual than he thought.
AIR (superficially a romance but enmeshed in a buddhist-shinto 1000 yr tale)
young man comes to a sleepy town to make some money, ends up getting entangled in a number of the lives of the residents and discovers deeper connections than anyone could possibly imagine with two of them.
Honey & Clover (Hachimitsu To Clover) --- slice of life college style: I label this one *essential viewing*.
college co-eds trying to get through school, learn about about life and whether to love or strangle each other.
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and Nanoha A (two seasons ... magical girl series that rocks --- and I *hate* most of this genre)
usual start - earnest girl receives enough firepower to split continents, but the character development, the serious nature of the conflict, the torture-abuse (yes)... and then the second season --- where one can really believe these people are trying to kill each other and that the antagonists are trying to do a good deed rather than be just simple bad guys, the betrayal, the loyalty, the honor, etc. Not a show for children - or maybe more kids *should* see this type of show. oh... and they don't beat you to death with the transformation sequence every episode

(unlicensed in progress)
REC (homage to old Hepburn-Grant movies)
Advert executive bumps into a voice actress when his date fails, she cheers him up, they live near each other but go their separate way. Later that night, her apartment complex burns down - she stays the night with him and they get more intimate than planned. The rest of the series is spent figuring out each other and whether they like each other (this one is much better than I synop)
Magikano (absurd comedy about witches and their idiot brother whose highest accomplishment is a perfect attendance mark)
if you're familiar with harem anime - this one skewers the genre pretty well, fast paced - the voice actors get a lot of exercise and so do the artists.
Pani Poni Dash (absurd comedy set in a school)
if you remember Freakazoid.... this is so densely packed in humor its nearly impossible to watch it just once... musical satire, parody, slapstick ... ostensibly about a 10 yr old prodigy (half japanese half white) sent to teach a Japanese high school class... and then they throw the script away and invoke ghosts, aliens, monsters, magical girls, random fourth wall smashing, and insane song lyrics.

(licensed but not released yet - torrents may be available somewhere)
Tsukuyomi Moon Phase (romance, vampires, absurdity, tragedy.... yet it works)
a photographer "so dense the supernatural can't touch him" finds and photographs a mysterious young teenage girl in a German castle and becomes entranced with her, only to discover she's a vampire... hijinks, romance, and tragedy ensue ... has one of the most insulin-destroying opener tunes ever heard.
Kamichu! (slice of life and Shinto)
as good as anything Disney has licensed --- Shinto primer underlaying a story about a delightful group of kids, one of whom has become a kami (god).

(licensed and available)
Azumanga Daioh (just classic stuff in a Calvin&Hobbes sense)
Follows the lives of a high school group of girls through their 3 years. Manages to be funny, sweet, and philosophical while treating each character as a "real" person, no aliens, no magic --- but occasionally surreal (one of the girls zones out a lot).

There are others but that should keep you busy in bandwidth for a while and provide some change of pace from the other lists here (many of which seem to be very serious).

I'd d/l Honey & Clover first .... followed by Mahoraba, Pani Poni Dash, REC, and the rest randomly --- licensed Azumanga is available as a complete set now ("Class Act") from Amazon and others. Kamichu! and Tsukuyomi will start releasing in June.

If I were you, I'd take anything you find interesting off this thread and go visit the associated forum thread for a few pages to get a better feel.

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I will second Honey and Clover, Kamichu, as well as Monster; Honey and Clover in particular are in the top five of my all time anime review list which contains well over 100 titles viewed in their entirety.

Honey and Clover is an extremely well balanced show between drama, comedy, and romance that also boasts great music.

Monster is a very long series at over 70 episodes that just finished on fansub recently, and takes a while longer to pick up. However, when it does pick up, the strength of the plot and its characters really makes it shine, from the manga of the author of 20th Century Boys, its the best mystery/thriller in anime.

Keroro Gunsou has long become a cultural icon in Japan and elsewhere in Asia, where its mix of crack comedy, parody humor (mostly against Gundam, but also other classic series like Evangelion, Slam Dunk, etc... half the fun is recognizing the references), and great character design draws a wide spectrum of audiences. More suitable than the two above for public viewing due to its hyper pace.

Kamichu is a delightful and cute show with very fine art work.

I will also recommend Mushishi; this show is mellow, quiet, artistic, and fantastic; a dark-house of the Spring Anime season even in the US where download rates have been high. A genuinely unique show; try the first two episodes yourself, which I'm sure will appeal to a general audience unacquainted with anime.
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Old 2006-03-23, 03:33   Link #5
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Yakitate!! Japan: a show about baking bread where the protaganists makes Japan(bread that is representative of Japan, yes it's somewhat a pun ^^). Sounded incredibly boring when i first read about it but the show is hilarious with the reactions, parodies etc. I'd say it's one of those shows that most anime fans will be able to get into and this something that my university's anime club was showing. However if you're screening one ep per week then there may be a problem since 56 eps have been fansubbed and i read that there's 69 eps total.
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Thank you everyone for such great recs, the detail in your summaries was wonderful, this has been very helpful to both myself and the club!

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