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Old 2006-03-23, 14:43   Link #1
Join Date: Jan 2006
Age: 31
Smile Any GREAT new or old anime?

Can anyone suggest some great anime.
Preferably not anime with alot of fan service.
Well am currently following
Bleach, Blood+, Eyeshield 21, Shakugan no Shana, Mai Otome, Ergo Proxy,
Fate Stay/Night, Karin, Yakitate Japan.

I've watched Mai HiME, Tsubasa Chronicles, Wild Striker, KamiKaze Kaitou Jeanne,
Whistle!, Aishiteruze Baby, Full Metal Panic, BECK , Full Moon wo Sagashite

Cheers in advance ppl
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Old 2006-03-23, 15:04   Link #2
I desire Tomorrow!
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: As far away from reality as possible
Age: 34
Well my personal favorites are here but since you mentioned a lot of the stuff I watch and like more or less, you might want to check it out.
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Old 2006-03-23, 20:36   Link #3
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
Try the following
Black Cat- its a gonzo anime, action adventure genre
Mushishi- story is about adventure of a mushishi ( someone who can see other form of living creatures that co-exist with human) The story is unique and don't have any fanservice.
Honey and Clover - its a little comedy with romance. The first epi may lack impact for starting a story but just continue watching because it got better development in the middle.
scrapped princess- action adventure romance genre with a little magical theme.
Old anime/ not so old..
vision of escaflowne - this anime is my personal favorite. it has a good mix of mecha, action adventure and romance. The music/ bgm is so enchanting.
kaikan phase - if you enjoy music genre (rock band)... It also has some quality romance because its shinjo Mayu's work. The bad thing is the fansub is only a vhs or vcd rip.
Cooking master boy - if you like something like yakitate japan, try this one. Its also about chinese cooking adventure, but with little exageration in expression.
Pretear - its magic girl genre adopting snow white concept but instead of 7 elves its seven knights. Its only 13 epi so no fanserv also
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Old 2006-03-23, 21:47   Link #4
The Hawqman
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Ottawa Ontario
Age: 26
Full metal alchemist
Scrapped princess-Tincy wincy romance, overall very fun action,adventure, fantasy show.
Peacemaker-favourite show of all time, tied with Blue gender. Also this is a samurai show.
Shura no toki-Another Samurai show, that has a innovative plot, and very fun and kick ass to watch.
X tv-It's got a little romance, but characters are the highlights in this show.
Gungrave-Extremely deep, dark, mafia,supernatural,action show. My second favourite anime of all time, and very nice and dramatic.
Initial D-Awsome street racing show, very fun characters, and you can get sucked into the relationship developments in this show, except one of them. Anyways they have the first stage, second stage, third stage(movie) fourth stage,, extra stage(the worst anime I have ever seen), and battle stage(not interested in seeing), anyways you have to watch first stage, then second stage, then third stage, then fourth stage, which just finished recently airing.
Rescue wings-new anime, and very interesting, characters are realistic, and great to watch.

more info at
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Old 2006-03-23, 21:48   Link #5
night train
Join Date: Dec 2005
well Honey and Clover with Full Metal Panic Fuumuufu is definitely a must see and is already mentioned. So let's see... Ghost in the Shell,Hellsing,GTO(although the manga is better) Genshiken, Slam Dunk, Hajime no Ippo, School Rumble, Kimi ga nozomu Eien,CIty Hunter (a classic),iriya no sora,gungrave,Noein,Golden Boy,Hanbun no tsuki ga noboru sora,Angel Heart....Hmm that's all I can think of now, hope this helps you a bit.
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Old 2006-03-26, 00:30   Link #6
Certified Organic
Join Date: Dec 2005
u should watch tsukihime first if u gona see fate stay night.

your taste is alittle strange its like you like EVERY genre lol.

mahosensei negima
final approach
princess nine
akahori gendo hour
kaleido star <- must watch if u really like full moon
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