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Name:Ryuu Kusaragi
Rank:Former Jonin
Hair Colour:Long silver hair, which is kept straight at all times.
Eye Colour:Green
Jutsu Focus:Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity:Water. Lightning(mainly water)
Appearance:Ryuu wears a dark blue t-shirt, with a black vest and black pants. He carries his katana on his back, and has no headband, just like the rest of Kessoku.
Background:Ryuu was born into the Kusaragi clan, a clan which has created and mastered many dragon-oriented jutsu, many of which have been infused with elements and improved over generations. Ryuu was regarded as a genius, and became a genin at the age of 11. He then became a chunin at age 13, and a jonin when he was 16. When he turned 20, he noticed how corrupt the world was, and joined Kessoku, quickly becoming one of the 5 Fangs, the top soldiers of the organization, alongside Chisio Gokai, Oguri Hatsuhari, Daichi Hotara, and Hikari Hakudoshi. Each one of these 5 ninjas have a unique kekkei genkai, which they constantly use in battle.

Kekkei Genkai:Dragon Creation Technique-After a long row of handseals, the user becomes able to create a dragon out of any element around them.

Water Dragon Jutsu-The user creates a large dragon out of water.

Thunder Dragon Jutsu-The user creates a large dragon out of lightning.

Water Serpent Corkscrew-When near water, the user can immerse his blade in water, then lunge it forward, sending a spiral of compacted water stragiht towards the enemy.

Dragon Cage Technique-The user creates the head of a dragon(from the upper jaw up) right behind the enemy, which then snaps shut, trapping them in their and destroying their chakra for as long as he retains the handseal.

Dual Serpent Technique-The user creates a two-headed dragon(one head is water, the other is lightning), then controls it at will, either making the 2 heads attack simultaneously, or seperately. One combo that can be done with this is using the water head to wrap around the enemy, then having the lightning head attacking them, using the water for increased damage.

well, that's my character, i hope you like it.
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I got some jutsu:

nentou hiken no jutsu: (litteraly: mind reading jutsu) an accelerated version of Shintenshin no Jutsu (mind transfer jutsu), which allows the user's soul to leave the body, enter the one of the enemy, quickly search inside it's memories, and return back to the user, all this in a second.
Advantages: way faster than normal Shintenshin no Jutsu, and perfect for interrogations
disadvantages: same as Shintenshin no Jutsu, if the user misses, then he'll be unconcious for a while, leaving an opening for atack, and it also costs a stupid amount of chakra.

tsuchi toku no jutsu (literally: earth shield jutsu): the user creates a layer of rock arround it's body, protecting it from any external harm. inspired in gaara's absolute defense sand.
advantages: protects the user from damage
disadvantages: just like gaara's absolute defense sand, this armor consumes a lot of chakra. although this shield is made of rock, it can only last as long as a rock lasts (or the user's chakra), so if it gets hit hard enough, it will break

now a kekkei-genkai:
kazangan no jutsu (Literally: lava jutsu): a kekkei genkai for those who posess both the fire and earth elements in them. created by controling rock and heating it super-fast, so it becomes lava, and giving full control over it.
advantages: IT'S FREAKING HOT. useful if you want to create your own island.
disadvantages: consumes a lot of chakra

kazangan hoippu no jutsu (litteraly: lava whip jutsu): requires the kazangan no jutsu. the user uses the lava as a whip to break havock in the enemy lines. upon impact, it vaporizes everything it touches. the user must use the tsuchi toku no jutsu to protect it's hands.
Advantages: super destructive, and efficient
dissadvantages: consumes stupid amounts of chakra, and if the tsuchi toku no jutsu is not used, the user will loose its hands.

And for a last kekkei genkai(more than a bloodline limit, inherited from a parent, this is different. this is inherited from someone else):

jinsei isou no jutsu (literally: life transfer jutsu): this is a jutsu i plan to put on a character in a naruto story i'm writing. this jutsu allows the user to pass its memories, knowledge and jutsu to someone else, and allows the other to use these, even if the jutsu aren't from his element. for example: i try to learn a jutsu for years, and i succeed, but now i'm too old to use it. solution? i use the jensei isou no jutsu on someone, and transfer my memories and jutsu to him, so he/she can use them.
advantages: after ten or more generations of using this jutsu, a ninja has ten generations or more of jutsu and knowledge.
BIG disadvantage: the user must use all of its chakra and life force for this jutsu to work, meaning instantaneous death. also, there is always one person who knows how to use this jutsu, no more, no less, because when he/she passes this jutsu to someone else (trhough the use of this jutsu), results in his/her death, so the only person who knows it now is the one who recieved the memories.

any critics on these, just tell me.

now for a character:
Name: Kazuki Nadate
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Rank: Chuunin, near jounin level
height: 6 feet
weight:154 pounds.
skin tone: pale
hair: black, straight, short
eye color: brown
element(s): fire, earth.
jutsu focus: ninjutsu, taijutsu, summonings (felines mostly)
normal clothing: black loose pants, and a gray shirt. headband on his forehead, and a kunai holder in his left thigh. two large summoning scrolls in his back.
story: kazuki is a young prodigy, who became chuunin at the age of 11. he is also the adopted son of shichidaime hokage (the seventh hokage), kazuo nadate.
kazuki's was part of team etsuko, integrated by himself, his step-brother (rikuto nadate), ren makoi(almost a girlfriend to kazuki), and etsuko sensei, the jounin leader of the team, and also, daughter of mudaime hokage (naruto uzumaki).
kazuki is tormented by the memory of his dead step-brother during a mission, because he thinks the mission went wrong because of him. due to this, his heart hardened, pushing all his friends away from him.
being now loneley, kazuki's only way to feel better was to do missions, and complete them, seeking for redemption for failing in that only mission. the cold and mercyless way he performed his missions and assasinations, gained him the name of 'konoha's executioner'.

kekkei-genkai: kazangan no jutsu (lava control), jinsei isou no jutsu (life transfer)(he doesn't know he has this one)

jutsu: (because of the jinsei isou no jutsu, his jutsu list is rather big, so i'll just skip most of them) feline summoning jutsu, going from a little cat he always carries over his head, called nekopuchi, to a giant, gamabunta sized tiger, named torakyo.

that's all i could think about. hope you like it!
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Ok well then here are some jutsus i've made up... And just so y'all know, I haven't read every1's posts so if u had a similar idea i didn't steal it...

Demon Head Confrontation - A nin/genjustu attack that combines air and fire. Basically air pressure is ignited to extreme heats and blasted towards the opponent in the form of a large evil-looking head made of fire and with flaming hair. This head is cackling maniaccly and the sound of its laughter traps the hearer in a genjutsu. Once in the illusion any move/jutsu/reaction etc that the victem tries doesn't really happen, he is in fact standing still in front of the approaching missile.

Water Release: Lotus Rupture - A geiser blasts up out of the ground directly beneath the opponent, not only does this cause serious damage, but creates water that can be used in further jutsus.

Spirit of Nirvana - This is an EXTREMELY difficult and complicated form of Taijutsu. The user must have incredible skills of mental concentration and concentration. Basically he creates chakra in his core in hyperdrive, forming floods of it that are contained in the body and forced through the chakra pathways at high speeds so it flows through the entire body. The user must be able to concentrate on doing this subconciously in the back of his mind while fighting, thus it is an A rank technique. The result is granting the user superhuman speed and strengh, also by concentrating chakra right before striking (like Tsunade/Sakura) the user may cause even more damage. Furthermore the user must be able to focus cakra suconciously on any given point at any time, this way the chakra concentrates itself somewhere on the body right as the enemy strikes there. This creates a defense that willhold up against pretty much any physical or blunt attacks (punches, kicks, rasengan, gentle fist taijutsu) as well as minor sharp attacks (kunai, shuriken) but will give out undre concentrated attacks such as chidori.
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Why are you all making yours ridiculously long?

Mine isn't it's own jutsu, just an improvement;

Rasen yo-yo

Rasengan with condensed chakra on the outisde, and used like a yo-yo with a chakra string (Similar to Puppet's chakra string)
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lol bcuz im a nerd
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Ok people, Iīve finally come up with my own character. I hope you like it and that my writing isnīt too bad, since Iīm German.

General Information:

Name: Masashi Nozomi
Gender: female
Age: 13
Height: 123cm
Weight: 22kg
Hair Color: Black
Birthplace: Amegakure
Rank: former academy student
Weapons: none
Speciality: Ninjutsu
favorite food: bread
least favorite food: rise

Favourite Jutsu:

Impaling Water: Instantly freezes the water around, creating huge spears of ice, that impale the enemyīs body.


Nozomi is a very skinny little girl and wears just one dirty grey nightshirt.


Masashi Nozomi was born as the daughter of the first leader of Amegakure. A group of unsheltered founded the village after the first great shinobi world war.
Those poor people grouped up in order to increase their chances of surviving in a completely deserted land. Soon, after the completion of what could be called a settlement, those men and women were noticed by a rescue team lead by the younger brother of the first Mizukage, Masashi Ameshiro. Although the original mission of that team was to find wounded shinobi and bring them back to their country, Ameshiro couldnīt help but split the team and support the former homeless. He offered them to come back to the Water Country, but the people refused. Driven by the belief that one common goal - the creation of a new village - would increase their chances of survivng, the village had become their sole reason to remain in this world.
Ameshiro remained at the peopleīs settlement and it wasnīt long before he fell in love with a woman. After many years of hard work and frequent help of Mizugakure, the settlement had finally become a small village. It was named Amegakure, after itīs first leader Ameshiro.

However, a new war was approaching and the Water Country, forced to reinforce their military, could no longer support Amegakure with supply rations. Just founded, Amegakure was already on the verge of ruin, when the child of Ameshiro was born. Many villagers believed that the birth of a little girl in this dark times would be the will of the gods, and that this child would one day bring salvation to Amegakure. Therefore the little girl was named Nozomi (Hope).
In order for the child to fullfil itīs forecast destiny, Nozomiīs education at the shinobi academy of Mizugakure began already at the age of three. As
predicted, the girl didnīt disappoint those who spoke so highly of her. Shodaime Mizukage saw great potential in Nozomi; potential that would only occur once several hundred years. Her Chakrapool was of extraordinary size and her elemental affinity for wind was stronger than those of any other shinobi in Mizugakure. In addition she was very gifted in using her chakra to restore wounded flesh.

One day, when little Nozomi was in Amegakure, during holidays, the village was attacked by a group of foreign shinobis. Their leader was a masked guy riding a huge salamander. He called himself Hanzou and demanded the leading possition of Amegakure and threatened Ameshiro with the death of both his wife and child if he wouldnīt play along. Ameshiro however resisted since the village needed a strong-minded leader, which he didnīt see in Hanzouīs corrupted personality.
He battled one of Hanzouīs handymen; a very skilled genjutsu user whith a summoned chameleon on his side. The battle was fierce and damaging on a grand scale, and Nozomi, during one unaware moment of Hanzou, managed to escape his grip but hit her head on a rock.
She was uncouncious for quite some time and when she awoke, she couldnīt remember a thing. She didnīt know who she was and neither did she recognize any of the men around her. The father she had loved so much was suddenly just a stranger being stabbed in the back by another stranger.
Hanzouīs men killed Ameshiro, but since the village was severely damaged, he didnīt care about the possition of leader anymore. It should take years before he would come back and claim the throne.

Nozomi was only four years old and thus didnīt know much about the world anyway. The fact that she hit her head just made her know even less. In an instant her mind became weak and unaware like the one of a just born infant. The only thing she knew was that there are creatures in the world who kill others of their kind. However, in this village covered with corpses, she found someone, something to hold on to: the wounded chameleon-monster that was used by the genjutsu user before. Instinctively she healed itīs wounds, and the chameleon, in return, would accompany the little girl in this insane world.
Feared by the unknown, Nozomi hid inside the camouflaged chameleonīs mouth, observing the world around her - observing shinobi killing other shinobi. Somehow it didnīt seem odd to her. After all killing was what people do, according to her beliefs. It was common. Only once in a while when she saw a mother warming her child, she felt weird. It seemed so different from what people usually did.
Nozomi lived on stealing rise and bread of farmers. She loved bread, because she loved biting. Rise however she only ate when she couldnīt find bread. It was so hard to eat, and she couldnīt even bite it much. The leafs and flies the chameleon ate didnīt taste good, so she stucked with bread.

Soon Nozomi wanted to quit observing all-day long. She wanted to kill, too. She began remembering that she somehow was good at manipulating air, but she couldnīt do that while she was hiding inside the chameleon. However, she wanted to kill so badly, that she bagan working on a solution. Her ears where already very good, since she hid in an animals mouth, and was forced to listen most of the time. If she could improve her auditory, there also had to be a way to improve her grasp. Thatīs what Nozomi believed, and given the genious she was, she actually did it. Slowly she became better and better at feeling her surroundings, without even touching them, by engaging the natural chakra of all livin things around her with her own chakra circulation. It would take her over a year, however, to master the control of what we today call Sage mode.

Now she was finally able to kill. She could now use her air manipulation ability outside, while hiding inside the chameleon. First she was only good at
creating huge winds and hurricanes, but soon she was also able to control the temperature of air. She learnt how to freeze and heaten air in an instant. At the age of eight Nozomi quit experimenting, since she now had everything she needed to kill many people effortlessly, and soon she found her favourite way of killing: Freezing rain or puddles into huge spears of ice that impale her targets, all while being unseen by the enemy, as she hides inside a camouflaged reptile, of course.

Nozomi was wandering around the Water Country, that was one giant battlefield in the second shinobi world war, and decided the outcome of whole battles on her own. Not intentionally of course, just because she wanted to live. And living meant killing to her. At the age of 13 she died due to malnutrition. Nozomi failed to be the envoy of salvation, even though she was a gifted girl, and the war continued for many more years. The chameleon, however, lived on and became one of the summonings of another leader of Amegakure, later on: Pain.
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Back in action with a new character and my god finally, I had this idea for a week and just got to writing it.

Name: Ruwa Havilah (Beauty Sand)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Chicken Curry
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Clear Blue
Blood Type: A
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 123 lb..
Birthplace: Sunagakure
Rank: Chunin

Personality: Ruwa is kind but doesn't have a good attention span with things that bore her, but never, even in the heat of battle, is mean spirited.

Clothing: Ruwa wears her Sunagakure headband around her neck tilted to her right, she wears a white tank top under the top half of a red kimono with red shorts. Around her waist she wears a messenger bag containing a sketch pad, a few pencils, pencil sharpener, and a few modeling tools if she gets bored.

Bio: Ruwa was never good at paying attention during her years at the academy. She normally found herself doodling on pieces of paper she involuntarily got out, or even on school desks which she was scolded briefly about. Once, while she was on a walk, she found a place that had more sand than it was just lightly scattered about like on the roads and paths. She quickly found a stick and starting drawing, soon enough she started to make low quality models out of sand. As she graduated from her academy she tried to put chakra into her models and surprisingly brought them to life, but only for a short while. she worked long and hard over her next years as a ninja to perfect her chakra modeling and started to learn to use the models in battle, which was what she became known for. Eventually she was able to learn a jutsu to make earth into sand, and made a jutsu to summon sand or pre-made sand creatures like a summoning jutsu.

Jutsu: (adding a few more still maybe)

Chakra Sand
Rank: D
Effect: Ruwa's basic form of Sand Animation she used after graduating, the use of the jutsu put chakra into a model of sand to create a random short lived creature.

Sand Animation
Rank: B
Effect: A more developed version of Chakra Sand, it quickly creates a sand sculpture ready for fight or be controlled with chakra concentration.

Sand Summoning
Rank: C
Effect: Developed by Ruwa, This jutsu allows the user, with a medium amount of chakra, to summon an easily sculpt-able sand out of nowhere

Earth to Sand Transformation
Rank: C
Effect: Developed by Ruwa, this jutsu allows the user to pound their fist into the earth and create sand on a distance ratio depending on the amount of chakra used (as in the more the chakra, the more sand made).

Summoning: Sand Dragon Summoning
Rank: A
Effect: Developed by Ruwa, this jutsu allows the user to summon a rather large, very durable sand dragon capable of flight and shooting fire with a sand residue shooting out. A disadvantage is that a large amount of chakra is need and at least five pounds of sand to form the dragon.
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Originally Posted by AuroraFlash View Post
Name: Shiro Murasaki aka Saishi no Niku
Spoiler for master:
I promised I'd tell you something about his student, didn't I? Well, maybe nobody cares, but I'll now introduce him to you.

Name: Kuro Kusamura
Age: 17 years
Weight: 65 kg
Height: 1,77 m
Hair color: dark red
Skin color: pale white
Eye color: jade green

Appearance and clothes:
Kusamura has an athletic muscular body and has long dark red hair. He wears black robes, trousers and sandals.

Kusamura wants to grow stronger. As an orphan of the ninja war who has been brought up by his elder brother, he refuses to be helpless. His brother has been killed by Pain as he was one of the guards of Salamander Hanzou. The civil war in the Hidden Rain had ended, but the outcome made it impossible for Kusamura to join the Hidden Rain's ninja academy.
Wandering aimlessly through the streets of the city, Kusamura saw the paintings of Murasaki and started the well-known conversation...

He has been trained by Murasaki for five years now and learned a lot and he's been hiding in the shadows, because this kind of secret training is unwanted, which means he had to become Musasaki's apprentice in arts. They keep leaving the village and returning with paintings from the surrounding areas, the nice landscape, the scars of war and burned forests. In fact, they also spy on patrols and guards and mark their positions and routes with sympathetic ink.

Kusamura has perfected taijutsu skills aswell as a preference for the kusari-gama, which he trains with oftenly. Furthermore, he poisons his blade with self-mixed poisons and uses poison arrows and a blowtube.

He has an elemental affinity for water and learns how to spatially recompose techniques at the moment.

Just as Yahiko, he can use Suiton: Mizurappa, a technique that creates a strong stream of water out of the user's mouth. Futhermore he has learned how to use Mizu Bunshin (water clone) and the Suiton: Suiryūdan, which we also know from Kakashi and Zabusa. It creates a water dragon that swallors the target. Suiton: Daibakuryū creates a swirl and can only be used near water. Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu uses up most of Kusamura's chakra and creates a giant wave (A-rank).

By painting, he has discovered his affection for art and different ways to express it, so he writes poetry, medidates and plays his spanish guitar.

Kusamura also hammers his own weapons as he can't simply buy them anywhere and makes his shuriken from stone and his poisoned arrows from wood.
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Damn, some of those characters are really good. We should unite and create a whole fan fiction and draw it, lol.
I mean we have everything we need, great minds, some skilled drawers and even colourists. :O
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Originally Posted by ZGoten View Post
Damn, some of those characters are really good. We should unite and create a whole fan fiction and draw it, lol.
I mean we have everything we need, great minds, some skilled drawers and even colourists. :O
Ooh! I can color! Sometimes I go outside the lines that okay?

Also, I'm back! Again?... Yeah, "real life" and World of Warcraft have been stealing me away for quite a while, but I'm attempting to make another go at the CYOJONC thread. I've been working (sort of) on a new character for a little while. Hopefully I'll get a chance to post him in the next few days, if I can get some time off work. Until then, continue to wait in anxious anticipation, because I know that's what you've all been doing while I've been away.

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I can understand how you could be distracted from here with World of Warcraft. So no worries lol
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Name- Siddyus
Age- Unknown
Height- 7'5
Weight- 200 lbs.
Eye Color- Pale white
Skin Color- Unknown
Hair Color- Unknown
Birthplace- Unknown
Location- Unknown
Rank- Unknown (Kage Level)

Outfit and Overall Appearance
- Clad in light ninja armor of unknown origin. He wears a plain dirty white mask similar to that of the hunter-nins. His pale white eyes visible from the eye slits of his mask. He is extremely tall and a hulking sight to behold. He carries no weapons.


Name- Charge of Darkness
Rank- Unknown
Hand Signs- None
Description- With blinding speed Siddyus unleashes a reckless frontal charge towards his opponent. Gaining sufficient distance he then performs...

Name- Dark lobe
Rank- Unknown
Hand Signs- None
Description- Used in conjunction with charge of darkness. Siddyus then unleashes microscopic threads of dark chakra that is invisible to a normal ninja eye and can only be detected by the highest forms of doujutsu. This threads envelopes the opponent. Preventing any escape.

Name- Dark Embrace
Rank- Unknown
Hand Signs- None
Description- Siddyus then clutches his enemy by the shoulders. He then transfers overwhelming amounts of dark chakra into his enemy's chakra system. This chakra represents all the damages Siddyus had ever received/induced. Enshrouding his enemy with unfathomable pain.

Name- Ken (Blade)
Rank- Unknown
Hand Signs- None
Description- Siddyus is also able to form a blade of pure dark chakra. Similar to the chakra scalpel only in a much bigger and menacing form. It can cut through anything but the highest levels of defense jutsus.

- Siddyus was a legendary ninja that existed centuries before the events in Naruto took place. As a young man. He desired to be the best of the best. He desired nothing but power. Eventually he would become the most powerful and skilled ninja of his time. However, being a man of no contentment he desired even more. Intoxicated by the thoughts of achieving infinite power. He then traveled the world. wrecking havoc in his path in his search for infinity. Defeating entire countries and causing untold loss of life. He then vanished mysteriously only to come back hundreds of years later as a hollow being of unfathomable amount of power. However, he is cursed to be in constant pain for all the destruction he had caused to achieve this power. He now wanders the world sharing his pain to anyone unlucky enough to cross his path.

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Here is some taijutsu I thought of after seeing Raikage kick ass....

Name- Mouko Shuurai (lit. Fierce Tiger Lightning Strike)
Rank- B Rank
Type- Taijutsu w/ Lightning Element
Description- The user will grasp ahold of the target's shirt and pull them in. By infusing their leg with Lightning Element chakra, they will then knee the target in thr stomach. They will then use the Body Flicker Technique to appear above and elbow their back with the force of ten men.

Name- Keiakki (lit. Beheading Demon)
Rank- A Rank
Type- Taijutsu
Description- The user will get above the target and fall atop their shoulders. They will then proceed to snap the targets neck. When jumping, they will spin, with a Kunai in their hand. The Kunai will slice the already dead bodies head clean off.

Name- Douteki Amatsuba (lit. Dynamic Raindrop)
Rank- B Rank
Type- Taijutsu
Description- The target will jump into the air and straigten out there leg. As the fall to the ground, they will mold water element chakra into their leg, creating a thin sharp liquid barrier around them. The strike will leave multiple deep cuts where ever the body hit.
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First of all Siddyus, Very impressive character, a lot of details, keep it up
Now Ninja_Nobody, very good taijutsu, and whatever you're talking about with the Raikage seems very interesting
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Hmm ok heres some new ones...

Katon: Konpeki Ryuujin - Fire Release: Azure Dragon God[/B]
Big blast of blue fire in the shape of a dragon

Enton: Kagirinai Toku - Blaze Release: Eternal Shield[/B]
-Swirling shield of black fire like amaterasu except less powerful as it isnt generated by mangekyou

Enton: Kakoi Yomi - Blaze Release: Underworld Enclosure
-Black fire (as above) that envelopes the enemy in a whirrling maelstrom

Magen: Ashikase Yari - Demonic Illusion: Shackling Spears
-The enemy is locked in a dark world and pierced with a thousand red hot spears

Magen: Hissori Toreddo - Demonic Illusion: Silent Tread
-User becomes silent and his chakra is unsensable

Ninpou: Nekura Yasumiba - Ninja Arts: Dark Resting Place
-The user uses his own blood to draw a diagram and can then return to that diagram in an instant from anywhere during battle

Ninpou: Kuchiyose Shaininguyaiba - Ninja Arts: Shining Blade Summons
-The user summons an animated sword charged with chakra that can cut through most defenses

Ninpou: Devayoushikki Tensei - Ninja Arts: Deva Form Reincarnation
-The user releases chakra that vinbrates his molecules so he becomes intangeable

Oh and nearly forgot:

Name: Arashi Atsuryoku

Age: 23

Eye Color: Cobalt Blue

Hair Color: Golden Brown

Height: 6’2

Ninja Rank: S

Spoiler for Naruto:

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Whittless I like the character, the bio is detailed and I like how he fits in like a puzzle piece. The jutsu are good aswell.

I'm going to make a sword that has Elemental Properties. It will be wielded by a character I make later on.

Name- Hekireki (lit. Thunder)
Elemental Affinity- Lightning/Wind/Thunder (Mixture of Lightning and Wind)
Appearance- The blade has a broad bronze guard with a thick handle, wrapped in bandage. The blade is quite thick and broad with a black tint. The blade has a hole towards the guard. It is sheathed in a black case that hangs from the wielders shoulder via a string.

Abilities and Jutsu

Name- Rakuton: Tobihi (lit. Thunder Release: Flying Sparks)
Rank- Unknown
Element- Thunder (Mixture of Lightning and Wind)
Hand Seals- Tiger, Rise Hekireki in Air
Description- The wielder will jump in the air, and rise the blade up. It will spark with electricity and suddenly shoot out, releasing thousands of sparks onto the surronding area. As they hit, the sound of popping fills the air.

Name- Fuuton: Fuurin no Jutsu (lit. Wind Release: Wind Chime Technique)
Rank- C Rank
Element- Wind
Hand Seals- Ox, Snake, Dragon, Boar
Description- The wielder will swipe his blade, bending the air around the blade. The blade will release a deep chime that will slowly drowze the target. They will then appear behind and slice into the target.

Name- Rakuton: Kijin Sawagi (lit. Thunder Release: Fierce Gods Uproar)
Rank- Unknown
Element- Thunder
Hand Seals- none (Must grip handle tightly)
Description- The wielder will hold a stance and grasp their blade tightly. Electricity will flow around it rapidly. By releasing a current of wind element chakra, the lightning will shoot out and strike the surronding area. It represents how God can destroy what he wants without a reason (This is going to be the wielders view about how God's will is final)
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Well, I don't know if it's right or wrong, but at least I tried.

kaori no kurobara (smell of the black rose): This is a genjutsu that uses the sense of smell. Once affected, the target (in the illusion of course) gets totally black and thorns pierce through the target's skin (from the inside). This is just horrible pain. From that moment, a black rose appears and starts to wither – as does the target. Same as the rose's blossom, the target's body starts to rot, then the target slowly drops of parts of the body, which is even more painful and could cause the target to pass out, but that's impossible as long as the rose is still vital. It keeps the victim awake.

As soon as the rose has withered, the target is dead meat, as the jutsu stops the flow of blood in the user's body and slows down the brain function. As soon as the black rose appears, pain is only a matter of an illusion as a part of a coma. The rest of the body is not working anymore.

To dispel the jutsu, someone else has to touch the head of the victim and disturb the chakra flow with the own. As it affects the targets by them smelling it, it can get hold of all the people there are in a certain area, it's only limited by the area of effect, which depends on the user's skills, but is from 3 to 15 meters.

This technique can only be used by the members of the Sukonku-clan.

The Sukonku-clan has a different kind of body. They can use their perspiratory glands to extract chakra into the air, thus they can use smell jutsu.

The common phenotype of the clan is pale, slightly gray skin. Usually, they are not so tall, rather short, but pretty heavyset, you could say like dwarfs and their eyes are dark brown. They have tattoos over their faces and arms which are quite individual, but always black. The higher-ups have also copper piercings in their noses. Their favorite weapons are brass knuckles and the morning star. They wear chain armor because cloth absorbs their scent, thus weakens the jutsu and makes them easy to spot. They don't wear cloth at all. The most essential parts of their suits are made of leather.

I'll hand out a character later on.

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AuroraFlash: That is a really good jutsu! I found absolutely nothing wrong with it.

One character, but it's not much since I haven't had much inspiration to create from. This is uncompleted, jutsu are finished.

Name: Shiro Ryouhou (White Remedy)
Nickname: Bara (Rose) they call her, "White Rose" or Shiro Bara)
Age(Date of Birth): 16 (October 17)
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Village born in: Sunagakure
Village moved to: Konohagakure
Personality: Shiro is a quiet, even-tempered girl that has a close knit group of friends, some from other villages. Shiro gets along with everybody easy enough, but she has a trusting problem. She feels like everybody she talks to might just suddenly turn on her. Shiro is a very smart girl.
Likes: Fruit, dark purple/black/red, activity, lakes, graveyards, supernatural stuffs, and friends
Dislikes: sunlight, distrust, back stabbers, bright light, fire, being blind/deaf, being in a room with more than 3 people at a time

Ninja Rank: Chunin
Weapons: dagger, double blade, shuriken stars
Element: Fire and air. (Fire not so much)
Skills: Quiet movements, small enough to hide in narrow spaces (Well..), speed, brains
Ninjutsu: 4/5
Genjutsu: 3/5
Taijutsu: 2.5/5
Sensei: Yuki Kakyoku (Snow song)
Teammates: Karen Shukujo (lovely lady), Takai Sanka (high praise)

Clothes: Shiro wears a black and purple stripped long sleeved shirt year-round and worn, baggy gray pants with two pockets. She wears her headband around her waist and a necklace with a white rose made out of some sort of very shiny rock that inside, a liquid is that can cure almost any disease/injury.
Body: Shiro has a good figure, except she's an albino which puts her to a disadvantage in many ways. (That's why her family moved from the desert.
Hair: Shiro has long wavy white hair that she always keeps down.

Weight: 105
Height: 4"6'

One or two Jutsu:

Shiro Faia (White Fire)
Element: Fire
-Jutsu: Ninjutsu
After the user does the needed hand signs, a normal fire will spark in the palm of the persons hand. It takes a few minutes for the white to show in the fire as it increases in heat and size. The white fire really chakra mixed with actual fire. Once it reaches a curtain size and tempurature, it spreads off of the persons hands and onto the ground, circling the user with a ring of fire that slowly grows out to at the most 15 meters depending on the skill of the user. This jutsu takes a bit of chakra and the heat is real on the user, creating severe burns to the hands. After you use this jutsu, it is best to be near a water source or know harmless water jutsu to get yourself wet.

Sanso Kassha (Oxygen block)

Backgroud: Maybe later

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I like it Mitsu, Nice Character hope to see the background soon

Everything in creation has a flaw.
Humans don't even need to be mentioned. Air, intent and even time. My eyes can see the death of things; they're special, just like yours.
So I can kill anything that lives, even if that thing is God.
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I also like the character, especially the specific weaknesses and characteristics. Some of it actually made me smile.
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