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nice CHARACTERS everyone!. well as for me ,i am still gonna finish my own character and think some unique abilities
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Here's a teammate for the character I made on the last page. Might make a third one if I get an idea

Name: Ken Ove (Lit. Strong Blade)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Bagel
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Blood Type: B -
Height: 5' 9
Weight: 140 Ibs.
Birthplace: Sunagakure
Rank: Chunin

Personality: Ken isn't very social with strangers meaning he had a hard time making friends in childhood. But when he was comfortable with someone he can be very nice.

Clothing: Ken wears his hair and a counter-clockwise spike pattern. He wears his headband around his left knee over blue pants, and a sand colored t-shirt with a Sunagakure Style Flak jacket over it. Also he wears his 16 blade Shuriken strapped on his back.

Bio: Ken had been a very attentive student compared to Ruwa, though he took, what his parents thought, a strange interest in bladed weapons such as kunai, shuriken, and senbon. His skills were very exceptional compared to the average academy student. After graduating with Ruwa he often practiced on her sand models. As Ruwa and their sensei figured out Ken's skills had surpassed the average level of Jonin at genin, close or ranged combat, they gave him a gift for his second year as a ninja. The gift was a giant shuriken, like the one used by Mizuki, with 16 blades ( Four large blades with three thinner blades between each two main blades). Also, in the circle center of the shuriken used for a grip, is a pole sheathed in one blade that comes out to use as a secure grip for close range battle. Soon enough, Ken had learned to use the shuriken as a sword like weapon and even developed jutsu off of it.


Secret Art: Sand Haze
Rank: C
Effect: Created by Ken off inspiration of Ruwa since she could summon sand. The user concentrates chakra into a certain part of their body to create a large blinding Haze of sand impossible to see through and can get in the eyes of the target. Only drawbacks are that it can only stay in one area when pulled off meaning to move it requires disabling and reusing the jutsu, and the chakra has to be concentrated on constantly. The jutsu also requires a bit of sand.

Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique
Rank: A
Effect: Ninjutsu that uses Shadow Clone to create Multiple physical clone copies from one thrown shuriken.

Manipulate Shuriken Technique
Rank: D
Effect: Technique allowing the user to control path and movement of thrown shuriken.

Summoning Art: Shuriken Separation
Rank: Unknown
Effect: Created by Ken. Only usable with larger weapons with more than one blades with bladed weapons. Usually used by Ken when in a bad situation of battle, he uses chakra to separate his shuriken into two 8 bladed shuriken both with center poles for close range battle. The chakra put into the blades makes them extremely sharp pass normal capability, making them able to cut through any object and even make cuts to opponents when no contact is made with the power of excess chakra coming of the blades. The large amounts of chakra used to separate and power up the blades will empty most of the user's chakra when jutsu is disabled.

Secret Art: Shuriken Transformation
Rank: Unknown
Effect: Created by Ken. Ken created this as a stacking jutsu to be used after Shuriken Separation which would change one shuriken into a staff with 4 blades on each end of the staff for a more offensive battle style.

Secret Art: Shuriken Hellstorm
Rank: A
Effect: Created by Ken. Other than requiring a lot of shuriken or weapon summoning scrolls, this jutsu creates a medium range (15-30 meters width) tornado, the user with thrown shuriken in the tornado causing them to fly all about within the width. A large amount of chakra is needed to make, uphold, and nondestructively dispel the tornado, as well as hold down barriers for the shuriken so they don't fly out. Because of the needed chakra, this jutsu is very hard to use with the Shuriken Shadow Clone technique.
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Name- Suigai Touchuu (lit. Flood Disaster all Over the Island)
Age- 22
Height- 5'7"
Weight- 134 lbs.
Eye Color- Azure
Hair Color- Brown
Blood Type- B negative
Birthplace- Haigakure (lit. Village Hidden in the Ash)
Location- Haigakure
Rank- Chunin
Favorite Food- Grilled Salmon
Least Favorite Food- Hot Chocolate, Tea or Coffee
Favorite Quote- "My passion thrives on fire, you as my target make my fire GROW!"

-Suigai is a tall young man with azure colored eyes and brown hair worn in a long ponytail and parted over his right eye. He wears a blue shirt with open sleeves and a pair of black pants. He wears three black belts, each with an assorment of buckles and other utilities. He carries a katana on his right waist and a circular shield on his back. He sometimes wears a large blue cape over his regular attire.


Name- Kiriton: Kisou no Jutsu (lit. Mist Release: Gas Phase Technqiue)
Rank- Unknown
Element- Mist (Kiriton)- Mixture of Water and Wind
Hand Seals- Ox, Tiger
Description- The user will turn their body into a condensed water vapor substance. This will keep them intangible for a short period of time. They can move through tight spaces and can go as far as to choke their targets. This jutsu cannot be held longer than 8 minutes 55 seconds.

Name- Kiriton: Shinkirou (lit. Mist Release: Mirage)
Rank- Unknown
Element- Mist Release (Kiriton)
Hand Seals- Ox, Snake, Dragon, Boar
Description- The wielder will cast a powerful genjutsu onto the target. The wielder gains full control of the mirage and illusion.

Name- Suiton: Ja no Kuchi (lit. Water Release: Serpent Stream)
Rank- B Rank
Element- Water Release (Suiton)
Hand Seals- Monkey, Horse, Dragon
Description- This jutsu allows the user to summon a large amount of water. The water then transforms itself into the shape of a snake and crashes down on their enemy, literally swallowing them. After it has swallowed them it turns into a river that carries their enemy away. Suigai can also bend the water into a multi-headed snake beast.

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Originally Posted by Kyubi Jinchuuriki View Post
The gift was a giant shuriken, like the one used by Mizuki, with 16 blades ( Four large blades with two thinner blades between each two main blades)
Sorry, but this makes twelve, not sixteen.

I say sorry because the rest is really really good stuff. You simply have to make it three instead of two, then it will fit 16

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Kyubi Jinchuuriki
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whoops, ddint even notice that, well thnx for pointing tht out for me. I thought while writing him 4(blades)x3(shuriken) = 16(Bladed Shuriken) (and im in advanced math lol) and thnx for the compliment too lol
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Name:Kurai Tsurugi(Dark Blade)
Nickname:Midnight Assassin
Rank:Kessoku Member/ex-jonin
Hair Colour:Black
Eye Colour:Brown
Weapon:Hayakusendo(Fast Death)
Village:Sumoggugakure(Village Hidden in the Smog)
Jutsu Focus:Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinitty:None(Uses dark oriented jutsu)
Appearance:Kurai has medium-length, black hair, which is worn down and kept straight. He wears a black, no-sleeve shirt, and black pants. Overtop of this, he has a brown cloak, one of the symbols of Kessoku. He also usually wears a black mask with red markings, the symbol of The 5 Fangs, and carries his large sword, Hayakusendo, on his back.

Background:Kurai was born into the Tsurugi clan, an impressive clan that utilises darkness to make jutsus. He became a genin at age 14, a chunin at age 16, and a jonin at age 18, as were the rules of the village. After becoming a jonin, he immediately joined Kessoku, which he tried to do before, but was denied because he wasn't a high enough rank. He has created and mastered many of his own unique secret techniques, most of which are used on a daily basis. After joining Kessoku, he quickly took Daichi's place as a member of The 5 Fangs, and is regarded as an assassination expert. He is now helping the group come up with a foolproof plan to kill the Kage of the Storm Village.

Black Smoke Jutsu:The user exhales a large cloud of thick black smoke, engulfing the opponent, making it impossible for them to see. However, this also makes it impossible for the user to see.

Night Vision Jutsu:Used in collaboration with Black Smoke Jutsu, this gives the user the ability to see in the dark, and gives their eyes a faint, pale green tint(like glow in the dark stuff).

Secret Technique:Midnight Blur Assassination:This justu is used with Black Smoke Jutsu and Night Vision Jutsu, making a very formidable combo. The user focuses their chakra into their feet, then charges towards the opponent with their weapon outstretched. They will charge into the black smoke, using Night Vision Jutsu to find their opponent, and head directly toward them. Then, using precise timing, teleport just before hitting the enemy, using Dark Transportation Jutsu. The user then reappears behind their opponent, and kills them.

Dark Transportation Jutsu:The user teleports to another area, leaving behind a small cloud of black smoke. To transport a distance below 15 ft., no handseals are required. To transport between 15 and 100 ft., few handseals are needed, and to transport any farther than that, several handseals, plus a pre-drawn seal at the destination are required.

Well, that's it, the newest member of my new organization.
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not a character/jitsu but still...


Origin: wind country, south sector 15, Scorpion city
Manufacturer: Miyamoto industries, Scorpion city science sector,

one of the successor variants to the Kunai Needle gun which fires energy based blasts intead of actual solid ammunition rounds, powered by the user's own Chakra supply via through the Chakra Tank cartrige stored in the handle in gun mode

thus, it reduces the user's need of carrying large numbers of ammunition cartriges brought to the battlefield & as well reduce the time lag in between replacing the said empty catriges,

as with its predecessor, it could be switch back & forth between Kunai mode & Gun mode with a flick of a switch when needed,

currently, this weapon is still under prototype stage & has yet to be mass-produced for the market.
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WOW...what can i say. I've been gone for quite some time, and this thread's still going strong Hi to everyone who knows me, and those who've joined the thread since i last posted.

Well, here's my character. It's really long, so try not to fall asleep please:


Name: Hideki Shisui [Shisui meaning 'still/calm water']
Sex: Male
Age: 20
Class (Rank): Jonin (A-rank)
Affiliation: Kirigakure (Village Hidden in the Mist)
Associates: Shin Tatsukama (deceased), Beppin Mizuka and his former ANBU partners
Chakra Nature(s): Water

Hideki has fairly dark skin (similar in complexion to Zabuza), and an tall, muscular build. His hair is charcoal and in the style of a faux-hawk, with hair at sides slightly lower level than the faux-hawk, and three diagonal lines on either side of the faux-hawk, leading away from his temples. His eyes are a vivid sea-blue, and look very relaxed, sometimes verging on sleepy.

As an ANBU member, Hideki was given the codename. He wore a black cloak. Under this, he wore a purple flak jacket, like other Kirigakure chunin/jonin, on top of a slightly baggy top. He wore an arm guard on his left arm, and fingerless bandges (up to his elbow) on his right arm. He wrapped a thin strip of red cloth around his right thigh (in place of a kunai case - this will be explained later).

Once he left the ANBU, he stopped wearing the black cloak and his flak jacket. Instead, he wears purple samurai-like armoour, with a red scarf (like that of Yagura - explained later), and a huge summoning scroll on his waist (horizontally in line with his hips).

As a youth, Hideki was a fairly happy child. He wasn't always smiling, but could hardly be described as depressive. He was, however, very inquistive; a trait that would be an undercurrent throughout his life.

Now a young adult, Hideki is wise and very knowledgeable. He believes that one must make the most they can of life, and always seek to perfect oneself spiritually and physically. For this reason, he extremely values hardwork, even if the achievements are barely visible to others, stating 'flowers that blossom the slowest will be the prettiest when they stop'.

Hideki will always try to avoid a fight, but has high integerity, so he is not beyond fighting for pride or what he believes is 'right'. When in battle, Hideki tends to get carried away, and displays his most grandiose techniques; sometimes not even to finish the battle, but to show off. This tends to either astound his opponents, causing them to slip-up, or annoys them to the point that they don't think tactically and fall into an otherwise obvious trap. Despite his prowess in battle, Hideki hesitates to kill ninja, and only does so if they are a real danger to others. He usually subdues opponents and chats with them, asking them why they're so violent. Often opponents forget they are subdued, and engage in long converstions with him over their contrasting philosophies. Eventually, he frees them, or turns them in to the authorities.

Hideki Shisui was born to a fairly poor family in Kirigakure. His father was a semi-active ninja, and his mother was a humble cloth-shop worker. At age 3, he witnessed the Great Ninja War, in which his father (being called into service) died. From then on, his uncle took care of him and his mother, accepting them into his house. He attended the village's ninja academy slightly before the usual age, and on his first day was given a red scarf that his mother had sown in her shop just for him. Unfortunately he witnessed Zabuza's massacre of an entire class of ninja. This event scared him, as he didn't want to embrace the prospect of killing to earn a living, let alone killing out of sheer wantoness. His exceptional skill in water jutsu was recognised early, and his uncle and tutors taught him techniques which were seen as too complex for someone of his age.

Hideki graduated at age 10, along with his friend Shin. Hideki was very skillful, but Shin was a very hard worker, so they were on par with each other in terms of ability. These two made a formidable team, and were entered into the Chunin exams in their graduating year. The teachers who assessed their skills were very wise, for both Hideki and Shin passed the exam first time round. Unfortunately, Hideki's uncle grew jealous of his progress, and kicked Hideki and his mother out of the house because of it. Hideki was forced to take care of his mother, as the effects of losing his father were apparent on her; she began to suffer from dementia. At age 13, this put great stress on Hideki, and he was forced to get a high-paying job in order to sustain both his mother and himself. It was because of the exam and his uncle's jealousy that Hideki's happy-go-lucky personality changed; he was still cheerful at times, but acknowledged one must sometimes kill in order to survive.

Both Hideki and Shin took a year out, in order to hone their skills together. It was during this time that Hideki learned and mastered many techniques, chiefly his 'Chakra Insertion by Determination' and 'Chakra Pool Genesis' techniques.

Hideki and Shin were nonetheless such individually good ninja that both were employed as ANBU by the resident Mizukage. They were assigned to the same team (because of tales of how efficient they were together), and the job managed to pay for Hideki taking care of his mother. To ensure he remembered his mother, Hideki tied a thin piece of cloth cut from the scarf he was given on his first academy day to his right leg. Hideki called Shin 'Fukushin' (meaning 'close friend'), and their team of 4 (which consisted of Hideki, Shin, Beppin - a medical nin - and an unnamed ninja) became renowned for its reliability in completing missions. For a time in his life, things went well.

However, the life of a ninja is never easy. On what seemed like a fairly routine reconaissance mission, the team was ambushed. They managed to kill all their assailants, but not without cost; Shin was mortally wounded, and the unnamed ninja was killed. In his last few breaths, Shin commented on how much of a good person Hideki was, and how he and Beppin were true friends to him. Then, Shin used a jutsu which used his some of remaining chakra to manipulate his immune system, making it destroy his body, and the rest to place himself in a state of numb happiness. Although Shin had indeed died happy, Hideki and Beppin were both deeply traumatised by their best friend's suicide, and the horrors of the ANBU (ANBU officers are forced to destroy their body should they be mortally wounded); they had never before seen the horrors of ninja life firsthand. This event shook them to the core, and both were given a few months leave to mentally recuperate.

Having been given temporary leave, Hideki decided to return home to see his mother. He was wearing his ANBU unifrom However, when he returned home, he found his mother to be in a critical state. Since Kirigakure was a cruel village, it had no facilities for the poor, or mentally ill, so Hideki had to employ people to look after his mother. Those people had, however, taken his money and left his mother in her fragile state. This made her mental health worsen, to the point where she could not recognise her own son. It seemed he had become another person whilst in the ANBU. Even when he removed his mask, his mother shouted at the 'stranger' to leave. This brought him to tears, and he cried bitterly. These two events caused Hideki to realise what life as an ANBU had done to him, and how killing can have such an effect on family members' lives, and he resigned in order to take care of his mother properly, under the guise he was 'sent by her son'. This did not last long however and she died a month later.

Hideki had resigned from being an ANBU operative, and now sought to do what he felt was right...he decided to start up a Mental Health ward in his local hospital. However, he had to go back into employment because he recieved no external funding. He only did escort jobs however. Fortunately, his colleague Beppin had decided to make a change to society too, so they pooled their resources together. But it was still not enough. Finally, Hideki got an anonymous letter telling him to meet with someone at a restaurant. Not caring if it was a trap, he went to the restaurant. Who did he meet but his repentant uncle, now aged and full of sorrow for what he had done. He offered his help in any way possible, and Hideki had just the right idea...

So, together, Hideki, his uncle and Beppin opened up the Mental Ward. Eventually, ninja who he met on his missions (converted and told his story) began to chip in, and the ward became fully operational. Now, Hideki spends much of his time (when not doing missions) at the ward, At his friend's or mother's grave, and with Beppin, his girlfriend


Tai Chi – Having travelled to many places on his journeys, Hideki learned this fighting technique. Hideki strikes in ways that resemble the ebb and flow of the see. This technique not only grants a highly good defense, but enables him to 'understand' the principles of water more easily, which makes his water techniques so precise and deadly.

Aqua Screwdriver – Hideki strikes his opponent with a flowing double foot thrust, launching them into the air, There, he ties their hands together using his special brand of water (explained later), grapples them, and spins in a fashion similar to Rock Lee's 'Front Lotus. The difference is, whilst they bare dropping, water forms at Hideki's head and feet (whilst he is upside down). When they would hit the ground, rather than jumpig out of the way like Lee does, Hideki holds his target, ensuring they hit the ground. his fall is cushioned by the water (whose resistance he increases using chakra control). He abruptly gets up, and forms the water that is floating in the air above him (the water that was at his feet when he was in the air) into a huge mass, which drops on the target and crushes them.


Summoning: Lightning Fluid Creation – This is a kind of "ninja tool summon" that enables Hideki, by sealing Chakra Pool water (see below) into a scroll or one's clothes (in his case both) beforehand, allows it be utilised when needed. The greatest advantage of this technique is that the time between "drawing out" the water, and actually "using" it is greatly reduced, to the point where it is drawn out as fast as lightning, hence the name.

Chakra Insertion by Determination/Chakra Pool Genesis – Hideki's custom jutsu. Hideki is able to insert some of his chakra into a nearby water source. This allows him to control it in a similar way to Gaara and his sand (without the auto-defense). His chakra control is such that he can effect water on an atomic level, temporarily solidifying it by strengthening the chemical bonds using chakra, and semi-solidfying it (so it can be used as a mode of transport) by using slightly less chakra. It is called Chakra Insertion by Determination when usesd on water vapour in air (to seemingly draw water from nowhere), and Chakra Pool Genesis when used on an already existing body of water. It takes long to use, so is only used when Hideki is somehow seperated from his scroll, or if the water evaporates as a result of a very powerful (set of) fire jutsu.

Water Style: Water Clone – Does what it says on the box
Water Style: Water Prison – (See above)
Water Style: Water Hardened Drill – Hideki uses a nearby water source to form a drill on his arm, which he attacks with.

Water Style: Liquid Creeper – Hideki sends a thin stream of water quickly towards the opponents legs, if it makes contact, he changes the water resistance so it becomes as hard as ice (whilst still being water) and sticks the target to the flor, It is VERY easily avoidable, so is usually used when the opponent is preoccupied with water clones.

Water Style: Beast Rampart – Usable only when surrounded by water (at approximately ankle-to-knee height). Hideki does the appropriate handsigns and the surrounding water forms into eight tentacles, with a dragon's head in front of him. The tentacles block oncoming attacks. This jutsu consumes a fair amount of chakra, but looks cool, so Hideki tends to use it when he gets carried away. It also requires a fair degree of concentration to maintain.

Water Style: Dragon Syrup Mortar – Used when Beast Rampart is active. The dragon spits out a globule of syrup which lobs through the air and at the opponent. When it hits, it covers the opponent in sticky syrup, rendering them unable to move, and helpless. Because of the nature of this attack, it tends to be slow, so three or more are fired in succession. This slowness prompted Hideki to create the 'Syrup Marking' seal. The lobbing effect is what gives it the name 'mortar'; a mortar is an explosive weapon that is lobbed through the air at its target

Sealing Art: Syrup Marking – This move is a semi-pre-requisite for the above. Really a taijutsu, the user punches/kicks the opponent, where the seal is produced. This seal is tracked by the Syrup Mortar to make it almost sure of striking its target.

Water Release: Water Guillotine – Using the chakra in his special water, Hideki sharply compresses the water for a split-second. Because water is, by nature, normally incompressible, this makes the water super-sharp for a second, being able to cut through even metal with ease. The reason it can only be used for a split-second is it takes such chakra to overcome the natural forces that if used for long it would leave Hideki with no chakra. It is commonly used with Summoning: Lightning Fluid Creation to quickly dispatch a nearby enemy.

Water Release: Diving Bell – Used when inside a large body of water that has mixed with Hideki's chakra...which is almost never. Using control over his Chakra Pool, Hideki can form a bubble of air around his target (by repelling all water from a small section). The target could feasibly live underwater for days, since this technique takes little chakra, and Hideki's chakra supply is so vast. This technique is named after the Diving Bell Spider, which inspired Hideki to create this jutsu

Water Style: Ultimate Achievement: Double-Edged Blossoming Flower This jutsu is Hideki's 'ultimate achievement', and tests his chakra control to its limit. When an enemy or several are close, and Hideki has a fairly large body of water he can manipulate. He makes a series of handsigns (about 6), and thrusts his hands into the air. The water rises with it, completely engulfing both Hideki and his opponent(s). Hideki uses chakra control to make the chemical bonds between water molecules so resistant his target(s) can't move. Then, he slightly lessens his chakra control on the water around him, so he can move in a slow-motion kind of way, leaving his enemy/enemies at his complete mercy. This technique requires 1 hand to maintain a seal at all times, and cannot be used in conjunction with Diving Bell, so Hideki has to hold his breath for the duration of this jutsu. whilst maintaining the high level of concentration it demands. This is very taxing, so Hideki can only use it about 6 times a day for periods of 10 minutes each time.

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Here's some Hermit Art Techniques

Name- Hermit Art: Devestating Croak
Type- Ninjutsu
Hand Seals- Tiger
Description- The user will mold the Senjutsu chakra in their throat expanding it greatly. When it is large and veloptuos the user will scream. As they scream a powerful blast of wind will fire outward toward the target. It can only be used in Sage Mode.

Name- Hermit Art: Thousand Seal Barrier
Type- Ninjutsu (Sealing)
Hand Seals- Boar, Slam Feet on ground
Description- The user will mold Senjutsu chakra over their body. Symbols and seals will form over their body. This jutsu takes a couple of minutes to form. When the seals are over the body, the user can create thick barriers of any shape at will.

Name- Hermit Art: Heavy Arch Drop
Type- Taijutsu
Hand Seals- none
Description- The user will mold the Sage Chakra into their legs to enhnace their jumping ability. When above the enemy, the user will focus all of their chakra into their leg and strike the target.
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Pretty cool stuff. I like it. I have to write something about the detais, so that you can actually believe in what I say.

Kyubi Jinchuuriki, pretty tasty sig.

DRAGUN H.E.X., pretty creative, but it lacks details.

HeavensWrath, if that was at the time of Zabusa, he would have fought and killed his best friend. They wouldn't both have graduated, because there simply was no other way, they had no choice, but I see, his friend dies later on. Good.
Brilliant, tragic background story, it has been a pleasure to read it. Really detailed, really good, welcome back.

Ninja_Nobody, you're no nobody, I know you for sure.
Pretty cool senjutsu skills, good ideas.
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Name: Ninpou Suiton Shissou (Ninja Art: Water Disappearance)
Class: S-Rank
Seals: Tiger, Ox, Monkey, Rabbit, Sheep, Boar, Ox, Horse, Monkey, Tiger, Monkey, Monkey, Ox, Rabbit, Boar, Ox, Sheep, Ox, Horse, Sheep, Tiger, Snake, Rat, Ox, Monkey, Bird, Rat, Horse

This jutsu works reverse to other water jutsu. It actually makes water jutsu disappear. It's a counter spell that leaves a dry desert area where used.
And instead of trying to impose on your mind, you adjust yourself to your opponent like water pressing on an earthen wall. It flows through the slightest crack. Running water never grows stale. So you just have to 'keep on flowing'. Don't get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water. Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.  7993
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Name- Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi (Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven)
Elemental Affinity- Wind and Water
Description- A powerful technique that creates one of the strongest blades in history. It was the fused form of the Kusangi and Totsuka no Tsurugi. It is a blade of pure energy and was once wielded by the father of Hashirama Senju and Tobirama Senju. It had a thick circular handle with a square guard. The blade was eerie and made of pure chakra, giving it a white glow. When seperated, Kusangi became the physical incarnation and Totsuka became the spirtual incarnation. As a sign of trust, the Senju gave the Totsuka to the Uchiha. They knew however that the Kusangi was weak to the Totsuka and sealed it within their Sharingan. This blade would later become the basis design and form of the Blade of the Thunder God, wielded by Tobirama Senju.


Name- Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu (lit. Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique)
Rank- B Rank
Hand Seals- None
Classification- Ninjutsu
Description- The user will swipe the Legendary Blade, creating a devestating bullet of water to fire from its blade. The father of Hashirama and Tobirama was so skilled with Water that he could form it out of thin air, passing this trait to his son Tobirama.

Name- Sution: Hahonryu no Jutsu (lit. Water Release: Tearing Torrent Technique)
Rank- Unknown
Classification- Ninjutsu
Hand Seals- Spin handle of Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi to create a spiralling stream of water in place. It will block most attacks and can be shot at the target withe extreme force. The wielder can also strike the ground, sending a pulse outward.

Name- Fuuton: Tatsu no Oshigoto (lit. Wind Release: Great Task of the Dragon)
Rank- A Rank
Hand Seals- Swipe Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi
Classification- Ninjutsu
Description- The wielder will swipe Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi creating a wave shaped wind blade in the air. When slicing on it, it will charge the target doing tremendous damage. It can go as far as to cut Muscles and Tissue.


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Name: Doto, this means poison in jappanesse. Discription: He has long hair it is solid black with purple steaks, he wears his headband at his wrist, he wears his akatsuki robe as a hoody with no pokets, his gloves go past his elbow the color of them is a dark purple, his vest is low cut and is solid black, and his pants are a dark purple. Village: he hails from the village of clouds where he is treated like a god still because he is the son of the wealthiast man in that village, so this is his favorite place to visit on his two man team's travels. Jutsu: his jutsu's surpass anyone in his village, but they are still no match for Kakashi Hatake, some of his jutsu's use infanite cloude style witch produces an abundant amount of clouds and charges them with chakra and forces them upon anyone at his desier kind of like garra's sand. Rivals: his bigist rivalry is between him and Hatake Kakashi, they faced off in the chunin exams when they where younger with Doto's partner Niate killing Rin[ kakashi's team mate fyi.] kakashi use;s the lightning blade to take out Doto but he sliightly missed his heart papalyzing his right arm untill he paid tsunade to fix it for 10,000,000,000,000,000, ryo. Past: After getting is arm paralyzed by Kakashi he made a visit ti the town of yuo and paying Tsunade to fix it for a heavy amount of ryo, he traind in his home village of Kumogakure A.K.A. the villahe of clouds, he killed the right hand man of the akatsuki[ at the time it was Harukin not Pain] and the now infamous Madara Uchiha made him an adition to the Akatsuki soon after he atempted to over throw sir Madara as soon as Madara found out of his betrayle he sent him in the first atempt to destroy Konahagakure the village of the leaf as a brigade all him self as hi sliced down the shinobi one stood out alone, it was the Fourth Hokage himself thet had been sent to kill Doto. he fought galantly but was quikly defeated by the hand of the Fourth Hokage.
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Interesting character Tobi, but I noticed that you say he is a member of Akatsuki and that he keeps relations with his previous village. Besides Pain and Konan, all ties are usally severed with the original village. Also if he is not as strong as Kakashi how can he beat the Second in Command of the Akatsuki. Its a interesting character, but try organizing the information.
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i agree, a very interesting character, just needs to be organized better (Hard to comprehend all that text when its all a character lol) Take reverence from some earlier character posts if ur not sure
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1. General Information
Name : Sakuzen Kosui aka "Ivory"
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Hair Color: white
Eye Color: white with a slightly purple translucent discoloration
Skin Color: pale (white)
Height: 1,74 m
Weight: 49 kg
Class (Rank): Special Jounin (S-rank)
Affiliation: Kirigakure (Village Hidden in the Mist)
Chakra Nature(s): Salt (kekkei genkai), Suiton (water), Fuuton (wind) and Doton(earth)

2. Appearance/Clothes
Kosui has a slender body. She wears a white diving-suit, white knee-length boots and white diving goggles with a mirrored lense. Her jounin waistcoat is white and can be used as a life-jacket. The jounin logo can be seen on her diving-suit's shoulders.
Outside water, in dry and cold areas, she also wears a white coat with a cowl. She wears a headband around her waist.

3. Personality
She's a talkative, cold-blooded killer. She actually talks quite a lot, even though she looks like the silent type, which makes her an exceptional personality. She also uses to talk with her enemies and challenges them not to lose their pose. She has some friends as people in Kirigakure are pretty much sadist and sublime, just like she is. You could somehow compare her and her friends to Kisame concerning personalities. Kisame was actually a good friend of her before he left the village. She felt betrayed as she actually had a crush on him, but as she isn't used to regret her deeds, she's overcome this for good.
3.1. Food
Kosui likes fish – raw and grilled fish, sushi, fish pie, salmon carpaccio, shrimps, all kinds of seafood and rice. She dislikes sweets and fruits.

3.2. Recreation
As her father was a monk and her mother was the daughter of a fisherman, she uses to do a lot of meditation each morning at the jetty of the house she lives in. She loves training with others and talking down on them. She has a lot of fun provoking them. Since she's pretty avaricious, she does fishing. On the other hand, she can't resist sake and plum wine…
4. Weapons
She uses two giant silver shuriken sealed in the back of her suit, so she actually takes her hands behind her back and pulls out two giant shuriken, which are chakra-sensitive and absorb her wind element chakra. The reflective surface of the shuriken makes it harder for enemies to dodge.
She also has a chakra-absorbing wakizashi which is attached to her belt / headband.

5. Salt – a story of tears and bloodline limits
The former noble clan of Sakuzen was slaughtered. Nearly none survived the bloody slaughter, but Kosui's mother, Anei, escaped to a monastery, where she lived for three years and conceived Kosui. When Kosui was two years old, people had found out about Anei's location and called for the monastery to cough her up – and so they did. Kosui's father Dou had to struggle with his tears as it was a top secret that he was Kosui's father. If the monks would have known about this, they would have handed both the child and her father over to the violent mob aswell, but since they didn't know that, they kept Kosui hidden.

Kosui was trained from her 4th birthday on. The monks were experienced in molding chakra and ballancing it by meditation aswell as…
5.1 Sou Kata
the monk-style taijutsu, which basically aplifies one's strength by infusing the muscles with chakra. Of course it requires meditation. The longer you use it, the more engergy is used up. It puts a strain on your muscles, but not as harsh as Konoha's Lotus or Hachimon, because you slowly enfuse your muscles with chakra. The downsides are that you can't activate it in battle, that it requires 30% of the user's chakra and after exhausting the technique, you feel your sore muscles.
5.2 Salt
Despite the crystal element, salt is weak against water respectively will lose its solid form when attacked by water. This of course depends on the mass of water and the mass of salt created. Salt can pierce and crush, but that's just the regular stuff. The most skilled users of salt can control diffusion and brutally kill people. It's also possible to extract minerals from the targets' bodies.
Of course she also uses it to preserve fish and meat.
Since her chakra ressources are rather small, Kosui has to pay attention to it when using her ninjutsu techniques. Furthermore, her kekkei genkai is her secret and she's not supposed to show it in public. She uses it solely to kill and with no spectators around. Her forbidden kekkei genkai is her reason to often use her regular elementally recomposed techniques.
…more details following (break's up again, sorry)

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So what? Is it complete or not?
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I hope this hasn't been done before, but it probably has:

Fire Style: Fire Clone Jutsu:
Basically a shadow clone but will explode when hit.

Wind Style: Wind Clone Jutsu:
Basically a shadow clone but can also fly.

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Its been done before, but that really doesn't matter. It would be better to specify a little more. Even if it is a simple clone jutsu, a few words can stretch out a sentence
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edit* wrong post

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