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Originally Posted by Kizoku Keenan View Post
I always thought roger had given himself up, he had seen all that there was to be seen and wanted to keep the pirate era going and what better way to do this than to give himself up and announce that the one piece exists there by encouraging a whole new generation of pirates to go forward yo the grand line and go crazy.

Ok so its not as bad ass as a big all out fight between him and admirals and such but I think just giving himself up and dying for what he believed in is more bad ass than any other theory about how his death came to be.
It's already been said that he gave himself up. Rayleigh said he had an incurable disease and was going to die anyways, and didn't want his fellow cremates to be hurt in the hunt for gold roger.

There's probably something else to it as well. I have a feeling Rodger isn't completely gone. Maybe some sort of spirit or something related to the "will of d" at raftel. Whitebeards flashback with Rodger, the mystery of one piece, and whitebeards words to blackbeard saying that he is not the man rodger is waiting for give me some suspicion that there is this possibility. If I had to guess, I'd say rodger is gone for good, but i have an inkling that he may not be.
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Old 2013-03-13, 09:58   Link #82
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If you guys watch youtube then you would know that gol d roger turn himself in, he was dying of a diseases caught at the grand line this is the act of a hero, whitebeard doesn't care about becoming the king he just wants a family so whitebeard couldn't have turn roger in.
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