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Back From The Dead?
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Best Tool To Split/Join

I've been using Virtualdub, but every version I have tried fails miserably in some way. For example, I select a frame and select another to end at. I save the avi, direct stream copy, and go to play it only to find it starts and ends a few frames off from the one I selected. it's really pissing me off. Is there a version that can actually GET THE FRAME RIGHT? Or another tool? I'm willing to pay, but I'd rather freeware.
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Rozen Detective
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Direct stream copy can only start a cut at keyframes. Starting at a frame that is not a keyframe would lead to broken decoding of P-frames, because of missing information. B-frames need information from frames before and after them, which means that you can't have a B-frame at the end of your clip (there might be other restrictions, that I can't think of, at the moment).
The only way around this is reencoding at least the part from the not-keyframe to the first keyframe and the part at the end. It might be easier to reencode the whole thing, though. Depending on what you are trying to do, this might suffice. If you need the best possible quality, you could try a lossless codec.

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