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Old 2006-04-04, 08:59   Link #1
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Question Gainax´ Redhaired girls...

I´ve started wondering if theres some connection between them or if any of the directors at gainax has a special connection with "them"...
They always seem to have the same hairstyle and being somewhat kooky, especially Mamimi, Mune-Mune and Yukino:
  • Samejima Mamimi
  • Yukino Miyazawa
  • Mune-Mune (from Abenobashi)
  • Noriko Takaya
  • And that little girl from the third episode of Gunbuster 2, the one who wants the snow to start falling.

If theres someone I forgot, do not forget to add them.
Of course it could just be that someone at Gainax has the hots for redheads.
Man, I do love them though...
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Old 2006-04-04, 10:17   Link #2
Phantom Lord
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Join Date: Mar 2006
Isn't Asuka a redhead or a brunette? Sometimes I can't tell because different artwork of her have her in somewhere between those colors.
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Old 2006-04-04, 10:31   Link #3
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I doubt it, especially when one considers that the vast majority of Gainax's characters aren't redheads. It looks more like you're drawing large conclusions from very little and unsupportive information, for example:

1) Kare Kano and all related characters are not original creations of Gainax, the character designs and styles were created by the original author Masami Tsuda and as such can't be attributed to Gainax. Although, Yukino's hair colour is a bit closer to blonde than auburn in the manga, auburn suited the character just as well. The idea was for the character to stand out a bit and while blonde really stands out, auburn is a more realistic colour.

2) Noriko doesn't really count (her hair is, once again, a dark auburn) for much when one considers that her co-stars sported silver and blue hair with Jung being an actual redhead.

3) I'll give you Mune-Mune as her hair colour is the closest to red in that series but her hair as depicted in the TV series is closer to pink than red (it changes with each world in the manga).

4) The title of redhead in FLCL belong squarely with Amarao, Samejima's hair color is, once again, more pink. You've chosen an image of her standing under a bridge in the shade which naturally would make it look darker, in the light it looks more like this. Unfortunately, while her hair color does change a bit with each episode (different animation directors), it is never red.

@Phantom Lord - Asuka is possibly one of Gainax's only true redhead characters.
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Old 2006-04-04, 10:50   Link #4
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Location: The chilling north.
hm. well, that sure showed me...
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