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Old 2005-12-30, 23:06   Link #1
Timeless Enigma
Tsushima Masaki
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War

Ok, there used to be an Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War thread around before, but because of unfortunate events... I'll have to recreate it.

Let's get with the basics shall we?

Title: Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War

Installment Number: 7th Ace Combat Game (if you count Ace Combat: Advance for the GBA to be an Ace Combat game >_> )

Number of Players: 1-2 (1 for primary gameplay, 2 for Vs. mode other 2 player modes are not yet known.)

System: PlayStation 2

Release Date: March 23, 2006 (Japan)

Featured Aircraft: F-15 Eagle

In the Ace Combat timeline, The Belkan War takes place 15 years before the events of The Unsung War. The story, however, is told in retrospect in late 2005, which is a short time Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies took place. This the first time in an Ace Combat game that a story told in retrospect has had a date attached to it. WHat I mean is... both Ace Combat 04 and Ace Combat 5 were both narrated after the events, but it was never revealed how long afterwards.

Let me summarize the timeline of Ace Combat

Ace Combat/Air Combat : ????
Ace Combat 2: ????
Ace Combat Zero: Events took place in 1995, story is told in late 2005
Ace Combat 04: Events took place in 2004/05, story is told in approx. 2010 or later
Ace Combat 5: Events took place in 2010, story was told likely shortly after the events
Ace Combat 3: Events took place in 2030 or so

Ace Combat Advance: ???? I have no idea since I never played this game.

Ace Combat Zero marks a semi-departure from Ace Combat tradition. This has been the first time one Ace Combat game has been directly referenced by another. While all Ace Combats take place in the same world (what I like to call The Strangereal World) you will be hardpressed to find any game in the series make any explicit references to the happenings of another game. This is excluding Ace Combat 5's Ace Combat 04: Operation Katina.

So... what's happening in The Belkan War? Well, "10 years ago, there was a war that engulfed the world." Actually, journalists like to exaggerate, the war only really engulfed a single continent, but unlike our World Wars, it seems international participation was rather limited (the only international involvement that seems to be known is Yuktobania).

Belka is basically The Strangereal World's Germany. Who do we fight as this time? It's not Osea, we will see Osean involvement. We are mercenaries hired to fight for Ustio, a nation which gained independence from Belka only to be retaken.

Your name? Cypher, or as has been seen in some screenshots: Cipher.
Do we have wingmen this time around? Yes. How many? For the most part only 1 this time.
What's his name? Larry Foulke, also known as Solo Wing Pixy.

What's the story behind Solo Wing Pixy? This maybe a bit spoilerish, as it may be revealed in the game, but apparently Pixy's was born from an incident where he managed to complete a mission and bring back his plane after he had lost his right wing. Ever since he has painted his right wing red and has gained the name "Solo Wing."
An interesting part about this story is that in real life, an Israeli F-15 managed to successfully land after its right wing had been torn off after a collision with an A-4 Skyhawk.

Wingman Command System (improved)

The Wingman Command System is back with a few tweaks and additions. Now you can tell your crew to attack only air targets, attack only ground targets, or attack whatever they want in conjunction to Cover, Disperse, Attack and Use Special Weapons.

Retrospective Interviews (new)
This is how the story will be told, and this system ties in with the Ace Style Gauge.

Ace Style Gauge (new)
Do you fight to protect your allies? Do you only attack the mission-critical targets? Or maybe you just blow up everything that isn't on your side? Whatever your style, you will be rewarded. There are three Ace Styles. Mercenary, SOldier and Knight. The Mercenary shows no mercy destroys everything in his path, the Soldier is the most flexible and only neutralizes critical threats. The Knight will never ignore an ally's call for help. Your Ace Style will determine which enemy squadrons you meet up with and how the story develops.

Enemy Ace Squadrons (improved)
Since Ace Combat 04, there's always been that enemy squadron who struck fear into the hearts of your allies... except you of course. In AC04 there was only the Aquila Squadron, better known as Yellow Squadron. In AC5 there was the 8492nd Squadron aka Grabacr and the Ofnir Squadron. Now we don't just get 1, not 2 squads... we get at LEAST 5 Squadrons... Count em up!

Rot (Red). 52nd Tactical Fighter Squadron - Flies 4 ship EF2000 Eurofighter Typhoons.

Grun (Green). 8th Tactical fighter Squadron - Flies 4 ship F/A-18 Hornets.

Indigo. 51st Tactical Fighter Squadron - Flies 4 ship JAS=39 Gripens.

Gelb (Yellow). 23rd Tactical Fighter Squadron - Flies 2 ship Su-37 Terminators.

Schwarze (Black). 6th tactical fighter Squadron - Flies 8 ship MiG-31 Foxhounds.

Our squadron

Galm (Garm). 66th Air Force Unit

These enemy squads will use advanced battle tactics and will be as well armed as you are. Finally you can experience the thrill of having a fighter fire a missile at you from over 5 km away! Finally, you can experience the tension of having to evade a persistent QAAM!

Emotional Feedback System (improved)
Don't be fooled by the name, this isn't some neuro-cybernetic sytem where you are jacked into your PS2. This is new system for radio dialogue management. Finally, dialogue from friends and foes will be more organized. The chatter will be more pertinent to the current situation. Remember in Ace Combat 04 how you'd still get wingmen talking about Yellow Squadron shooting down fighters well after you had made the Yellows turn tail in Mission 8 Shattered Skies? Well hopefully no more!

Assault Record (improved)
No more 18 named planes to shoot down, no more 30! What do we get this time? Over 150 different named pilots to shoot down! What does this translate to? Likely over 4 different paintschemes for each aircraft!

Special Weapons Selection (improved from Ace Combat 04)
No more whining about 1 SP Weapon for each aircraft. Namco returns to their Ace Combat 04 layout and gives us 3 different SP Weapons for each aircraft!

Here are some trailers
Tokyo Game Show Trailer
high res mms://
low res mms://

2nd Trailer
high res mms://
low res mms://


Note on The Strangereal World: If you look at various Ace Combat trailers, in the credits near the you will sometimes see "Welcome to The Strangereal World."

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Old 2006-03-04, 00:59   Link #2
Timeless Enigma
Tsushima Masaki
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Well, I know that there are many other places to get information, but I guess I'll post some stuff here again.

Japanese (flash) (non-flash)


We got some new updates on


The long and short of it is:
18 missions
Vs. mode is back
Special Weapons selection is back
Wingman Commands improved
No whiny pacifist wingmen
Ace Style Gauge adds replay value


Namco US still hasn't set down a concrete US release date. The best they've come up with is Spring 2006.
Some sites are listing as April 1st, 2006, some are saying May 30th, 2006, and everything inbetween. JP release is March 23rd, 2006.

The OPM April issue (available March 8th) will have a playable demo of ACZero. That should hold me over for all of 1 week.

Here's a post by my buddy from the GameFAQS/GameSpot forums:

Originally Posted by yellow26
I bought this week's HyperPlaystation2 (a video game magazine) that has a 4 page developer interview. I don't have time to translate it in its entirety, so I summarized it. There are numerous possible spoilers here. Do not read down if you don't want any of them. OK? Here we go!

We once had a discussion on whether the charcters in the movies are all real actors or very good CGs. It was very controversial if I remember right. None of us reached the solid conclusion at that time. Let's clear it up once and for all. They are all real actors whose voices were acted by different actors.

Concerning the Ace Style System, what kind of ace you are changes the life of the Belkan ace pilots. After the Belkan War, one man becomes a Professor at a university, another man is still a pilot, and the other man is totally down and out. Heck, your ace style sometimes gets a Belkan pilot's life turned upside down, lol. They will tell their memory of the war and you, Cipher, from their point of view (the Retrospective Interview System).

Cipher appears to get started as a nameless pilot, but Pixy seems to have already made a name for himself as a mercenary pilot at the beginning of the war. After all, he is a 'Solo Wing Pixy' who maneged to RTB with his right wing blown off.

It appears that the rival Belkan squadrons all have their own combat styles. For example, if a squadron of five aircraft faces you, four of them get to swarm in at you and the remaining one fires long range missiles at you from far away, or a squadron of eight splits into two flights of four, and while one flight is being a decoy, the other flight tries to engage you from dead six. According to Naoto Maeda, director of Project Aces, there are quite a number of furball missions this time around in ACZ. The Belkan aces have their own 'special' maneuvers, such as a barrel roll. Some of them are really good in dodging missiles. In the opening movie, there is a shot of an enemy plane dodging 5-6 missiles at one time. Hey, let's wait for the next official site update! Some aces drop flares or chaffs to deflect your missiles. The Belkan aces also know when to fire. Maeda tells us to pay attention to the missile alert.

As for the controller, there's a "Boresight Mode". This has something to do with switching the target. If you press the analog stick, the 'Boresight' circle appears on the screen. If you acquire a taget inside it, you can get a lock on to it. This way, you are able to choose the target you want to get rid of first. This also helps you decide whether or not you go after the yellow target which are the key to your ace style gauge. In AC5, you have to press R1 hard to hit the full buners, but in ACZ, you don't need to. Just press it usually and you can hit the full burners this time.
Regarding 2P head to head, there is a stage where you fly in formation to go against your friend flying in formaiton, but you cannot issue orders to your wingmen.

The initial aircraft are the F-4, F-1 and Draken.

The guy who seeks Cipher and has interviews with Pixy and Belkan aces is a journalist from a TV station called OBC. This is all that's revealed about his identity this time.

Last, will you care to ask me if you want to quote my post? I will not decline any request. Thanks.

Have fun. Just 19 days away from the release. Hope this entertains you a little...


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Old 2006-04-07, 12:43   Link #3
Ace Archer
Join Date: Jan 2006
Age: 30
whats the exact release date for europe, or are they still saying Spring 2006,
also if any1 wants i have the song that is used in the 2 latest trailers and variuos other BGM's,
a third trailer has been released.
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Old 2006-04-07, 14:15   Link #4
Timeless Enigma
Tsushima Masaki
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: British Columbia, Canada
I don't think they've said anything about a Europe release date other than the fact that it will be released in Europe.

Even in US they are still saying Spring 2006. Sure, we have a couple of online stores posting April 25, 2006 as the US release date, but Namco US hasn't said anything.

On another note as of April 5th I have played and finished the game on all three Ace Styles. The game is 24 missions long (3 missions have 3 different operations you can participate in, which are entirely different missions on their own). There's also an Special Mission over Airpace B7R The Round Table.

The retrospective interviews were very good but also a bit disappointing. I think I had been expecting an interview at least every 2 missions or so but that wasn't the case.

The story is nice and has some nice twists, and a couple of the missions are very eerie. I found one particularly disturbing, but I won't say which and why.

The game is darker and has a more serious vibe than the others, and while playing the game I sometimes feel like popping in AC04 or AC5 because those games don't have Ace Combat Zero's "heavy" feeling (I am referring to the tone of the game, not the handling of the aircraft, which is basically the AC5 flight model).

There's something about Ace Combat Zero that bothers me... and I don't know what it is. It's the most polished AC, there's a bit of variation, but... there is a lack of "time limit" missions. What I mean is that there is no mission in the game that requires you to wait for the time to expire. There are some "blow up x amount of points" missions, two of them actually. The return line is only available for 2 missions (4 if you count the Special Mission and the mission where you evade Excalibur). I was disappointed by this because ACES made it seem like this was going to be a regular feature.

It's a good game all-around.

I'd do a more in-depth review but... maybe some other day.
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Old 2006-04-07, 14:38   Link #5
Planet uLTraCarL Inc
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i loved Ace Combat 5, i am going to love Ace Combat Zero

The Chronicles of uLTraCarL .. Youtube connection
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Old 2006-04-07, 16:14   Link #6
Ace Archer
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Age: 30
Does it have an arcade style like AC5, or just the 24 missions, and i have already spolied the plot for myself especially about Galm 2 'SOLO WING PIXY'
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Old 2006-04-07, 17:56   Link #7
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
Man, was I happy to see a thread like this.

I had Ace Combat 5 as my first AC series and I just fell in love with it. However, after expecting ACZero for several months, I just want to say that I was disapointed.

First of all, I was able to finish the game within 24 hours. Of course, this was because I played it in "Very Easy" mode. However, just like its previous installment, it does have its own replay values.

Only thing that's better than this game is that it did have a better plot twist at the very end and the cinematics...Damn...they were good.

Even though the background was a CG-like, the people that were inside the cinematics were...

Well, try out the game and find out.

I wanna give out my own in-depth analysis as well, but 'fraid tht T-Enigma might beat me to it.
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