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Old 2010-02-11, 18:18   Link #21
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I got the new transforming Revoltech VF-1S yesterday - or as I like to call it, the Phoenix Hawk LAM... er, I mean, Pre-Fire!

Spoiler for The flight mode has no landing gear, the finicky little stand doesn't seem to like trying to hold it up, and you have to be careful with the wings lest they pop off.:

Spoiler for A comparison to a more recent Jetfire, from the Classics range - the latter without his extra weapons and stuff.:

Spoiler for This time, alongside both Classics Jetfire (with full weapons loadout) and another recent-ish Jetfire (from the Titanium line), for comparison's sake.:

Spoiler for I didn't bother with the gerwalk mode, so I skipped straight to battroid - and yes, I skipped replacing the canopy, too.

The little thing is quite fiddly to operate. Some of the joints and fold-away-able pieces (like the ones which ordinarily attach the arms to the backpack in plane mode, but are supposed to be folded away beneath the wrists otherwise) range from annoying to very annoying to try and get a handle on.

It doesn't seem to be nearly as sturdy as a battroid than as a plane, either.

Spoiler for More comparison pics.:

(The pieces one would need to re-paint to Jetfire-ify the figure seem reasonable enough - though I'd not be quite so sure about a more ambitious project, like trying to do a Dark Skyfire or Shattered Glass Jetfire out of it. A LAM-ification would be more up to the player, depending on which faction or unit one wanted to represent.

All told, it's a nice plane, a wonky battroid, and a (hopefully) serviceable basis for modification - for those with a Transformers or Battletech slant to their hobby, that is.

Though of course a Macross purist could do worse than to leave it as-is... though perhaps with a bit of panel lining added on for good measure.
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Old 2010-03-28, 10:40   Link #22
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Assuming I don't mind assembling the models, any reason I want the DX toy series over the 1/72 model kit series for Macross Frontier figures?

For me it seems the model kits are as fully transformable and detail as the DX toys but way cheaper.

(I know they are a different company, but having bought the 1/60 Macross Plus figures from Yamato, they feel very fragile, as if they were model kits pre-assembled at the factory...)

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Old 2011-07-25, 23:40   Link #23
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I have no first hand experience with the 1/60 DX's, but I imagine they might be a lot easier to pose than the 1/72s. Transforming and posing my 1/72 VF-25 is a pain, and reposing tends to be necessary after dusting the thing. That being said, I'm still rather happy to see my 1/72 VF-25 on display on the shelf above my computer.

A couple recent pictures of the model on display on my shelf:

Spoiler for image size:

And here's a few older pictures of the same kit.

Spoiler for Fighter Mode:

Spoiler for GERWALK Mode:

Spoiler for Battroid Mode:
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