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Old 2009-04-27, 13:35   Link #141
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The documentary-style narration and visuals made the series very unique, the characters were pretty likeable and i tend to forget sometimes that it's an anime.
The onlky sad part was the fighting:
It's not because it lacked the thrill factor, but because of some pretty unbelivable elements:
-elite pilots using a "weak" .50 cal gatling on armored targets.
-exchanging shots in the open at relatively close range.(they not even made effort to seek cover)
-the armors of the mechas were unbelivably though. Surviving RPGs, cannon shots without problems(We're talking about extremely light mechas with about 2 tons of mass!'s almost impossible that they have that kind of armor)
-overrated destructive ability of the sniper cannon(evenif it has the power of an old 105mm's still a 40mm cannon).
-special forces attacking without air support despite knowing that the enemy have one(and they have the option to request some heli support).

Well i have problems with the mecha designs usability too, but it's still one of the closest thing you can consider as "real".

I think it was a quite good show but not a totally outstanding one.
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Old 2010-06-05, 14:18   Link #142
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Lol I just had too post this... Talk about FAIL.

Spoiler for Spoiler:
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