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Old 2006-05-01, 11:00   Link #1
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I desperately need some suggestions based on this GIF I made...

I've decided to work on a big amv project later on this year, but I realize it's going to take loads of preparation before I can finally start editting...which means I'd have to start now. What I'm going to need are simply recommendations of various anime that resemble the action going on in that animated gif. I'd prefer it if the action scenes you recommend also had a fast moving backround like in the pic posted above, but if it doesn't, then that's fine too. I just really need as many fast past action scenes that resemble the above pic.

Please if possible don't JUST post the anime you would recommend. It'd really help if you could post some episode numbers as well.

My ultimate goal is to make a cross over amv that combines many different action scenes like the one stated above. So far, I've managed to effectively combine some fight scenes between characters from Samurai Champloo, Tenjou Tenge, the King of Fighters OVA's, and FF7:Last Order, but I'm going to need many, many more sources for this to be a success. So if you know of any great quality fight scenes from any anime (except ones that deal w/ mechs) then feel free to post it here. DBZ, Naruto, Samurai X (RK) and bleach are givens so you don't even have to mention those--though admittedly, I'd like to try to use as little as possible from those shows. Especially DBZ, Naruto, and bleach. lol

The link below leads to simple animated GIF I quickly tossed together just to give a glimpse at what I'm trying to do. It's in no way going to be in the finished project. (I mean, the characters still look like cut-out's), but it should at least give you some idea or concept of what I'm trying to accomplish here.
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Old 2006-05-01, 11:15   Link #2
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You may want to check out:

Air Master
Fullmetal Alchemist
Shakugan no Shana
Mai Hime
Mai Otome
Fate/Stay Night
Black Cat
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Old 2006-05-01, 11:31   Link #3
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Join Date: Dec 2005

That was a great start, but I'm still going to need a lot more. So please, feel free to contribute. =)

(btw, you would'nt happen to know of any episode numbers in particular that could help me out, would you Scribble?)
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Old 2006-05-01, 13:43   Link #4
Join Date: Jan 2006
Kage Kara Mamoru
Fate stay night
Gunslinger Girl (shooting, dodging, shooting)
Hellsing (shooting, dodging, shooting)
One Piece (cheap animation, though)
Yakitate Japan!! (some of the episodes contain Dragonball/Samurai parodies)
Street Fighter II Movie
Street Fighter Zero/ Street Fighter Alpha OAV

Hope that also helped a little
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Old 2006-05-01, 15:31   Link #5
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Join Date: Dec 2005
^^great, thanks a lot. (Especially for reminding me about the street fighter ova's. I had completely forgot about those)

Here's another gif I made, and it will probably be the last one I share with you all. It's may not be the best animated gif you've ever seen, but I'm proud of the concept behind it. This gif should give you a better understanding of the kinds of fight scenes I'd like to create.

I just wish my web browser didn't preview it so fast...
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