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Old 2006-05-01, 22:25   Link #1
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Anime with...

An interesting male lead character. Usually I see all the backstory and stuff coming from a the female that comes in. Are there any anime you guys know of with an interesting story behind the male lead?
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Old 2006-05-02, 18:03   Link #2
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try Fate/Night stay the male lead gets in to a war called the Holy Grail War (title speaks for itself) against mages who have summon servants to fight with havin the war tied to his childhood
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Old 2006-05-02, 22:01   Link #3
Fighter Volk
Thanks sakurabatou @ LJ
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I'm not so sure about Fate/stay Night. The main character's backstory really isn't very interesting at all...

I would strongly recommend Fullmetal Alchemist here. The Elric brothers have a fascinating past behind them, and though it seems simple and though BONES deceives you into believing that you know everything there is to know by the tenth episode, the surprises and revelations regarding their pasts keep on hammering you loooooong after that. Ed and Al are two of my favorite male leads ever, in fact, both for backstory and for personality.

Mushishi's main character Ginko has an intriguing backstory but it is not something that develops over the series; rather, only one (very powerful) episode is devoted to Ginko's past. Ginko totally rocks, though, and the series is most definitely worth seeing, regardless of reason.

I'd also go with TIDE-LINE Blue here. Keel is a pretty cool teenager as far as teenage male leads go, and his story is an interesting one as well. TLB is a series much more focused on the here-and-now character relationships, on how they are dealing in the present rather than what happened in the past, though.

Eureka Seven is another of my favorite shows. The main character Renton is my favorite teenager in an anime ever. See, his dad apparently saved the world somehow, and Renton's sister has long been missing (all this is revealed in the first episode) and clearly there are some *crucial* plot-things hanging on Renton's family... and yet this backstory is kept under lock-and-key, even though Renton is the series narrator. It's amazing. I've only seen (exactly) half of this series so far, but I have absolutely no doubts whatsoever that it'll deliver.

Hope this helps!
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Old 2006-05-02, 22:09   Link #4
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I'll add:
Trigun - my favorite male lead
Gungrave - saw it a long time ago, but really enjoyed it at the time... it'd be too depressing for me now
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Old 2006-05-02, 22:17   Link #5
Fighter Volk
Thanks sakurabatou @ LJ
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Location: NYC
Oh, yes - GunGrave is a very strong one when it comes to the backstory of a main male character. Kudos to jedinat for bringing it up.
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Old 2006-05-03, 07:54   Link #6
Nyunga Ro Chaga
Join Date: Dec 2005
+1 for Eureka 7, Mushishi and Gungrave. Awesome shows.

Some others:

Monster - The hell Tenma has to go through..

Gankutsuou - themes of friendship, betrayal, love.. Albert *-*

Berserk - which is like Gungrave, set in medieval times
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Old 2006-05-06, 13:15   Link #7
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Age: 31
Like Fighter Volk said, Fullmetal Alchemist is highly recommended; Ed has to be one of the most charismatic and interesting guys out there, and the thoughest I've watched by far. He's had it bad, life has fucked things up for him so bad, and he's optimistic, pragmatic, funny, and determined, but capable of angry outbursts, pity, and hurt.And, veyr important, he's NOT sorry for himself, guilty or angsting all the time. I love him so much^^

Also, Yami no Matsuei. I find Tsuzuki very interesting, with so many layers it's sometimes difficult to figure the guy out.

Saiyuki has a cast of four very charismatic and interesting individuals with as crappy lives as Ed's.And with-mostly-the same attitude.
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