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Old 2006-05-05, 00:52   Link #1
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Location: Bay Area, California
Age: 31
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Talking my first post and some anime suggestions?

hello mina-san! this is my first post and i just would like to know some anime i may have missed. i have seen maybe around 50+ series of anime. quite possinly more but i seen so many i cant remember. anyways,

im looking for some really really sad anime. kinda like Kimi Ga No Zoumu Eien. ya know? the stuff that on the 2nd episode your ballin your eyes out.

i like all kinds of anime but i like cryers the best. im also lookin for animes were the main person finds out he/she is the best/ultimate/destined one and overcomes many hardships. but thats like 70% of anime out there LOL

recently i just watched Mai Hime and Mai Otome back to back and i loved those animes, if anyone knows of animes like those gimme some suggestions.

BTW heres a small list of animes i loved, besides the ones i already mentioned. if anyone has seen animes like them also tell me:
Chobitsu shi
Hand Maid May
Saikanon-last love song on this planet
Earth Girl Arujuna
Love Hina
Green Green
Dragon Drive
Angelic Layer

the list goes on but ill stop here. these are prolly my most memorable animes.

PS... i know i could prolly find what im looking if i searched the forums some, but id rather re-ask and try my luck. besides new animes come out all the time
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Old 2006-05-05, 01:21   Link #2
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Age: 31
Figure 17 - Tsubasa & Hikaru - very sad in some parts, left me nearly as depressed as KgNE (I happened to hate KgNE though...)
Full Moon wo Sagashite - also very sad in some parts, especially towards the middle/end. but in this case I enjoyed the feeling The ending was a happy one too, which is a good thing imo
Juuni Kokuki - not sad, but among the best of the "chosen one" type anime
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Old 2006-05-05, 01:31   Link #3
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Join Date: May 2006
Location: Bay Area, California
Age: 31
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ill look into them thanks
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Old 2006-05-05, 01:35   Link #4
Nyunga Ro Chaga
Join Date: Dec 2005
There's that old Fushigi Yuugi and Ayashi no Ceres, which cause severe romance frustrations like KGNE. (I happened to hate kgne as well..)

-Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Tsuiokuhen
-Voices of a Distant Star

Chrno Crusade's last episode is a definite tear-jerker.
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