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Old 2010-08-12, 05:43   Link #41
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I watched this series when I was a kid and I remember that the second half of the series had left me an impression at the time because it was eerie, the plans and the music was all mysterious and dark. I have rewatched it these days and it doesn't has the same effect on me as before, but it's still interesting.
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Old 2011-08-16, 03:57   Link #42
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Still looking for the English dub of it in a torrent or on a file sharing site (ie Megaupload Rapidshare etc). Can't find it yet.
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Old 2011-08-16, 22:19   Link #43
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Loved this series when I saw it, Luna is a great original character. Didn't know it was ever english dubbed, did you see the sub AD?
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Old 2011-09-09, 13:12   Link #44
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I like Luna as a princess in the end when she turns back good. Needed more episodes of this final form of her. Would have been awesome if they continued it with her good like that and then gave her good powers so she could fight evil (just like Sailor Moon can do), and go into battle against Captain Hook and pwn him so bad, so that he could never try to kill Peter Pan again.

PS: Dark Luna versus Sailor Moon is a fight I'd pay to see.
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Old 2013-06-10, 08:08   Link #45
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Hi. Love the Japanese Peter Pan very much. Watched it on the German TV during the 90's.
Just bought the entire set of 10 DVDs on Yahoo auction. I think I can watch these because I have a good memory and excellent short contents are available.
But because I have not mastered Japanese I did an extensive survey on the availabilty of western DVDs and even VHS. The largest number of episodes -about a dozen- are available in French but only on VHS. In English 6 episodes are available on VHS -impossible to obtain- but 5 on a DVD that is very easy to acquire.
However, on YouTube a seller is advertising bootlegs in Spanish(?); you can not miss him.
That is for the fans who -like me- prefer traditional DVDs to downloads. J.
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