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View Poll Results: Ouran Host Club Favourite Character(s) Poll (Multiple choice allowed)
Fujioka Haruhi 362 48.99%
Haninozuka Mitsukuni (Honey) 144 19.49%
Hitachiin Hikaru (Dom twin) 211 28.55%
Hitachiin Kaoru (Sub twin) 177 23.95%
Houshakuji Renge (Host Club Manager) 83 11.23%
Morinozuka Takashi (Mori) 119 16.10%
Ootori Kyouya (Host Club Vice President) 233 31.53%
Suou Tamaki (Host Club King) 397 53.72%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 739. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2006-08-16, 20:51   Link #61
~Hara Tsubaki~
*Summon Night Lover*
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: My Mind :D
Hikaru and Kaoru all the way~ Because they're awesome, that's why
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Old 2006-08-20, 21:40   Link #62
Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: North Carolina
Age: 31
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It was close between Hikaru & Tamaki, but Tama-chan always wins me over with his unique talent to always make me giggle. X3 And the puppy dog eyes, they keeeel me!!! XD
Tamaki = <3
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Old 2006-08-21, 21:23   Link #63
White Manju Bun
Born to make history
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: Shibuya Psychic Research
I must vote for Tamaki-sempi. I didnt really like him in the first epi but his pure stupidity made me seriously fall in love with him. He's so cute and so dumb ^^

Kyou is my 2nd fav and even more after epi 17. Ebil Kyou is hot!
Pandora HeartsManju's Stuff
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when the Doctor was me."
- 11th Doctor.

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Old 2006-08-22, 12:35   Link #64
Cannibal Papaya
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: I want out.
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Tamaki <3

*filler filler*
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Old 2006-09-03, 10:15   Link #65
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: I live in your everyday lives and I haunt your dreams D:
Age: 25
Send a message via AIM to yuujyo Send a message via MSN to yuujyo
My fav is Kyouya, but I alsp put down Hikaru =D

Kyouya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *glomp*
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Old 2006-09-16, 18:31   Link #66
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2006
i voted for haruhi! i love her <3 ;]
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Old 2006-09-17, 11:31   Link #67
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2006
He's the most beautful one!!
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Old 2006-09-17, 13:33   Link #68
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2006
Age: 27
Haruhi!! She is the most unique girl XD.. you just got to love/like her.
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Old 2006-09-18, 02:05   Link #69
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2003
Send a message via AIM to Ori
Tamaki because he is the source of much comedy.
Ori is offline  
Old 2006-09-18, 21:38   Link #70
Join Date: Jan 2006
It's a tie right now (114 to 114) between my two favs. How rare, a poll and I are in agreement.
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Old 2006-09-18, 21:53   Link #71
Osana-Najimi Shipper
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Mt. Ordeals
My votes...

Haruhi - Err, well, she is three quarters of the show.

Hikaru - because he's the only one smart enough to know he's actually in love with Haruhi. Just want to smack the rest. (I'm looking at you Tamaki)

Renge - Gotta love this female Otaku. Always found these Ojou-sama types interesting with their stereotypical evil witch laugh.

Kyouya - my non-canon (so far) favorite pairing with Haruhi, as both are pragmatist in their own way. Also, he knows way too much about her... maybe that's a sign of interest?

Yes its YOU childhood friend - source of BERZERKER RAGE since forever
Childhood Friend couple STATISTICS(spoilers abound though)
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Old 2006-09-19, 19:30   Link #72
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Desert, USA
Age: 31
My votes went to Haruhi, Tamaki, and Renge.

Tamaki, because he is such a entertaining character to watch. Such a brilliantly complex personality. As I've probably mentioned elsewhere, Tamaki brings to Ouran great passion, humor, an amusing naivete when it comes to love, and unexplainable strokes of insightfulness and understanding. Overall, excellent.

Renge, because she brings much needed comic relief and always elicits a laugh from me, always. I love her unpredictable and spectacular entrances, her omniscient understanding of situations, and her otaku personality for all things moe.

And of course, Haruhi, because I just love her character.
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Old 2006-09-20, 03:01   Link #73
I like pie.
Join Date: Nov 2004
Episode 23 made me realize that Renge is the most awesome of all the characters in Ouran. Every time I hear the high powered electric motor come to life, I know that something very very funny is about to happen, and now I look forward to it.

The other characters are all fine and all... but Renge is that special spice that makes it all wonderful. (As a character, she also provides a sort of biting satire on the whole genre and its readers, but in a fun sort of a way.)
cynicalicious is offline  
Old 2006-09-20, 22:57   Link #74
Join Date: Feb 2006
I'm not really into's just that she doesn't seem that special.....yes the story has made her the character that helps every other sub character and stuff....but it just seems she doesn't have enough personality.....I'm just saying she could have been a lot "cooler" in her own way.

So I voted for the King and the vice president. The "vice" part is right.
canza is offline  
Old 2006-09-20, 23:07   Link #75
Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Asia
Favourite would be Tamaki. He's more clueless and slow compared to everyone else but means well in his actions.
crystar is offline  
Old 2006-09-25, 22:31   Link #76
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2006
Hikaru's personality fits in with the rest of the anime guys that I like, so vote goes to him defiantly. It's hard to explain, but just something about him makes him my favorite. I also voted for Kyoya, his character is so intriguing xD
kaikochan is offline  
Old 2006-09-27, 03:04   Link #77
Animesuki's Janitor
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Somewhere in Shigeru Miyamoto's head
Age: 31
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SUOU is my king! After watching ep25, he is even more than a favourite character.

Last edited by Itachikun; 2011-02-15 at 08:30.
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Old 2006-10-02, 16:24   Link #78
Has a Muffin
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: I am currently glued to my comp. chair...does that answer you question? T_T *muffin*
He tis so kawaii
Hes got this alter ego
AND bad-ass karate skillz
He rocks ^_^

Last edited by emothekat; 2006-10-02 at 16:58.
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Old 2006-10-02, 16:38   Link #79
Noodlehead is not edible.
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Canada
Age: 27
I voted Tamaki before, quite a long time ago... His crazy antics often made me laugh.

Now I see that I'd probably vote Kyouya. His development in episde 24 especially enforced my interest in his character. He seems to be one of the characters who have more depth behind the one-sided stereotype prevalent in comedy series such as Ouran.

Of course Haruhi is also a character I like, but her mellow attitude to almost everything went from craftily stereotype-mocking to bordering on blatantly unmotivated. She won me back at the climax of the last episode, though -- when she showed some true determination.

~ Noodlehead
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Old 2006-10-26, 09:58   Link #80
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: Oman
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I Like all of them ... each member of the hosting club has something espicl...

but most .. i love Haruhi when tama-kun is around XD
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