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Old 2006-05-20, 00:00   Link #1
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LAN & Internet Sharing

Ok here's the problem ..

I'm rebuilding my parent's LAN. No router .. just 2 computers connected to each other .. with the 2nd comp accessing Internet tru the other comp's inter net connection (Internet sharing).

So the basic ..

Internet -> Comp A (my parent's room) -> Comp B(my sister's room)

Comp A is winXP SP2 (set ip to for LAN)
Comp B is win2000 (ip =

Ping between comps ok (so no problem on NIC or cable).. but comp B unable to access Internet even after internet sharing enabled

The basic connection (Inet->CompA->CompB) works because thats what they been using before .. only after they changed the NIC in CompA when this problem started.

I've forgotten how I set up it before so any help for the setting would be very much appreciated. But please dont suggest any buying as my parent would kill me ( because they know it could work before )
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umm you should just set the ip's back to automatically DCHP..... thats probably why.. you wanna turn on the ICS and set it that its on the lan that you wanna share.

so like basically you should have a LAN1 and a LAN2 cause you have 2 NICs. if LAN1 is connected to the modem, then you wanna go to the properties of LAN1 and set ICS to share with LAN2. thats all that is needed to get it shared.
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