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Old 2006-05-31, 20:24   Link #1
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Looking for scanners

Guys ive started drawing a while ago and I believed ive improved a lot. More than I would ever wanted however there are still a lotta thing I need to learn how to draw properly but I learn real fast can you believe I barely pratice> Watch my drawing carefully. The sad thing I dont have a scanner yet but im thinking about buying one tomorrow. Anyways, Im planning on making a serious manga and ive drawn the first page but im looking for assistents who are serious and want to join me since my scanning skills really suck. ANy voluntereers?
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Old 2006-06-01, 10:17   Link #2
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DUdes im serious
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Old 2006-06-01, 10:22   Link #3
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well my scaning skills suck also but ill help if I can..........

Like what are we talking.
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Old 2006-06-01, 12:09   Link #4
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About a manga that is supposed to as good and obsessing as Berserk. I m really working hard on it but you need to gimme at least 10 hours 4 I can send you the 1st page. Ill post it here as well, so these fagg*ts can criticize me. My drawing skills are good but I can do even better than that. I barely draw All i do is sketch things in my head and try to understand em Anyways Ill; post the first page here as soon as possible.
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Old 2006-06-01, 12:45   Link #5
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Hmmmm...well, if you're looking for Manga scanners, one thought would be to try a Manga site/forum such as -- -- You might have better luck there (if nobody bites here). My scanning skills are excellent, but I don't have any free time at-the-moment.

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Old 2006-06-01, 19:30   Link #6
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Call me clueless, but what do you mean by scanner? All I can figure is the machine of the same name, but that doesn't seem to really make sense in this context, since using a scanner isn't hard at all...

One other thing, shouldn't you really provide an example before trying to recruit assistants? I doubt many people will just take your word for it that you're good.
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Old 2006-06-05, 06:37   Link #7
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the canon and epson scanners are both great.

i think the canon is a model 8400? and the epson a 3950 or 4450?

anyway they are about 179$. they can scan film and other stuff with good DPI and dont cost anywhere near the 400$ scanners and are basically the same, just not thrills attached.
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