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Old 2006-06-03, 00:20   Link #1
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Anime Moments: Spoiler Alert

I know there might be a thread or two somewhere burried in this forums.. and having used the search function didn't really helped either.. so i decided to make a new one...

Having said that.. What anime moments (or series) made a lasting impression on you
(be it made you cry, sad, laugh, angry, etc.)

1. Kimi ga Nezumo Eien -- Takuyami's breakdown at the hospital scene

and the beach scene between Takuyami and Haruka

2.SUzuka -- when yamato kissed suzuka

3.shuffle -- kaede stirring an empty pot

4.azumanga daioh -- osaka and "baka rangers" adding their scores to top Chiyo's ?? score

5.Air (TV) -- final episode last scenes

6.Full Metal Alchemist -- the whole tragic Nina arc

7.FMP:TSR -- the haircut episode

8.Major -- death of Goro's dad
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Old 2006-06-03, 00:53   Link #2
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You know, the most unforgettable anime moment for me was from Cowboy Bebop.
Everybody, I think, knows what that moment is. I'll summarize it with one word: Bang!
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Old 2006-06-03, 02:53   Link #3
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I'm to lazy to list a bunch. So here's a few:

End of Evangelion -
Spoiler for EoE Spoiler aler:

Shuffle! - When Kaede attacks Asa!

Air -
Spoiler for Ending:

Elfen Lied - When Lucy punches that dudes heart out!

Lots other but I'm tired /yawn
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