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Old 2006-06-15, 16:29   Link #1
Dragon Reborn
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Question on styles?

I was wondering if there is a name for differnt types of styles in anime? Like for intance in PLANETS the characters have....................... I'd say rounder features, but in Neo Gensis they have sharper features. What I was wondering if there is a name for these different types of styles?
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Old 2006-06-16, 09:22   Link #2
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No exact classification....just check the credits and identify the CHARACTER DESIGNER and the head honcho ANIMATOR(s). (You can check animenewsnetwork encyclopedia where wao kindly translated those info for us.) Planetes character designer is the same woman who did Kurau (and some other show which I forget right now).

But just for myself, I've identified the following:
super-spikey (in shounen anime)
super-realistic (in serious anime)
super-deformed (in comedy anime)
super-insane (in Studio 4C, Gainax anime)
super-soft (in seinen / slice-of-life / Yoshitoshi ABe anime)
super-moe (in moe anime)

I'd say in early to mid nineties super-spikey was still common in serious and seinen anime, while now designs have streamlined but also solidified into a more eye-pleasant style.
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Old 2006-06-16, 10:54   Link #3
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Actually the character designer of PLanetes (Yuriko Chiba) did not do the designs for Kurau (Tomomi Ozaki). She used to work with OLM where she did stuff, of which I remember there was Figure 17 (had she left by then? Not sure) and the orignal To Heart. Her drawings are closer to Ken'ichi Yoshida (Overman King Gainer, Eureka 7) in style, in a way.

Tomomi Ozaki on the otehr hand is doing the upcoming Chevalier anime.

There isn't really a general classification afaik, though I vaguely remember moewotas had a classification for designs basd on the type of eyes or sooomething like that... there's a particular style with very droopy eyes.

But you could just use your common sense and roughly divide it into Realistic or Stylized (Abstract/bizarre [ala Crayon Shin Chan], Kiddy [Pokemon?] and Cute [AIR being an extreme example]?) and figure out where you want to put what in, or make an in-between category if you like.

It's most interesting to see how a character designer's style evolves, and how they interpret designs if it's from another soruce (an original designer, or a manga source).
Thanks for the fish
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