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Old 2006-06-16, 15:44   Link #1
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An Intriguing Question re Nana and Touch live action movie licensing & airline IFE

Hi all,

I'm currently in Osaka at the minute. On the way here I flew Emirates. They have this rather awesome in flight entertaining system called ICE with over 500 movies. Anyhow the point of this post is on Emirates IFE there was Touch AND Nana and they were both SUBTITLED.

Would that be considered a license ? I've never seen any official Japanese DVD's with English subs and if so where have they acquired the license to subtitled them? oO;;;;.

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Old 2006-06-16, 15:54   Link #2
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Special license deals are made for in-flight entertainment so the likes of AnimeSuki probably wouldn't consider it "licensed" -- i.e. it isn't for general release.

As for who made the subs, it's hard to say unless you read the credits The studio that makes the for-flight edit (distinct from a theater or DVD release) will likely provide the translation and subbing/dubbing for their edit if they don't already exist; this might be the original producer or another outfit entirely. Have a look at the World Airline Entertainment Association site for an over-view.
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Old 2006-06-16, 16:15   Link #3
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It could be Sony or one of the conglomerates, and they probably pulled the program off an international package (one that they sell to other countries). The anime example I can think of are the Animax shows and Sony translations. In your case its more or less the same thing, but for movies.
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Old 2006-06-16, 19:33   Link #4
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Okay, I understand Touch! since it was kind of old...

...but the Nana anime? As in the based-on-the-Yazawa-Ai-manga-about-J-rockers-with-a-live-action-movie Nana anime?

If I recall correctly, the first Japanese Region 2 DVD doesn't come out until (fittingly) July 7th. How did they manage to get it for inflight broadcast that quickly, with English subs to boot?

(I've looked up for the release info for the Nana Japanese R2 DVDs, but it says nothing about them including English subtitles. And yes, there has been anime whose Japanese R2s come in English subtitles - the first Saikano series being an example.)

(Edited to add: Apparently these were live-action movies...I fail at reading the thread. -_-;;; )

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You're so lucky to get actual Japanese films! I was on Japan Airlines (I think because it was a long time ago) and they had these small interactive screens behind each chair where you can play games and watch movies.

I remember there were a lot of American films but there were also a few anime. I know there was a Digimon the movie but it was raw.
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