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Old 2006-06-20, 05:40   Link #1
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Join Date: Dec 2005
Age: 31
Vanished 0.o

Just wondering about threads that once in a while just disappear. Such as the 'classic anime' one that is gone... I don't even see my post in it in my history, so it's not like it got assimilated or something. ...I think?

I am just curious, please don't hurt me *ducks*
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Old 2006-06-20, 06:07   Link #2
Join Date: Jan 2001
Location: Netherlands
Age: 38
There shouldn't really be threads that just disappear, but... you have read this already?

It's been a while, but if the threads you are referring to have just the right (or "wrong")
age then they might have fallen victim to the problem described above.
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Old 2006-06-20, 08:37   Link #3
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Join Date: Mar 2003
Age: 37

The default post history view only goes back 500 posts; you have over 500 posts. If you can't see a post it might be one outside that range... however I don't think that is the case here as I think you're really looking for the thread in general, not your post per-se.

I also think you're looking for a new thread, so GHD's post above doesn't really apply. In cases like this there are three possible reasons why you can't find the thread:
  1. It was moved.
    You should be able to find the thread by searching...

  2. It was renamed.
    When a thread is renamed we normally add "(Was: ...)" to the title, to let people know. If this doesn't happen, you'll normally be able to find the thread by searching your history.

  3. It was deleted.
    When you've tried the above and you still can't find it -- like now -- you can be pretty sure it was deleted.
If the thread was an established thread (i.e. very old or big thread) this is highly unlikely that it would fit any of the above -- but then it is highly unlikely it would just disappear too.

I can't see a trace of a thread called "classic anime", but I can tell you an "Old School Anime" thread was removed. See #3 above. You posted in the thread so I think it is safe to assume the mystery is now solved?
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Old 2006-06-20, 12:17   Link #4
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Join Date: Dec 2005
Age: 31
Ah yeah, I guess? Seemed like an interesting thread, so I thought it kind of strange it was deleted.
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