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Old 2007-04-08, 19:17   Link #1
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- I been watching tutorials on Youtube about using Adobe photoshop but most of them use the tools from MS paint

- but I can't seem to find it...can anyone help me ?
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Old 2007-04-08, 19:52   Link #2
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Read tutorials on the internet for Photoshop usage, I've used a few. Usually they're guides to doing a certain thing, but along the way they use a lot of other effects. Following them along lets you see what each one is, and you can play with it as you go to see what they do. That's the best way to learn the program, in my opinion. A video would be too fast, and it's not hands-on.
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Old 2007-04-08, 20:36   Link #3
Gregory House
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Play around with the program if you really want to learn how to use it. Heck, my dad is a freaking art director in the publicity department and Photoshop is his main working tool, and he's never read any tutorial whatsoever. He doesn't even understand English, for Jebus' sake, but has anyways learned how to use it without ever using the Spanish translation of the program.

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