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Old 2006-06-26, 17:47   Link #21
Mr. Folgers! Wassup, suh?
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I invented Gundam.
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Old 2006-06-26, 18:10   Link #22
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it seems that most of you Guys that post here said that
there 1st experience of Gundam was Gundam Wing

but the thing I don't get is why people don't like Gundam Wing
that I see in other Anime forums or reviews of the show.

but anyway for me it was macross, I remember seeing alittle bit of that series when I was in 1st or 2nd Grade. Then when Toonami kept showing previews of Gundam Wing I was like "wow" I never seen that before

and thats how I came into the Gundam World
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Old 2006-06-26, 18:21   Link #23
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Age: 28
gundam wing on toonami when i was 11... me and my friends used to make fun of zechs being called sex and the people calling the gundams GUNDAMN
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Old 2006-06-26, 18:33   Link #24
Procrastination Major
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Age: 29
Gundam Wing for me. 'twas back in the 6th or 7th grade and I had been hardcore into transformers, but there just always felt like there was something lacking to it.

Then I saw Gundam Wing. And that had been exactly what I was looking for. Still felt like I was missing out on something since there were unnatural dripping sounds after someone was shot but no blood and really forced sounding "dang it"'s and "crud"'s and the replacement of all death/kill/murder with "destroy," but I was primarily watching it for the mecha-destruction, and I picked up the DVD's a couple years later and got all that I wanted in that anyways, where I also discovered the japanese version which sounded SO much better.

Building the models was fun too
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Old 2006-06-26, 20:34   Link #25
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First Gundam that I saw: Zeta Gundam, the MS itself in a magazine.

First Gundam anime: Gundam SEED.

First model: pointing to Zeta...although undecided.
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Old 2006-06-27, 02:35   Link #26
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my first gundam experience was watching gundam 0079 for the first time, back in the late '80s, then continuing with all the shows later. my first msia like model was the zakuII char custom
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Old 2006-06-27, 03:01   Link #27
Zechs, pilot of Tallgeese
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Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota.
With me it was Gundam Wing. To tell yall the truth I like almost every gundam show. My favorite is is Wing, But the UC timeline is the best. When I seen Gundam Wing it got into Gundams. After seeing Wing and EW I watched G Gundam, Mobile Suit Gundam, 0083, 8th MS Team, Seed, and Destiny. I've alwats wanted to see Chars Counter attack. The season on my list is Gundam X. It looks kinda like Gundam Wing for some reason to me.
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Old 2006-06-27, 08:38   Link #28
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Very first mecha experience ...

I grew up watching Astro Boy, Robotech, Transformers, and Tekkamen Blade (or as they called the show in Australia, Teknoman).

What got me into Gundam was when my dad bought a Gundam Weapons magazine (the model in question was the MG v1 Z Gundam) that was on sale at a flea market, mistaking it for something from Robotech.
Then, I was looking through my cousin's boyfriend's PSX games collection, and spotted the Z Gundam PSX game - the one with all the Virtual On style combat.

My first real Gundam anime experience was probably that, but I had no idea what was going on because I couldn't understand Japanese at the time, so the first Gundam anime I got into was Seed.
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Old 2006-06-27, 08:57   Link #29
Wingless Angel
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*stands up*

"Hi my name is Nilrem and I am a gundam-holic".


"I had my first gundam experience through cartoon network where i got hooked on it and also the movie. Later on I started watching gundam seed too.

"Thank you"

*sits down*
The past does not dictate the future.
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Old 2006-06-28, 02:09   Link #30
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Found a music video of gundam wing with the mettalica song wherever i may roam on kazaa, then i downloaded all the episodes + endless waltz ^^

My friend watched some anime from time to time, and i got kinda interested in it, and found this site on google,and saw there was a new gundam series named gsd wich happened to feature a little crybaby named Kira, and I was tricked from episode to episode to find out he would ever stop his crying. Then it got licensed and i stopped watching it, and like a while ago i got ahold of all the episodes and watched it.

Then like 2 months ago i found out there was a sequal of the series and I downloaded and watched it to see if Kira would start his crying again only to find out there was a new crybaby in town named Shinn, and I would suffer trough the flashback's from his family getting killed like everyone else like once every gsd episode. GS\D was kinda like a soap opera gone bad with evil clones, fake lacus, druggies, badguys that seemed nice, but was actually bad guys and people fighting for their freedom.

Since then ive seen gundam x, turn a and hopefully i will get my hands on some of the other series in the gundam universe soon.

First gundam experience + lifestory
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Old 2006-06-28, 03:00   Link #31
Newtype level 3
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Location: Canada owns u
my first gundam experience was when i was 8 (1994), my uncle gave me his super nes with a game doctor and a shitload of disk games. One of them was an 0079 SD Gundam side scroller(dunno the name). They looked like samurai pizza cats to me but was fun to play as the RX-78.

Then Gundam Wing debuted on YTV. I asked my friends if "Gundams" were the samurai pizza cats lookin like things in my game, and low and behold, it was. Got hooked onto Wing and wanted more after endless waltz. Decided to try X out but wasnt as addictive as Wing, probably cuz i dont know about any of the UC references. None the less it was decent. However, didn't watch another series (wasnt really interested in UC since i thought the gundams were dull in comparison to the Wing ones) until my friends told me 2 years later about a new gundam series called Gundam Seed coming out. Decided to try it out, was slow to start with, but got addicting near the end. When it ended, i wanted more and so i went down the UC route, starting with 0079. Thats how i became a hardcore UC and Amuro Ray fan. Although i still liked seed, the depth and story of UC will always be #1 for me.
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Old 2006-06-28, 04:12   Link #32
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Originally Posted by physics223
I simply saw Gundam Wing on CN. That introduced me to Gundam and to anime addiction.
The exact same for me ^^
It was back when cartoon network was a channel that didn't come with cable... my friend had the channel and i watched wing for the first time... he said it was kinda confusing, but i caught on...
Tenchi Muyo was the second anime, and 1st ep of cowboy beebop was the third for anime in general... atleast, i think that's about the order it was in

I think because Wing was my first, i'll always carry a bit of bias for it... kinda of what i do for FF9 =P
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Old 2006-06-28, 17:01   Link #33
It's magic!
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Hmm, no special "first" encounter for me.
When I first discovered animesuki and the world of anime I stumbled across SEED as it just were completing beeing subbed(think it was at episode 43 or so when I started watching it). And damn if I didn't think it was horrible
Still, it got me wanting more so I worked my way trough some OVAs and movies, completly jumping between one thing and the next, watching half of Zeta and Double Zeta and then going for the 0079 movies and jumping some more.
Mixed with plenty of spoilers from this forum led to maybe not the ultimate first go at Gundam experience

The first anime I watched though were some years ago on a local channel, Macross at that, rather odd choise maybe and boy did that first Zentradi freak me out a bit young as I was...never seen it since though(on any local channel).
The first episodes were awesome
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Old 2006-06-28, 17:56   Link #34
Join Date: Dec 2005
Age: 27
When I was young I never watched Gundam but I heard it from somewhere, anyway first time I watched Gundam was when I move to China and saw G Gundam but I did not understand anything since I don't speak Chinese.
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Old 2006-06-28, 18:13   Link #35
Anaheim Electronics
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Gundam Wing on CN for me, when it first aired in the US. I actually saw a lot of other Gundam stuff on CN as well. 0080, 8th MS team, G Gundam, and 0079 until they cut if off after 9-11.
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Old 2006-06-29, 13:45   Link #36
Monkeykyou Sharingan
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I started watching gundam because it reminded me of Macross
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Old 2006-06-30, 09:20   Link #37
MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam
Join Date: May 2006
My first experince... (Ok don't you guys laugh....) was when I was 8 or 9. My uncle shut me up with Zeta Gundam. Everytime I started to get out of hand, he'll just play it to keep me glue to the set.

Needless to say I've always been VERY BADDDD whenever I'm there.

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Old 2006-06-30, 14:02   Link #38
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Originally Posted by J_Ridden
You're from Belgium?

I first discovered Gundam Wing when I was in the USA, it was shown on Toonami, but didn't really like it back then. Then I watched it again on Ka2 when I came back to Belgium, got addicted to the Gundam world.

yup, born and raised in donwtown Dendermonde

And to continue my gundam story: a couple of years after Gundam Wing I discovered Gundam Seed. Again, I didn't like it at first because I thought the drawing was bad . A couple of episodes later it pushed Wing from te first place. I still like Wing too though. I can't abandon the series
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Old 2006-07-01, 22:36   Link #39
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Wing on CN, back in 2000 I think. It was an incredible experience, as I would come home from school and watch it everyday. It remains, to this day, my favorite Gundam series.

I liked it because it was the most realistic, and was something that could've happened in the future (as opposed to G Gundam, which was a disgraceful Gundam-Wrestling hybrid).
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Old 2006-07-01, 23:25   Link #40
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Age: 31
i was in gr.8, the first gundam experience was seeing Heero attacking my party with his Wing Gundam in Super Robot Wars F.
then I started watching the series
it was a disappointment tho.....
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